Watching You

Sum: Every time I shake your hand I want to stick your fingers in my mouth.

He was watching. He was always watching. Always. He never stopped… never… always watching, sometimes touching… but always watching.

Only one man knew he watched but since he was just as perverted as the Watcher, he had no right to bitch.

So the Watcher kept watching and watching and watching. When his admire trained… he watched. When his admire ate… he watched. When his admire bathed…… well, let's just say he did more than watch.

Yes, the Watcher, Uchiha, Sasuke, fantasized.

Surprised? Don't be, he wasn't. Nor was he ashamed. He had needs and one day, not too far off in the future, his admire would be the one to tend to his needs… not his own hand as it did now.

Perhaps to an outsider like you, this may seem insanely un-Uchiha-like, but seeing as you don't know anything about the Uchiha clan like you think you do… you'd best back off.

He's watching you too. Not like he watched the blonde ball of joy splash in it's tub, but he's watching you. Even now. Watching. Calculating. Plotting.

If you think or say anything about his blonde, he will kill you. But for now, he simply goes back to watching his blonde… fantasizing… wishing… dreaming… obsessing…

The Uchiha obsessed quite a lot, tormenting himself up until the wee hours of the night with erotic thoughts of the blonde… moaning… withering… screaming…

This wasn't helping the problem in his pants.

Soon though, he'd have the blonde all his own, only his forever.

Then Sasuke would watch… fantasize… wish… dream… obsess… and laugh as everyone envied him for his greatest possession: Uzamaki, Naruto.

He smirked and removed his soiled hand from his pants.

'Soon enough Naru-chan-koi… soon enough…'

Okay that it for Watching You. If I get 3 reviews ill make a SasuNara love fest in the sequel Possessing You and turn this one-shot into two-part two-shot. That sounds weird. Oh well, later.