Title: Fall From Grace

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. The Winchesters or the Supernatural story. They belong to the CW and the wicked Mr Kripke. The story and any characters you don't recognize however is all from my sick and twisted mind.

Summary: "Demons I get, people are crazy." Can Sam put Dean back together after his older brother is violently broken by one of the cruelest creatures around?

A/N: What can I say about this? Well, I started writing this back in August '06 and have pretty much just finished me now. It's nursed me through final exams, boring holidays and hectic new school times. It's really a pet piece and I've had an absolute ball writing it, which does say something about my current mental status lol.

I would like to thank my awsome friend Niatona for the title. And the wicked KateCyrus who helped a bit with the first five chapters and sat through me whining about the rest.

It is set somewhere in the first season. Probably between 'The Benders' and 'Shadow', so there are no season two spoilers and hardly any season one either for that matter.

Right now it's rated a very strong T!! I will up the rating for certain chapters which are coming up or if people feel this is too intense for this rating. I know that this might seem all dark and gloomy but rest assured that if you stick with me there will be supernatural problems and hell, even a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to have some fun first.

WARNINGS: This story contains torture in the first few chapters and yes, it is necessary. So if you have a light stomach I advise you to turn away. Strong language is included throughout the entire story. There will be more warnings as we go along. Keep in mind this is written for people with adult minds so there will be adult themes along the way.



a. Infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion.

b. An instrument or a method for inflicting such pain.

2. Excruciating physical or mental pain; agony: the torture of waiting in suspense.

3. Something causing severe pain or anguish.

Chapter One

His brother's screams pierced through his heart like jagged glass. Sam clenched his eyes shut tightly against a sound he never should have to hear. Ever. Dean's screams were blood curdling and Sam fought against his bonds, to try and get to his brother, but like every time he had done so for the last few days his struggles came to no avail.

"Stop it! Please stop it!" Sam bit out. He couldn't take it anymore. This was all his fault! They never should have taken this job but he had insisted. Stupid Sam! Very fucking stupid!

A laugh that was so evil it shouldn't have belonged to the human who owned it answered his pathetic attempt to stop his brother's pain.

"Stop? Now why would I do that when Deannie here is having so much fun." Their captor asked, his voice cruel and playful at the same time, "Deannie you don't want this to stop do you?" he quizzed the now silent Winchester.

Dean glared at his captor and if looks could kill the man in front of him would be six feet under already. However his captor didn't seem to think that Dean's lack of response was amusing and he backhanded Dean across the face. Hard. The sound of flesh hitting flesh was heard as Dean's head whipped to the side with so much force he swore he had whiplash. Stars danced in front of his eyes and black coated the edge of his vision. He wanted to pass out right then and there, escape this too real nightmare, but he knew he couldn't. If he passed out his captor would get bored very quickly and would move onto Sam. He couldn't, wouldn't, let that happen. Panting to stay conscious Dean shook his head both to stay awake and to give his captor an answer.

"See Sammy. I told you Deannie didn't want to stop the fun." The man sneered at the youngest Winchester, "Don't interrupt again. Now where were we?" he asked Dean in a singsong voice, "Oh that's right." He smiled and turned his back on Sam again so he was fully facing the older hunter again.

Sam stared at his blood, sweat and dirt covered semi-conscious brother and wondered how much more the invincible Dean Winchester could take of this torture. Because this was torture, there was no other word for what this man was doing to his brother. Sam shuddered as their captor put the knife he had been using back over the candles flame. And Sam knew that he wasn't heating the blade for sterilization purposes. Oh no, the blade was being heated so that it would cause maximum pain when it touched Dean's already scarred flesh again.

The youngest Winchester tried to tear his eyes away from what was happening in front of him but no matter where he looked he could see what was happening to his brother. Mirrors covered the walls of the room they were in and no matter where he looked he could see Dean and that freak. The only part of the room that wasn't covered in mirrors was the wall he was currently chained to. Even the only door in the room had a mirror over it. He would have closed his eyes but he didn't. He had caused this so he was going to have to watch it. See what his stupidity had done.

"That looks just about right doesn't it now Deannie?" their capture asked the older Winchester showing him the now orange glowing blade, "You know after we're finished with this little part, we could always move to something even more fun if you wanted to. All you have to do is ask."

So many smart witted comebacks to that statement ran through Dean's mind but he didn't voice any of them. Over the last few days he had learnt that was a bad idea. Every time he shot his mouth off it made his captor angry and when his captor was angry he wasn't all lollipops and candy cains. He got mean, and when this guy was mean you didn't want to be anywhere near him. He had six broken fingers to prove his point. How the hell hadn't he seen what kind of a freak this guy was until it was too late?

With the obvious lack of enthusiasm from his play toy, the boy's captor hissed and lowered the glowing blade onto Dean's skin where the shoulder and the neck met. The young hunter cried out in pain and tried to jerk away as the blade was dragged through his flesh with a deliberate slowness that made him wish he was dead. He could feel blood running from the deep cut down his naked chest and he could smell his flesh burning. The smell made him want to puke but he knew he couldn't do that so he forced the non-existent contents of his stomach back down. Even the Benders hadn't been this mean and they were brutal.

Dean was sure that pretty soon he wouldn't have the strength to scream anymore. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen when that eventually occurred. His captor liked it when he screamed and if he wasn't screaming then he would make someone else scream, the only other person available being Sam. So Dean screamed, he screamed for this sick fuck who had the blade of the knife securely positioned deep in his flesh content to wait until the metal cooled down.

Sam watched and listened in horror. The ever present lump in his throat almost choking him as tears slid unbidden down his dirty cheeks. Dean looked so defeated. This guy was breaking his brothers will, of that Sam was sure. If they ever got out of this he wondered if Dean would be the same Dean he had been before or if this guys 'games' as he liked to call them, or if they would warp his brother forever.

The younger hunter looked at his brother as his screams died down to whimpering as the blade was removed and placed on the small table to the side of the room. Dean hung his head, his chin on his chest and Sam wondered if someone upstairs was actually nice enough to have let his brother lose consciousness.

"Still with me Deannie?" their captor asked holding Dean's chin firmly in his hand and lifting the hunters head up. Dean's eyes were half closed in exhaustion, pain and defeat. He had no way to get out of this and he was sure if Sam had he would have let him know earlier.

Dean's head whipped back as he was punched savagely across the face again.

"Answer me when I ask you things!" their captor roared in anger. Damn it Dean was screwed if he answered and screwed if he didn't. When Dean gave a meager nod their captor sighed, "You know what boys? I think it's time for a little break what do you say?" he asked them but obviously not expecting an answer.

Humming some idiotic tune to himself that sounded a lot like something a carnival would play, the evil man untied Dean from his position against the wall and wrapped what looked like an extension cord around his neck. Fixing Dean so that he was standing on his very tippy toes, he made it so that if Dean moved even an inch the cord would choke him. Dean Winchester would get no sleep tonight.

"Good night boys." He said in his singsong voice as he exited the room flicking off the light and plunging them into darkness, "I'll be back soon."

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