-1An Unforgettable Night

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Chapter 1 The Plan

"Can't we celebrate a different holiday for once?" A boy whined in the back of the class.

"Yeah we should totally celebrate something different." Another boy chipped in the back.

A hand slap the desk in the front, everyone became quiet giving all their attention to the blue haired girl at the front. Kaname brought her hand to her mouth and cleared her throat before speaking.

"What kind of holiday do you purpose we celebrate? Remember it must be school appropriate." Kaname said, stressing the word appropriate.

"Yeah we know, how about we celebrate Valentine's Day?" The boy who first spoke said.

"That sounds good Toji, however what do we do besides give out chocolates?." Kaname said.

Everyone took a moment to think when suddenly a hand shot up in the air and waved around frantically. Kaname sighed when she saw who it was, knowing Sousuke he was going to say something outrageous. Bracing herself for his ludicrous idea, Kaname said, "Yes Sousuke?"

Sousuke stood up from his seat, standing up straight as he placed his hands behind his back before saying, "Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day why don't we celebrate the day when the Soviet Union resigned its control over its neighbors."

"How exactly should we celebrate it?" Kaname asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"We will reenact the day when the Soviet Union surrendered." Sousuke answered in a serious tone.

Everyone sighed, they should've expected Sousuke to say something like that. "I think I prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day instead." Kyoko suggested.

"Yeah, I totally agree with Kyoko. All in favor of celebrating Valentine's Day?" Kaname said.

Many hands rose in the air excluding Sousuke who was seating in his seat with his arms crossed looking annoyed that his idea did not get picked.

"How about we do a dance to celebrate Valentine's Day?" Kaname purposed when the idea of doing a dance came to mind.

"That sounds like a great idea Kaname. Shall we start preparing it?" Kyoko said.

"Yeah. Well that concludes this meeting, you all are dismissed." Kaname announced.

Everyone left the room leaving Kaname, Sousuke, and Kyoko alone in the room. Kaname and Kyoko gathered the papers on the desk and placed them into folders. Sousuke stood with his arms crossed waiting for them to finish. The door of the classroom burst opened revealing an angry blue haired man who strolled up to Sousuke.

"Alright Sagara I am done waiting for you, let's fight now." Tsubaki said curling his hands into fists.

Sousuke gave Tsubaki an annoyed look and sighed, "I already told you I do not wish to fight you. My military skills far suppresses your karate abilities so I do not be held responsible for your death."

"Tec, as if you could beat me. Come on let's have a one on one battle with no weapons." Tsubaki replied.

"Listen Tsubaki right now is not a good time to fight, we have a Valentine's dance to plan." Kaname said coming in between Sousuke and Tsubaki.

Tsubaki turned his attention from Sousuke to Kaname and a blush appeared on his face. Forgetting about fighting Tsubaki asked, "A what kind of dance?"

"A Valentine's dance. Everyone wanted something different and in the end we choose a Valentine's dance." Kaname explained.

"I see. May I help you guys plan it?" Tsubaki asked with hope.

Kaname smiled at him causing Sousuke to get irritated and he angrily said, "No you can not. A civilian like you has no experience in such matters."

"What the hell are you talking about? You're the one who has no experience at all." Tsubaki retorted.

"What was that?" Sousuke demanded pulling out his gun.

"You heard me." Tsubaki calmly replied putting his fists up.

"Now, now guys don't fight. You both can help as long as you don't wreck anything." Kaname said.

Sousuke and Tsubaki both looked at each, the air around them grew dense it was charged with their dislike of each other. Kaname began thinking that maybe having them help was not such a good idea after all.

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