Introductory Note: This is an AU story whose premise is this: What if Rod and Mackenzie fell in love but then had a break-up in law school and didn't speak again for more than twenty-one years? What would they do if fate were to give them a second chance at love? In reality this is an alternate ending to my story Beginnings. As such, the history of their earlier relationship is detailed in chapters 1-32 of that story.

As Rod and Mackenzie didn't get together when they were younger, some aspects of their history along with some characters are of necessity different from the show. The biggest difference being they don't have three children together. But other events, friends and family that were introduced in Beginnings and/or the show will play prominent roles here and some new characters will be introduced along the way. In addition, the timeline at times may appear somewhat different than in the show.

Because this story is set with the White House and the American presidency as a backdrop, I've tried to be as accurate as I know how concerning presidential procedure and protocol. Nevertheless, this is nothing more or less than a love story.