Only a dream

At night the darkest dream

Can come in real life like "HE".

His piercing gaze just burns my soul

I stare at him and lose my world

I've come to a strange and lustful world

Where night is more powerful than light

So many creatures at this night...

But only he can pierce my heart

With his blue eyes

Why does he hunt my dreams at night?

I'm like a rose in darkest light.

He can just tear me with his hands

But he just teases me with his touch

I want to wake up from this dream

But I can't because of him!

My soul just screams to be released

He is all I want to hold...

To feel...

To kiss...

But now I'm awake

And know the truth

He is not there and not here...

My dark Count is only a dream...

WELL I hope you like this poem, it is my first and I rather exited because I want to write a big story about our FUCKING SEXY DRACULA! But I have no time to write it right now but I hope that I will write it soon... AND THANKS TO REMEMBER FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS POEM!!!