Two storms threaten the Tower. One bears down on the city, the other rages in Raven's heart. Can Raven deal with Beast Boy and Terra's relationship without tearing herself and the others apart? Will she find peace in a dream or more turmoil? RaexMorpheus with a little RaexCy

Chapter I: Unsettled Sleep

Raven rolled over in bed and moaned softly to herself. She lay in bed wondering what had interrupted her dreamless sleep. The room was dark and silent. A sudden gust of wind slammed against the Tower rattling the windows.

Sitting up Raven drew her knees to her chest then wrapped her arms around them rubbing her face on the soft fleece of her sheets. Another silent moment passed before the wind thrashed angrily at the window once again. No use fighting it, she was up. Her head ached, though it was nothing a good cup of tea wouldn't fix. Raven turned and sighed after looking at her digital clock. It read 1:37 PM.

With a groan she threw off her sheets, swung her feet to the side of the bed and tentatively put her bare feet on the carpeted floor. The windows rattled fiercely once more almost demanding that she get up and investigate. She pushed herself up on her feet and staggered over to the curtains parting them slightly to peer out into gloom.

Raven squinted trying to hold back the sudden barrage of light coming in through the narrow opening in the curtains. Her head pounded momentarily until her eyes adjusted. Outside the ocean was frothy and full of angry waves. They pounded the rocks outside the Tower shooting columns of spray into the air that the wind quickly blew onto the shore. The sky was covered with fast moving grey clouds. It did not look like the day was going to go well if the weather was any indication.

Another soft sigh filled the room as the curtains closed allowing darkness to take over once again. Raven felt her way to her bathroom and in the faint light turned on the faucet. Cold water splashed lightly into the sink. Raven paused for a moment listening then cupped her hands, leaned over and splashed water onto her face. Faint relief came to her as she reached out in the dark searching for a towel. She buried her face in its softness and tried to gather herself. Again she reached out in the dark and felt around for her toothbrush and toothpaste. Finding these she slowly brushed her teeth as the water continued to trickle into the sink.

She was getting used to functioning in the dark. How she wished she could submerge herself in darkness forever and never see another thing again. There were just too many things the light had exposed her to, too many things that disturbed her and too many things that brought her pain. This was all her fault; she had no one to blame but herself.

Once she rinsed out her mouth, Raven put her things aside and took a deep breath. Whether she liked it or not it was time to face the light once again. She staggered back to her door, took a deep breath then stepped forward into the hall.

The light outside her door caused Raven's head to pound once more. She trudged through the hall past the others' doors straining to hear any noise emanating from them. To her relief there was only silence. Any amorous conversations or laughing would have only added to her misery. There was more of this in the Tower these days than she could stand. Of course the silence meant the others were bound to be in the main room.

Raven steeled herself for their inevitable greetings. "Hey Raven, how's it going?" one of them would cheerfully ask. "Oh, just great! Can't you tell I feel like shit you dumb fuck!" Of course she wouldn't say that no matter how much she longed to. Instead she would offer them a light smile, a forced laugh and then a, "Oh I'm just fine thank you." This whole charade was driving her mad.

The main room was empty. Raven glanced around slightly curious to the whereabouts of the other Titans. The silence was almost eerie. Raven stood in the empty room and closed her eyes trying to sense where the others were. She growled in frustration; she couldn't concentrate well enough to get a read. She drew in a deep breath and rubbed her temples with her fingers trying to regain her focus. There were no others in the Tower. A great relief washed over her. She would have a short reprieve from her sorrows.

Raven went to the kitchen and started her tea. Her kettle soon whistled loudly in the quiet room signaling relief was only a couple of moments away. She poured the water through her tea strainer allowing its sweet aroma to fill the room. A squirt of honey and a quick stir from her spoon and it was ready. Raven raised the cup to her lips and carefully sipped her tea as a wave of satisfaction swept over her.

"Where is everyone?" Raven finally said to herself as she surveyed the empty room. The consul was blinking, something that had escaped her attention when she entered the room. Raven walked over and sat down in front of the blinking screen. She carefully put her tea to the side and looked over the panel trying to remember the access code and password.

The screen became dark momentarily indicating she had followed the proper sequence to get the annoying blinking to stop. After a moment the screen flickered to life and Cyborg came into focus. Raven was thankful for this turn of events; she could still converse with him without feeling like a corked volcano.

"Hey there sleeping beauty," he said with a broad smile. "Finally decide to wake up?"

Raven frowned. "You're lucky the wind woke me up and my head needed caffeine or I'd still be in my room."

"Late night last night?" Cyborg asked cautiously. He knew he was treading on thin ice asking about her whereabouts.

"Yea," Raven replied coldly. "Where is everyone?" she asked hoping to redirect their conversation.

"The rest of the gang are out in the T-plane," Cyborg quickly explained. "The storm caught some freighters off guard so they're out doing search and rescue before things get too heavy."

"Why aren't you with them?" Raven asked. "Didn't feel like being a third wheel?"

Cyborg paused momentarily sensing a slight hint of disgust in Raven's voice. "Nah, I'm down at the weather office. This storm's a dozy," Cyborg replied. "I'm trying to relay forecasts out to the team and they're relaying readings back to rerun in the models."

"So what's their status," Raven coolly asked. In truth she didn't really care what the others were up to. What ever the situation was like out there she was sure Beast Boy, Terra, Robin and Starfire were having the time of their lives with one another. They all had become endless laughing machines ever since they started dating each other. Raven seethed at the thought.

"They're about done at this point," Cyborg explained. "Looks like they'll have to divert north and wait this one out."

"Good luck getting Robin to go around a storm," Raven countered. "He'll probably go right through the worst of it."

"Not this time," Cyborg quickly corrected her. "The weather forecasters here are saying this storm is the worst one they've ever seen. It's dropping out of the Aleutians. Winds are peaking over a hundred miles per hour; waves at some of the deep-sea buoys are over fifty feet. The storm's scattered all the fishing fleets up north. Sometimes it's wise to stay out of Mother Nature's way."

"So I guess you'll be back soon?" Raven asked as she picked up her tea, leaned back in her chair and put her feet up. She raised her cup to her mouth and took another sip.

"Nah," Cyborg said as he shook his head. "I'm going to hang out here until the storm goes through. You all right with that?"

"Sure," Raven replied relieved her solitude would last a bit longer. "What's going on there that you can't do here?"

"Man what isn't going on here!" Cyborg said as an enthusiastic smile washed across his face. "The weather service people have these incredible work stations. They can download and overlay just about any piece of weather data you want in real time. Their super computing center in Colorado can handle terabytes of info in no time. Here let me show you."

Cyborg looked down and Raven's consul screen quickly became segregated into several sections. In one section a swirl of clouds came up then looped as the monitor showed the satellite pictures of the storm's progression towards the coast. Another portion of the screen showed the outline of the continent with green and yellow blobs converging on the coast then heading inland. Raven stared at the screen unsure what her friend was trying to show her.

"What is this?" she asked hoping for a simple explanation though she knew Cyborg was incapable of providing her with one. She would never convince her friend that she was a technophobe at heart.

"Top section's the overlay of the IR satellite and surface obs looped over the last six hours," he enthusiastically replied unaware that Raven's eyes were beginning to gloss over. "The bottom frame shows the last GFS run. We should be getting the ETA and RUC runs within the hour. It's so cool how they integrate everything so quickly. The whole staff is in here; things are really humming."

Raven looked down then took another sip of her tea as a sly smile crossed her face. "Geek," she said lightly under her breath.

"Their computers here can handle so much information its mind…" Cyborg paused then cocked his head sideways and gave Raven a curious look. "What did you just say?"

Raven continued to look down trying to maintain a straight face. She looked up and smiled unable to contain herself any longer. "GEEK!" she repeated the insult louder this time.

"That's just plain cold," Cyborg replied with a frown.

Raven began to laugh uncontrollably; the look on Cyborg's face was precious. She suddenly pulled her legs off the consul and sat upright in her chair. "OH CRAP!" she leaned forward as she continued to splash scalding tea on herself. "Look what you made me do. I spilled hot tea all over myself." She continued to laugh lightly at her predicament.

Cyborg couldn't help but laugh watching his cohort struggle with her dripping tea cup. There was something magical about Raven's laugh. It was a treasure to savor because it came so infrequently. "HA, bad karma right back at you!" he snorted.

"You'd better stop teasing me or I'm gonna bad karma my tea all over the console," Raven replied as she steadied her cup and smiled back at her partner.

"You do that and I won't be there the next time you need help downloading your music," Cyborg countered.

"And the next time you drop your socket wrench down the drain I won't be there to pull it out for you," Raven answered Cyborg's veiled threat with a wicked smile.

Cyborg paused for a moment looking into Raven's soft violet eyes as she smiled devilishly at him. A person could loose themselves in those deep mysterious eyes. "OK," Cyborg finally broke the silence. "I'll forgive you for that slight this time. Are you sure you're going to be all right by yourself in the Tower until this thing blows over?"

"Yes Daddy," Raven said half mockingly. "I think I can handle the silence. If I only knew how to change the access codes I could have the whole Tower to myself permanently."

"Girl, it's not that hard. I've only tried to explain it to you a thousand times over the last few years," Cyborg replied in slight frustration. "I don't know why you can't just break down and embrace the technology."

"You know that's not my style," Raven replied. "It's easy for you, you're half technology already." Raven froze realizing she had slighted her friend. She saw Cyborg cringe on the screen. "I'm sorry Cyborg," she said with genuine remorse, "I didn't mean that as an insult."

"That's OK, I know what you meant," Cyborg said with a smile. "Do you know how to start the backup generators?" he asked. "The power's bound to go out once this storm hits."

"I think so," Raven replied calmly. "I've got candles, I don't need power," she protested lightly.

"Just do it," Cyborg pleaded. "I'd feel better if all of the Tower systems are up just in case you get into trouble."

"All right," Raven conceded. "I'll go downstairs and get everything ready."

"Thanks," Cyborg replied. "Stay low and don't do anything foolish."

"No problem," Raven countered. She was touched that her friend was so concerned for her. "Don't worry, I'll be kicking back here with some tea and a good book," she said trying to reassure her worried friend.

"Sounds good, see you in a little bit." Cyborg watched as Raven reached up and ended the transmission. The screen went blank in front of him. Cyborg paused for a moment staring at the empty screen smiling lightly to himself.