The Saga: Surfacing

By: Linkmaste

Authors Note: A little tidbit of information for you. When I first was trying to figure out the ending of Sketch Book, I planned that one way or another, Lindy was going to die. I figured that it would wrap up things nicely and I won't be one of those "ugh, she always writes about her own character." But, things change and I could not do it so I went with the whole forgetting everything cliché. I'm glad I was able to make it back to the original script.

BUT the fun isn't over yet. I bet you are all dying to know where Jeri went? Let's find out. Enjoy.

This Just In...

"Yana Rizu here discussing the tragedy over a death that occurred during the attack in Japan known as the D-Reaper Incident..."

"...Yonoko Omoto being elected into the high leader chair of Hypnos after it's previous leader Mitsuo Yamaki was murdered in his office..."

"Digimon? Friend of Foe? Tonight, we will cover the ground breaking event that's recruited children all over the world that call themselves 'Tamers'..."

"Omoto has sent into legislation an "Anti-Digimon" bill that is directed to the safety and protection of child..."

"...under unforeseen circumstances, a teen girl was at the battle scene where she was killed by the D-Reaper..."

"...Widespread panic is underway in Canada where it's police force is preparing to arrest any Digimon that is seen in public...Japan is right behind passing the arrest power to it's police force."

"...Canada's Prime Minister Steven Harper claims that 'this is a difficult decision' and needs time to process before acting out on the 'Digimon Phenomenon'."

"...I am standing here today at the crime scene in Tokyo where a child has been shot after trying to protect his Digimon..."

"This just in, Japan's Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo has made a statement claiming that 'children need to be protected and not killed' by this recent turn of events. A ban is being implemented on digimon either partnered to what is called a Tamer or wild ones."

"...Police were on a high speed chase after a Digimon and it escaped causing several accidents, fortunately no one was injured. The suspect was wearing black, had a purple face mask, and riding a black motor cycle in Shinjuku, Tokyo..."

"This just in...Omoto spoke at the protest where a group called "The Anti-Digimon Association" or the ADA was marching. She discussed an option for the children who are distraught over losing their Digimon partner to visit a facility that just opened in Canada called Rolling Meadows Retreat."

"A Facility where your children will be recovering from being controlled by Digimon..."

"This just in...schools have just banned digimon in Canada..."

"This just in...violent protests are underway..."

"This just in..."

"This just in..."

"This just in..."

"I'm Yana Rizu and we'll be right back."