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Dear Katharine.

As I write this letter, I know that you will never read this. I have to write my thoughts
down before I go insane. I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you enter the mansion.
Your brown hair framed your lovely face, your deep blue eyes seemed to convey your emotions
beyond mere words. I love the fact that you are intelligent beyond your years. Yet you can get
along with everyone. When I imagine your soft lips touching mine it sends a shiver down my spine.
Yet every time I do, I feel a deep sorrow because I know that I can not have you.

I think about you whenever we are in the only class we share. I sit at my computer not
looking at what I am typing, but hoping that I can get a mere glimpse at your lovely face. I
sometimes get distracted when we are training, by you so I try to cover up what I am feeling by
telling a stupid joke or performing a goofy act. The pen is feeling heavy in my hand and I
can't write anymore.

I love you. And I forever will.


Kurt slowly closed his journal and placed it in the top drawer of his dresser. After doing so
he raced to breakfast hoping to sit next to Kitty.

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