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Chapter 6

Generals' Quarter

It was a little over two and with no haste in the world I flew over Satan City, thinking about the scene I just saw between Videl and the unknown man. I was confused. Wondered what on earth had happened. Questions came up in mind. What had been wrong with the man Videl found on the floor unconscious? How did Videl know what to do? Why didn't she panic like any girl would do when she found a body on the floor? Why didn't she call anyone? But above all, why did she react with so much indifference to the man's condition?

I couldn't fathom any of it. The questions awoke in me a burning curiosity. But I knew they could never be answered. I could only get answers from Videl or the man and how was I going to explain that I saw everything, from the unconsciousness of the man, to the quick action of Videl, to the barfing and to the seemingly lack of interest and concern from Videl towards the man? When I was looking at it, I couldn't turn away. There is something strangely fascinating about things you are not intend to see. But now I had the feeling that I saw something I should definitely not have seen. Saw something no one should have seen. Like I had violated the privacy of Videl and that man, whoever he was.

Come to think of that now, the man had looked familiar to me. I just didn't realize that I had seen his face before on the TV and in the papers. Mother and Bulma had no good word left for him. Even though I didn't care about his scam, they still couldn't quite get over the fact that he claimed my victory over Cell. Somewhere inside I knew the man was Hercule Satan as I flew across the city that memorable day. And that he was Videl's father.

Maybe I was too shocked for that realization to dawn upon me. Maybe I did nothing but fix my attention on Videl. Just a moment inside her mind was all I wished at that time. To know what she was feeling. Because under the mask of indifference there must have been some emotion. Some concern. Something.


Her indifference under certain situations turned out to be the first thing about Videl that was a total mystery to me. A mystery never solved, not even until today.

Beneath me the city had turned darker, filthier. If Videl lived in the better half of Satan City, this was definitely the miserable half. The buildings were shabby and grey. The streets were dirty. There was a smell of rust in the air. No one was up. If this wasn't the biggest city in the world, that would not have been a surprise but here, in the Big Orange, the vacancy was sinister.

Maybe I should have known when I flew over what I later found out was the Generals' Quarter, but sinister things were indeed going on beneath me.

Out of nowhere, I heard a gunshot. It startled me to hear the ear-wrecking sound. It had happened somewhere close to where I was. I wanted to just turn around and go home – the night had been long enough and I longed for my warm sheets and soft pillow – but duty got the best of me.

A few seconds later I heard another shot. And another. I sped through the air and landed at a tall building mere moments later. I looked over a square and saw a few men. Right opposite them stood even more. They formed two unfairly divided gangs. They all had guns.

"Those were just warning shots." One of the men from the smaller gangs warned. Apparently he was the one who had fired the shots I heard.

A man from the other gang growled. "Last time you fired a warning shot you killed my brother. And now you're going to pay."

He shot with a deafening sound. Time stood still as I saw the bullet being fired. I transformed to Super Saiyan and dashed at the two gangs. Before anyone could take any notion of what happened, I had already caught the bullet in the palm of my hand.

"What the hell…" One gang member said.

"Holy Jesus." Another muttered.

They were all staring at me in disbelief as I stood between the two gangs, the bullet in my fist. I could imagine they didn't believe their eyes. After all, who could stop a bullet? After a few seconds one man took his chance.

"H-how did he do that?" His voice trembled as he was pointing at me with his index finger, eyes wide open. I turned to the man. My gaze was enough to make him flinch.

"Go home." I demanded curtly. "Everyone. You've done enough already."

They all blinked at me. No one moved. Some looked frightful, others had incredulous gazes. One gang member regained his strength.

"You're telling us what to do?" He yelled, attempting to sound threatening, in which he might have succeeded were his voice an octave lower.

I didn't reply. The man looked at his mates for support but he didn't find it. They were all staring at me with wide open eyes.

"C'mon! Are we gonna let this… this freak tell us what to do?" He tried again, attempting to inspired courage in the other men, but it was in vain. No one stopped their staring. Others took a step back.

I looked at the man and frowned. To my slight amusement everyone jumped back. But the man didn't turn around. Instead he aimed his gun at me.

"I-I'll shoot!" He said with breaking voice.

A silence fell. I didn't say anything. The man tried to look determined. I suppose he didn't have much faith in his weapon. But when he got no response from me he pulled the trigger. It all happened in a fraction of a second. I saw the bullet coming at me. Before it hit my head, I caught it in my hand.

The reaction of the two gangs was even more extreme than before. Out of blinding panic the other men shot at me too. I stopped all the bullets before they could hit me. Through the ear-wrecking sounds I faintly heard the sirens of police cars. Blue and red lights were cast onto the high buildings of a near street. The gangs ceased their shooting.

"Cops! Get your ass out of here!" One of the gang members yelled.

They all scrambled in an attempt to get away. I powered up one time. The earth started to shake. The hot, golden gusts of air and the trembling ground threw everyone down. They could not escape. The windows of the buildings reflected the blinding light . Around the corner the first police cars arrived. The cars stopped with a squeaking sound and the cops slowly got out. Whatever they had expected to find here, this wasn't it.

I could imagine what it looked like. A young man in the middle of the square in a fire of golden rays, surrounded by bullets and unconscious gang members. Their faces betrayed their astonishment.

Before anyone could do anything, I took off from the ground and sped away. Away from the square. Away from the Generals' Quarter. Away from the city.

I came home exhausted. It was almost three in the morning. I was tired and longed for a good night's sleep. When I entered my room through the window no one appeared to have missed me or been aware of my absence. Turned out that my somewhat disastrous little trip went by unnoticed. That was the only positive thing that happened that night.

I went to bed with a heavy heart. My mind was on the scene with at Videl's house. The images of the rubber tube in the man's throat, the barfing, Videl's face.. It was all burned into my mind. It made me twist and turn in my bed for almost an hour. In the morning, when the sun would almost rise and when it was merely two hours from wake-up time, I finally fell asleep. Little did I know, however, that my the consequences of my actions that night were huge.

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