Title: Can't Be Saved
Author: smitha-r
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Bones
Pairing(s): Booth/Brennan angst
Summary: Brennan takes a harsh and introspective look at her relationship with Booth, and what the two of them are inevitably heading towards.
Notes: I wanted to write a big-ass angsty B/B fic with a super-sad ending, but it didn't work out. This is what I was reduced to. It's still good, but only a mere shadow of what I was originally attempting. I don't anything Bones related, woe.


Sometimes, late at night when she's working on her latest book with a bottle of red wine at her side, she lets her thoughts wander away from the characters and plot lines. She thinks about Booth, and what a fool he is.

Despite her inadequacies at reading people, she has learned to read Booth over the many months that their lives have intertwined together. Temperance Brennan is no fool; she knows Booth is attracted to her, knows that he is harbouring feelings of the romantic variety. His hands always linger just a little too long at the small of her back when they walk next to each other, his eyes hold her gaze a little too strongly, his words are just a little too tender when he opens up to her. She knows he cares about her safety and will go to any length to protect her. She knows that look in his eyes, the one that says: be mine.

Booth is still a fool.

Would he even care about her like this if she wasn't his partner, if they hadn't been thrown together time and time again? Doubtful. And besides, his is a mind full of foolish notions she could never bend to: contracts, a white gown, the picture perfect picket fence. He feels the tension between them and tries to sublimate it into intimacy, into love. But he's wrong. He tries to mold her into his idealistic vision, sees her as something she will never be.

He's already changed her too much, for better or for worse. But he's mistaken if he thinks that one day she'll be the perfect woman he carries in his heart when he looks at her. She knows who she is. She's stubborn, recklessly brave, stoic and independent to a fault. She can't be what Booth wants her to be, that imaginary woman he believes is lurking beneath her surface.

One of these days, she knows, she will have to break his heart. And as she swallows the last of her wine, she realizes that she is not looking forward to it.