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Chapter One.

Yeah. You're Grounded Bella

Edward squeezed me gently. "I'm here."

I drew in a deep breath.

That was true. Edward was here, with his arms around me.

I could face anything as long as that was true.

I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN. Would you mind telling me what that thing is doing in my drive way?!" Charlie screamed at me as soon as Edward and I walked through the doorway. When he saw that I had Edward with me, it seemed to make him even more mad.

"Dad-," I started, but he cut me off.

"Edward, I want you to leave. You should not be here right now," Charlie said harshly. He did not seem to look directly at him.

"Sir, if you would let me explain-," Edward tried, but Charlie interrupted yet again.

"Please. It will be better if you go. Now."

Edward started to let go of me. I turned around to look into his beautiful topaz eyes, pleading. He squeezed my hand to tell me that he would be waiting for me in my room. I sighed and turned to face the demon that my little experiment had unleashed.

"Well, Isabella. Care to explain? You know how I feel about these death traps."

I was thinking about how he had referred to the motorcycle. I would admit that I had taken some bumps and bruises riding it, but I did not think of it as a death trap.

I had nothing to say. What could I say? The truth?

Umm yeah. I decided to risk my life by riding a motorcycle because I knew that I would hear my one and only love's voice in my head. I know it sounds crazy… but it worked.

Ha. No Way.

"Isabella? Are you even listening to me?" Charlie did not only sound mad now. He sounded upset.

"I am. I- I just wanted to try it out. I found it for free and I had Jacob fix it up. I was… I was just trying to find a way to spend time with Jacob without it being awkward," I responded, thinking quickly. My explanation definitely sounded fishy. Not only was I a horrible liar, but that was also an extremely lame excuse. Charlie didn't buy it for a second.

"I do not want to hear it young lady. I can not believe you would even think about riding that thing."

He droned on and on. It was at least twenty minutes before he got to the fact that I had left with out telling him. The basic outcome of the lecture was that I was grounded. I was banned from doing pretty much anything except going to school and going to work. I was to come straight home afterwards. Even after he explained all this in detail, he still was not finished.

"…And I especially do not want you seeing that boy. You are forbidden from seeing him until I say otherwise."

WHAT? I could not believe what I was hearing. No Edward? Well, it would not really matter. I would continue to see him, but still. To think that Charlie would suggest something like that made my insides churn. He must be really angry.

I did owe him an apology though. I ran away without telling him (unless you counted a very brief note) and I had done one of the things he had made clear he would not put up with.

"Dad? I'm so sorry. Not just for the motorcycles, but for everything. I know it can't change what I did… but…"

Charlie's face softened, but not much.

"I love you Bells. I just don't want to see you hurt, or worse, killed. I can't even think about it."

My dad gave me a swift hug and then turned me around to face the steps. I trudged up the stairs. I managed to trip on the last step, but firm hands caught me. I looked up into my angel's face. His face was hard, but pleased at the same time. Edward took my hand and led me to my room.

"So, what are you going to do? Charlie says you are not to see me. Now, I do not agree with him at all, but you should not disobey your father," he said quietly, in case Charlie was listening.

I was not as surprised as I normally would be. Edward always had a way of analyzing situations that, sometimes, I just didn't understand.

"Well of course, I'm not going to stop seeing you," I replied.

"No, I guess you're not. What about Charlie though?" he asked.

"I will obey him in every other way. I promise." Edward's face softened. I guess he felt we had made a way to make everyone happy. Besides, Charlie would not find out.

I watched as the exquisite being in my room sat down gracefully on my bed. How did he do it? He captivated me with every movement. I sighed.

"What?" Edward asked me concerned.

"Nothing. You're just too perfect." I smiled and went to sit next to him, but he pushed me away gently. I looked at him, hurt.

"Go get ready for bed," he said sternly. I pouted. "Now. Don't make me call you young lady!" He chuckled, and I marched to the bathroom like a child.

I noticed that my teeth were slowly becoming a whiter shade then they were when I first moved to Forks. My teeth were never yellow, but they weren't perfect. Seeing Edwards's pearly white teeth was always intimidating. I hadn't realized I had been brushing extra long since seeing his smile. It was working for my benefit.

When stormed back into my room, ready to jump on my love, I didn't see him in my room. I automatically became depressed and confused.

Then my sides exploded with feeling. I yelled out and began to giggle as quietly as I could. Edward was tickling me to death!

"Stop!" I whispered between giggles. You'll get me in trouble."

"You're right." He picked me up and laid me gently on my bed. "It's time for you to rest."

I looked at the clock. It was ten o'clock. I hadn't realized how tired I was. It had been a long day. My eyes suddenly drooped and I was drifting just as Edward crawled into bed beside me.

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