Author's note: So sorry its taken so long to update. Okay, the taijustsu are named for Kyo, and Akira and Hikaru has a Kenjustsu that I forgot to say! Its called howls of the wolf! TT don't hate me!!!

---------------------------------------------------------------Naruto &Sasuke-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto took Sasuke's hand and lead him into the training grounds. He turned to him with his happy eyes and faced him. Sasuke found himself thinking that he wished Naruto would have never started to wear that mask because it blocked most of his face from view.

"What are your goals in life Sasuke what do you live for now?"

"What do you mean I'm going to resurrect my clan and kill that man."

"Yes but what are you going to do after that?"

"I don't…Know…" he said with a mystified expression. "Huh, well you should start to think about that."

"What did you want to show me Naruto?" Sasuke asked trying to get himself out of the spotlight.

"Not much, just wanted you to see this place I found, its not here do in the forest outside of konoha's gates, but I think I'll show it some other time….Sasuke what do you think of power?"

"What do you mean??"

"What would you do to get the power you need to surpass that man, to kill him, would you abandon your village to go after your goal?"

"I don't know, I think…I really don't know."

Naruto just left him there then thinking about his questions and wondering. Naruto smirked under his mask he was testing him, seeing if he really was like most foolish humans. His inability to answer his questions told him a lot. He, like most monkeys, was selfish, greedy and will eventually do anything to gain what they want, even at the cost of their most precious people. He didn't want or need to be friends with these foolish flesh bags.

He sneered hating the fact that he too was once one of these baka monkeys, happy though that he was a demon now even if it meant hiding who he was. That brought him to another thought, Kyo's freedom, he thought he had a way but he had to wait.

He had been hiding the fact that he had been searching for a way to release Kyo for good a very hard thing to do with three demons in your head. However he was going to surprise him soon, it would be so painful but worth it if he freed his friend.


Naruto went into his mindscape when he went home he needed to talk to his favorite guys. They were sitting there waiting for him when he got there.

"What is it Naru-chan?" Akira said in a singsong voice.

"After I pass the final test tomorrow I will have completed my promise to become a ninja to ojii-san we can finally leave this hell hole."

"Is that wise Naruto you still haven't gotten ALL of Konohana's secrets yet."? Hikaru said patiently.

"Why stay I could just send a bunshin to spy after we leave."

"True, besides then you can summon us out and we can be with you all the time." Kyo said in a thoughtful voice.

"I haven't decided if I want to stay for a little longer or leave yet, but I'm tired of hiding, I have almost reached my ninth tail I think I am strong enough to show just a little of my strength. Plus I'm getting tired of this mask, I should have never put it on no matter how much easier it was to get supplies in the village because of it."

"Yes, can I burn it!! I've always hated that thing it hid your beautiful face from my view!!!" Akira practically tackled Naruto in his enthusiasm to get at his mask. Naruto just chuckled, handing over his mask to the beaming Akira. He promptly set to work utterly destroying the hated thing.

------------------------------------------------The next day-------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto glared at his reflection trying in vain to burn a hole in the symbol on his forehead. If he hadn't mastered control over his emotions years ago he would have let his carefully placed mask fall and the real him would rear its ugly head.

He had actually forgotten what he looked like under his physical mask, now what he saw shocked him a bit. Before he looked a sort of childish cute but now two years had given him a beauty that one almost thought he was a girl; that is if didn't have a few key masculine features. His hair he had allowed to grow a bit over the years giving him a wild and sexy look. The effect however was stunning and left three certain friends of his drooling.

He shook himself he couldn't be distracted today, he had to keep his focus if he wanted to pass the final test he knew was coming then he could take this cursed symbol off himself.

"Okay guys do you think I'm ready? Honestly?" It wasn't that he thought he couldn't beat Kakashi but what would come after he finally got to leave.

Hikaru spoke first in his mind 'Of course you are! Your powerful Naruto and we believe in you!'

'Plus if you pass I get to come out of this seal ALL the time and I can play (molest) you all I want!!'

'Shut up Akira! You'll do fine Kit don't doubt yourself you went through hell to get here, your ready.'

"Thanks Hikaru, Akira, …Kyo"

He made his way to the training ground, smirking to himself, today was the day all bets where off and he'd start to show the real Naruto.

Today he decided not to were his usual baggy clothes that hid his figure making him look smaller and softer then he really was; he wore instead a tight black muscle shirt under a blood red vest and form fitting black pants with black fingerless gloves. The look showed off his well-toned body and without the mask it would leave most with major nosebleeds.

He was ready with all the weapons he thought was necessary, his katana strapped to his back, kunai holster on his right leg, and his sebon holster on his left. It was around nine thirty and since he figured Kakashi would arrive at ten he would be on time.

When he got there Sasuke and Sakura were glaring daggers at the trees and hadn't noticed him come up but when they did their faces were comical. Sasuke was looking like he was trying desperately to keep his nose from bleeding discreetly, while Sakura was cherry red.

He sat without a word against a tree with a creepy grin that never left his face. When Sakura finally got herself together she yelled "YOUR LATE!" Coincidently that was when Kakashi popped in a swirl of leaves hands up in a placating manner saying "Uh…I got lost on the road of life…"


"Okay…anyways the real reason your all here is to take the final test to become a genin. Out of all that graduated from the academy this year only nine teams will remain genin. Your test is to get these two bells from me, the ones who manage it will pass and the one who doesn't gets sent back to the academy. And doesn't get lunch." Sakura's stomach growled in protest.

"Come at me with the intent to kill or you don't have a hope to get a bell."

"But Sensei what if you get hurt!!"

"I think I'll be fine Sakura, I'm not a jounin for nothing you know. Now START!"

With that he saw two blurs disappear into the surrounding foliage, that's when he noticed that Naruto didn't move "You're a little weird aren't you?"

"No just not stupid you would find us anyway you ARE a JOUNIN aren't you?"

"Hehe guess that's right."

Kakashi stared at Naruto wondering what the hell he was thinking. Naruto in the mean time was wondering if his 'sensei' was stupid or something he didn't even notice that he used a bunshin to take a bell yet. "Oh well, so much for a challenge."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at Naruto's comment, wondering not for the first time if he was sane, especially since that grin never left his face it was creepy. Naruto walked to a stump and sat down saying "Wake me up when it's over."

Kakashi's sweat dropped, why oh why did he get a lazy student who didn't even TRY to get a bell.

----------------------------------------------------------------Time skip--------------------------------------------------------------------

"You all FAIL! Not one of you got the true meaning of this test of a bell!!" Kakashi was frustrated, Sakura was pathetic fainting over a genjustsu that was SUPPOSED to be her specialty, Sasuke who touched a bell but was way to arrogant for his own good and Naruto who just SLEPT the entire time.

"Excuse me sensei, I did get a bell." Naruto said exasperated with this foolishness already. "WHAT? You slept the ENTIRE time where is this bell?"

Naruto just held up a bell while one of the ones at Kakashi's side disappeared in a poof of smoke. 'What..when did he get one I didn't even notice.' Then Naruto words of it not even being a challenge earlier made sense and he had the grace to blush. Thankfully his mask covered it, "Riiigggttthhh ANYWAY you still didn't get the meaning of the test. I let you and Sasuke eat lunch but don't give ANY to Sakura. You will get a second chance after lunch."

"Remember, Ninja who disobey the rules are trash, but ones who abandon their teammates are worse then scum."

With that he let them, Naruto already figured out what he needed to do to pass, it was so simple he thought maybe the famous copy-nin was on crack or something. "Here Sakura you eat this you'll need your strength if you and Sasuke are going to get that bell."

"A-a-are you sure Naruto?"

"Just take it before Kakashi comes back."

Then just as Naruto thought Kakashi came back and exploded at them while he passed them. He scuffed mentally 'idiots' but kept his creepy smile as always. "Okay guys meet me three days from now at the bridge, 7 a.m. sharp!"

---------------------------------------------------------------Midnight two days later---------------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto made it to his cave without trouble scuffing at Konohana's 'security' whatever it only made it easier for him. He had blocked Hikaru, Akira and Kyo out a while ago he didn't want them to try and stop him, he was ready.

Stepping to the center of the cave he set to work drawing all the seals he would need for this to work. Then when that was done he stripped down and drew all the seals he needed on his body. Smiling a real smile he sat down and went through all the hand signs and an hour later (yes there was THAT many even with his speed) the seals he drew began to glow.

That's when he braced himself he knew this was going to hurt, a lot. It hit him all at once and he thanked his three demon friends that they had trained him for pain tolerance or he probably would have passed out. He collapsed face first as something started to separate from his back.


"What is he doing? I feel something wrong he is in pain!" Kyo was very close to panicking Naruto hadn't let them contact him for hours and now he was in pain!

Akira stared at Kyo when he started to notice something Kyo was FADING AWAY!!!

"Kyo don't DISAPPEAR!!!" Akira ran in circles screaming, "Naruto must be dying Kyo's fading away, quick Hikaru!! Do something!!!!!"


Panting Naruto held on for as long as he could; the last of Kyo's body that had merged with his own in the seal was being expelled from his body. The last thing he needed to do was pull Kyo's soul and mind from the seal and place it in his body.

Grunting from the effort of trying to concentrate without fainting from the pain Naruto finished the last touches giving Kyo his nine tails of power before finally giving into the darkness.

The first thing Kyo noticed was the fact that he was sticky with sweat and he was lying on something soft and comfortable. Slowly his mind started to work and he realized with a start that he could feel the wind on his back and smell the familiar scent of Naruto all around him.

He took in his surrounding and his eyesight landed on Naruto who was pasted out under him, a sincere smile making him even more breathtaking.

It was a moment before he realized he was naked on top of a very nude Naruto OUT of the seal with his OWN body a foxy grin/smirk pulled at his lips. Settling down he pulled Naruto closer using his nine tails to wrap them up to keep them warm. With a contented sigh he let sleep take him thinking how he could FINALLY take Naruto as HIS now that he had a body!

Naruto didn't want to wake up it felt so comfortable and safe wherever he was at the moment and he didn't want to ruin it. So he snuggled closer to the warmth surrounding him and sighed, that's when he heard the familiar chuckle.

Waking up with a start he stared strait into impossibly golden eyes that sparkled with amusement, he gasped. "IT WORKED!" he screamed before jumping on Kyo and hugging him fiercely. "How did you manage this kit? How is it I have a body?"

Kyo really was curious by all rights they should be dead, the seal had been said to be irreversible. "Remember when I got that forbidden scroll from the Hokage tower?"


"In it the forth wrote down everything he did to make the seal work, and as you know its easier to break something once you know it weak points! I've been working on it for a while now! Are you happy?"

"Yes.." was his whispered reply before he calmed Naruto's lips as his own holding him against him possessively. 'Naruto was MINE since the day he was born and I was sealed in him, he will always be MINE!' Kyo thought as he bit Naruto's lip making him gasp slightly giving Kyo the opening he needed to let his tongue explore Naruto mouth.

After a little while Naruto started to response to Kyo earning him and appreciative growl. Breaking for air Kyo pulled Naruto's clothes to them with his tail and started to dress Naruto while he was still dazed from the kiss to object.

Once they both were dressed (don't ask me where Kyo got the clothes I have no idea!) Kyo smiled mischievously at Naruto before pulling him against his chest to hold him. "You know I am not going to want to go back into that seal so you might as well call out Hikaru and Akira we'll be tagging along from now on.

A nod from Naruto and he quickly summoned Hikaru and Akira from the seal. Akira looked like he was having a nervous breakdown and Hikaru looked ready to go on a killing spree before they noticed that Naruto was there and ALIVE!

"NARU-CHAN!!!! I thought you were DEAD!!!" Akira yelled before jumping on Naruto effectively pinning him to the ground and stunning him. Akira quickly kissed Naruto for all he was worth also laying claim to his Naruto and pillaging mouth with his tongue. He was so happy that Naruto was alive and that he was kissing him FINALLY that he failed to notice two rather large killing intents at his back.

Needless to say he was taken by surprise when both Kyo and Hikaru jumped him effectively pulling him off a very dazed Naruto.

Naruto was so out of it, TWO gorgeous men just kissed him, and he didn't even notice that the three of them were currently rolling around on the floor arguing. Each of them saying things like 'Naruto is MINE!', 'I claimed his virginity FIRST!', 'I got his first kiss I claimed him!!!'.

Hikaru left the tussle when Akira and Kyo were distracting each other and pounced Naruto pinning like Akira before also claiming his lips. All Naruto could do was moan as a THIRD gorgeous guy decided to play tongue tag with his mouth. Unfortunately for Hikaru Naruto's moan got the others attention and it wasn't long before each was fighting for their 'turn' to kiss Naruto who just lay there dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

-----------Two hours later-----------------

After Naruto managed to get the three of them to settle down enough that he wasn't constantly mauled by them he got them to change into human form losing their demonic markings and tails.

"Okay since you guys refuse to go back into the seal for a little while I guess you'll have to come with me to the village, but try to keep yourselves under control! Remember if you destroy Konohana I don't get my revenge okay?"

"Hai.." the three of them said sullenly they really just wanted to keep kissing Naruto but they knew eventually they had to go back.

All three looked drop dead gorgeous even in there human form and surrounded Naruto each not wanting to be the one that got left out from touching him.

Hikaru was on Naruto's left, he still had his impossibly silver hair and his unique mismatched eyes that gave him a cool guarded look. He wore his usual white tunic with black belt that fit his form in all the right places. Kyo was on Naruto's right, long bloody red hair and golden eyes going perfectly with his sexy black shinobi outfit that looked almost like what the anbu wear without the mask. Akira was at Naruto's back arms firmly around his shoulders, he still refused to dun a shirt and had black-training pants on that went well with his snow-white hair his staggeringly purple eyes not leaving Naruto. They all looked to be in their teens each looking around sixteen.

Naruto wore his hair loosely tied, silky blond locks spilling framing his beautiful face giving his blue eyes a mesmerizing look. He wore simple black shinobi pant with black sandals, a tight blood red muscle shirt and fingerless gloves. All in all when they entered Konohana most of the village women and some men were having trouble with their nosebleeds.

They made it to the bridge with little trouble and managed to get there before the rest of his 'team' arrived. Kyo pulled Naruto in his lap when he sat down beating the other two to the punch, a satisfied smirk on his lips. But Akira just scuffed and laid his head on Naruto's lap who proceeded to run his fingers through Akira's hair earning him a purr in response.

Hikaru not on to be let out also laid his head in his lap and got some attention for himself. Kyo just was content to have Naruto in HIS lap and proceeded to nuzzle Naruto's neck.


Sasuke was brooding he hadn't seen Naruto in TWO DAYS and really wanted to ask about the place he had thought about showing him and those questions he never got to answer. So with that in mind he made his way to the bridge hoping against hope he'd have time alone with Naruto before the other two got there.

Alas it wasn't to be so, his fan girls had missed seeing him every day and had laid in wait immediately giving chase when they saw him. When he finally managed to lose them it was 7:10 and he had to run to for all his worth hoping Sakura wasn't there yet (something told him Kakashi was going to be late ).

What he saw when he got there pissed him off to no end! His Naruto was there alright but with THREE guys he hadn't seen before all OVER him. Two were in his lap but the one that had him angry was the one who was nuzzling his neck and holding him!!

'NO Naruto is meant to be MINE!!!! MINE DAMN IT! No one else can have him!' so he was contemplating how to kill his three rivals when Sakura showed up.


Sakura had been with the fan girls that were chasing down Sasuke when she realized that they lost him. But she knew that he would go to their team-meeting place so she sneaked that way leaving the others in the dark.

She was thinking about how to get Sasuke to accept to go on a date with her when she noticed that he was already there in front of her. She was about to say hi when she realized he was staring at something following his gaze she saw Naruto surrounded by three guys HOTTER THEN SASUKE and she freaked.

Her mind went into fan girl mode and her brain shut down leaving her collapsed on the floor in her own drool.

-----------Kakashi 8 a.m.--------------

Kakashi was on his way to team seven's meeting place. He figured he'd get there earlier then usual and observe their interactions with each other. Then show himself like an hour later and get them started on their D-rank missions. What he didn't expect to find was Sakura in what appeared to be a self induced coma on the ground, Sasuke giving off waves of serious K.I. and Naruto surrounded by human gods oblivious to it all.

When he actually looked at Naruto he noticed how beautiful he was with a real smile not that creepy one he seemed to always wear. Then he wondered what he'd look like… 'I am not a pedophile I am not a pedophile I am not a pedophile..' started to chant in his head before he went down what he called the no no road.

Instead he concentrated on these new strangers who seemed to know Naruto VERY well. They were all stunning but to masculine for his taste, not like Naruto who look like the PERFECT uke 'No come back to the light! Don't give into the no no road!'

Frustrated he decided to show himself to get to the bottom of (Naru…) situation!!! "Yo…So Naruto who are your friends? They don't look like Shinobi and we do have missions to complete." Kakashi said getting Naruto down from lala land to earth.

Naruto looked around as if noticing for the first time he wasn't alone. The truth was that with Kyo nuzzling his neck, Hikaru and Akira in his lap he was so happy they could finally all three be REALLY together (Kyo having a body) that he didn't notice when everybody else came.

Hikaru and Akira sat up pulling Naruto and Kyo up. They got into their usual formation with Naruto leaning against Kyo chest with Hikaru and Akira at his sides.

"Oh, hey Kakashi-sensei!" His creepy smile back on his face "These are close friends of mine, Kyo, Akira and Hikaru. They are visiting me for a while."

Kakashi cocked an eyebrow "I haven't seen them before, are they not from around here?" "No there from a village I used to visit when I lived in the forest outside of Konohana."

"Well, they do know that they will have to wait for you to finish your missions to visit with you today. They aren't shinobi I believe so they can't come with us…"

As he was saying that all three growled and pressed closer to Naruto, each showing a possessive side. Naruto laughed nervously "Umm right….well let me talk to them for a sec. I'll be right back!"

He pulled all three to what he thought was out of hearing range to the side of the bridge. (Kakashi and Sasuke used charka to enhance their hearing.)

"Guys, you need to behave I can't have you destroying anything! Remember what I said!" They looked a little grumpy at being reminded. Then Akira turned his purple eyes to Naruto with a pleading look "But I wanna spend time with you! How am I supposed to get your virginity if I'm not with you!!!'

Kakashi and Sasuke choked at this disguising it as best they could. Naruto was used to him however so he didn't affect him. Then Hikaru said "How are we suppose to spend time with you if you go away?!" and Kyo added "Yeah besides I could just kill him (Kakashi) and then we could go!"

Kakashi's sweat dropped 'Who are these people!' Naruto gave an exasperated sigh, and then did a perfect Kage no bunshin no one could tell which was the real one. Then the three Naruto's jumped his friends and silenced them with a searing kiss. Leaving a shocked Kakashi thanking god he had a mask to hide his nosebleed, and a fuming Sasuke. Dazed the bunshin puffed out of existence giving enough smoke cover that the three demon could go into the seals unnoticed.

Naruto then went back to his teammates, "So where did your friends disappear to?" "OH they're around…" Then Team seven started the curse that is D-rank missions.

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