Robotech: Torn Asunder

By Steven M

Disclaimer: I do not nor will I ever own, any part or parts of the Robotech Franchise. This is just a little story to pass the day.

Chapter One

Chaos and destruction in excess …

And yet a flicker flame of hope remains …

The winter air was cold and the blustering wind droves ice daggers into their skin, yet the warmth they felt was indescribable. So long it had been, so very long. And now, they were together. No more secrets, no more bitterness, no more pain. Her head rested on his chest, his arms wrapped around her. The wind impervious to their love.

Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes watch as the remains of the SDF-1 burn and crackle. And with the battle-fortress goes their friends … the ones they call family. The fire sways in the wind. Meanwhile, Veritech Fighters scorch the sky, launching flame retardant missiles to vanquish the burning. Standing under Rick's Veritech fighter, all they can do is watch.

"I can't believe they're gone." cried Lisa, hands claps tightly to Rick's uniform.

"I know." replied Rick, not knowing the words to describe what he felt.

Claudia, Admiral Gloval, Kim, Sammi, and Vanessa, all dead. And for what? Khyron's last pitiful attempt at revenge. The corrupt Zentradi had been relentless the last four years. He would not stop until every Mycronian was dead. The hatred he felt was core deep and the damage he inflicted left scars. But finally, Khyron was gone, caught up in his suicide attack on the SDF-1. He had set his ship for a collision course with the defenseless battle-fortress and succeeded in killing everyone a board, save Lisa. Admiral Gloval had been her saving grace, having shoved her in an escape module just before impact. The others hadn't been so lucky. Their remains burned away with the SDF-1.

"What do we do now, Rick?"

"I'm not sure, Lisa. I'm just as confused as you are."

"Well Admiral Gloval wanted us to seek out the Zentradi home world."

Rick nods, bringing Lisa near.

"We can't worry about that now, Lisa. Right now we have to rebuild. We have to focus on what is most important, and right now that's Earth."

"I know Rick", she looks to the sky, "but someday we must see through Admiral Gloval's wish."

"We will, Lisa. I promise."

The Veritechs swoop around the SDF-1, having just launched their missiles. The second wave of fighters sweep by. Rick and Lisa hear the break of the sound barrier. Rick nods in approval, seeing that his men were working well at putting out the fires. Suddenly, a voice emanates from his Veritech.

"Captain Hunter, I repeat, Captain Hunter, please respond."

Rick releases his hold of Lisa and climbs up the ladder to his cockpit. He works the controls.

"This is Captain Hunter; go ahead."

"Sir, ground base has just picked up five Zentradi fighters, just on the outskirts of the city. They're wreaking havoc, Captain."

"I understand. Have Max and Myria meet me on an intercept course."

"Aye sir." replied the emergency responder, before ceasing the com link.

Meanwhile, Rick drops off the ladder and turns to new love.

"I have to go, Lisa. We got trouble."

"I know. But please be careful, Rick."

He takes hold of her arms.

"I will."

They embrace in a kiss, but it was fleeting at best. And just like that, Rick was gone. His Veritech racing forward and lifting for the sky.

To Be Continued …