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"Jack! Um…Doctor!" Jin yelled, running into the caves.

"What's up Jin?" Charlie asked, approaching him.

"Sun… baby!" he exclaimed.

"Sun's having the baby?" Charlie said, and Jin nodded,

"Jack!" Charlie called and Jack came running from the back of the caves,

"What's wrong Charlie?" Jack asked.

"Sun's having the baby!" he exclaimed

"What?" Jack said, already running to get supplies.

The three ran down to the beach where Claire and Kate were in Sun's tent, talking to her.

(Since I suck at birth scenes and I don't want to bore you with it I'm leaving it up to your imaginations on what happens inside the tent. Jin and Jack rush in and Sun has twins.)

A few days later Sun came out of her tent with Jin, carrying two baby girls.

"What are you gonna call them?" Claire asked when they had sat down

"We shall call them Amelia and Kit-Fox." Sun said with a smile, looking down at the one they named Kit-Fox.

(1 month later)

"Sawyer!" Charlie yelled, running into the camp.

"Be a little quieter would ya? Kaylee and River are sleepin'" Sawyer said, coming out of his tent.

"Kate, she's in labor," Charlie said excitedly

"What?" he asked confused.

"She's at the caves, Jack's with her." Charlie said.

Sawyer ran back into his tent and came back out with River in his arms, still sleeping

"Get Kaylee and meet me at the caves." He said, smiling

Charlie nodded and went into his tent, looking around for his stash. When he didn't find it he shrugged and picked Kaylee up and then headed towards the caves.

"Freckles!" Sawyer yelled, running into the caves

"She's here," Claire said from the back of the cave.

Sawyer ran up to her, put River down and grabbed her hand.

"Freckles, you okay?" he asked, smiling down at her.

She nodded and looked at Jack, who was looking around in his bag.

(I'm leaving it up to your imaginations again.)

"Congratulations Kate, you just gave birth to triplets." Jack said, handing Sawyer one of the boys.

Kate looked down at the baby girl in her arms. Then she looked up at Sawyer.

"What should we name then?" she asked him after they had quieted the kids down.

"Well, we'll name the girl Vanessa," he said,

"We can name him Dylan," Kate said, pointing to the baby Sawyer was holding.

"And we can name him Dean," Sawyer said, pointing to the one Jack was holding.

Kate smiled and sat up, kissing Sawyer on the cheek when he bent down.

(1 month later)

"Jack?" Claire asked, struggling into the caves with a hand on her stomach

"What's wrong Claire?" he asked, helping her sit down.

"I think I'm gonna have the baby!" She said, breathing heavily

"Someone go get Charlie!" Jack called, helping Claire lie down and then running towards his medical supplies

(Once again I'm leaving it up to your imaginations)

"Claire!" Charlie said as he ran into the caves.

He saw a baby in her arms and bent down, kissing her on the cheek.

"She's beautiful," he said softly,

"Yeah, little Kylie," Claire said, smiling down at her. "Wait, where's Aaron?" Claire asked, looking around.

"I left him with Hurley," he said and Claire nodded.

A/N: I'ts a little short but that won't matter, will it? Expect the sequel soon, if i get enough time off. This chapter was a little fast and dodgey because I did it in about half an hour because I had to go out.