The Outcasts

By: SilverstartheWaterbender

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Chapter One: Lazula

Rain poured down from the heavens, and thunder boomed overhead, but she didn't care. All that mattered was to keep running, before it was too late. Her long brown hair flew out behind her. Bright blue eyes strayed from their course only twice, once to look at the huge mountain looming overhead, and to look down at Mareep, her friend and partner, running along beside her. Now, to most people, running in the rain (without a jacket) in the Johto region's stormiest (1) area was a bad idea. But then again, twelve-year-old Lazula Hamilton wasn't most people. (2) Lazula could talk to Pokemon.

Years ago, when Lazula was three, she had been left at the Crystal Point Pokemon Center by her parents. They told Nurse Joy that they no longer wanted this child. When pressed, they answered, "That girl is stupid and worthless! You want to know what's wrong with her? SHE CAN TALK TO POKEMON!" At this, they stormed out the door, only stopping to tell Nurse Joy Lazula's name and birthday. They were never seen again. So, Nurse Joy, who had always wanted a child of her own, adopted Lazula. When Lazula learned of this, she asked her foster mother, "You'll really be my new mommy? Even though I can speak to Pokemon?" And Nurse Joy, heart melting, said, "Yes, Lazula. I think your gift is wonderful. Really."(3) And for the first time since she learned to talk, Lazula smiled. However, up until she was eight, she always thought her mother would come back, so she refused to call Nurse Joy "mommy." She learned how to heal a Pokemon that was sick or wounded. She knew, for the first time in her life, that someone loved her.

But the people of Crystal Point were-and still are-a different story. Apparently, news of her gift had spread. Whenever Lazula walked past, they would all laugh at her. As she grew older, the taunts got worse. Even traveling Trainers who had heard about her would laugh, while their Pokemon gave her sympathetic looks. Lazula ended up spending a good part of every day in tears. About once a week, the citizens would try to run her out of town, but they would never catch her. She was just too fast, and Nurse Joy would always protect her. Due to this "exercise," Lazula was never out of shape and became very quick. However, both she and Nurse Joy knew that she would need some form of protection. The Pokemon Center needed bodyguards.

This protection came when Lazula was ten. After escaping from the townspeople through the woods, Lazula came across three injured Scyther. With the help of some wild Bulbasaur, she was able to bring them back to the Pokemon Center, where she and Nurse Joy successfully healed them. Lazula spent some time talking to them, and told her foster mother what she had learned. The three Scyther were named Blade, Claw, and Shadow, and were brothers who had been driven off their territory and attacked by Houndoom. Then, Lazula said, "Nurse Joy, these Scyther heard about me and they want to help. They're all really strong, so maybe they can protect you, me, and the Center from the townspeople." The three agreed when asked, and guarded the Pokemon Center from then on, becoming good friends with Lazula.

A little while later, the townspeople had had enough. When Lazula and Shadow (her favorite) were walking toward the Center, a boy named Ryan, his father, and their Sneasel-Lazula's biggest tormentors-attacked them. While Shadow and Sneasel battled, Ryan took a knife and cut open the inside of Lazula's leg. Heedless of her screams, Ryan's father aimed the blade at her heart. Luckily, Shadow ended up knocking the knife out of his hand, clawing his and his son's backs, and carrying the bleeding girl to the Pokemon Center. There, Lazula spent three days recovering and nearly died. Even today, the scar still shows, and Lazula never wore short pants or skirts again because of it. Plus, she could never run as fast as she used to.

A year later, Joy decided that Lazula needed a Pokemon of her own. Sure, she knew every Pokemon in the forest, but she needed one all her own, and of course, the people had refused to give her one. Soon after Joy decided this, Lazula came in, a baby Mareep in her arms. Lazula told Joy that she had looked everywhere, but Mareep's mother was nowhere to be found. So, Joy put Lazula in charge of caring for her. For the next two months, Lazula fed, bathed, and played with Mareep without fail. She also trained her to use her attacks. Once, when a woman started to call Lazula names, Mareep Thundershocked her with ferocity Lazula had never imagined. Afterwards, Mareep shouted, "Leave my friend alone!" So, it came as no surprise to anyone that Mareep refused to return to the forest. "We love and need each other, and she's my best friend in the whole world," she had said politely, but firmly. So, Lazula used a Pokeball on her, and their partnership was sealed.

Now, a year later, Lazula had plenty of food, money, and supplies, and Mareep had four strong moves at her disposal. Lazula felt like it was time to leave the place which had caused her so much misery and begin her journey. The only problem was Purity Canyon. It was the largest natural wonder in the Johto region and the cause of the strange weather. The only way to get across was by a bus that only made a trip once a month. That morning, after a tearful good-bye to Nurse Joy, Blade, Claw, and Shadow, and the presenting of a new outfit (a light purple T-shirt with dark purple sleeves, purple cargo pants, white sneakers, a purple sweat band with a Pokeball print, and a yellow backpack)(4), which she put on right away, Lazula set out. Now, it was almost noon, and Lazula was late for the bus. "If I don't make it, I'll never get out of here!" she thought to herself. Suddenly, a sharp stab of pain shot up her leg and she gasped. "Are you okay?" Mareep asked. "Yeah," she said in her friend's native language. "Damn scar," she thought and continued on through the rain.


(1) That's not a word, is it?

(2)OK, for all you Avatar fans, I named her after the lapis lazuli gem, NOT an evil firebending princess. I had that name LONG before Season 2 came out.

(3)Hooray for Nurse Joy! No wonder Brock loves her.

(4)Guess what her favorite color is.

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