Disclaimer: I own nothing. X-Men is a creation of Marvel Comics and Fox Films Entertainment

Title: Escape

Series: Deception

Author: verdant quest

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Pairing: Rogue/Pyro

Spoilers: None really, but X-Men movies in general.

Summary: Rogue breaks her man out of prison.

Author's Note: I'm just offering a taste of what happens after the events in 'Deception'. Happy St. Valentine's Day!

They were running full out. Behind her she could hear gasping pants and the echo of their feet on the cold stone floor. If they didn't move faster, someone was not only going to hear them, they would have time to investigate.

"Move it, John! If we don't get going, they'll catch us and then they'll have two prisoners, instead of one!"

John Allerdyce, or Pyro as he was commonly known, scowled at her, but sped up a lick. Rogue silently thanked Logan for giving her his reflexes and speed, because otherwise she never would have been able to set this kind of brutal pace.

Up ahead she spotted the exit she had found to be the safest when she'd scouted around the facility's security. Heaving a sigh of relief that they were this close to their goal, Rogue jumped the last three feet, launching upward, and catching hold of the sill to the small, high window.

Pulling herself up, she reached the catch and threw open the sash, and slipped through the opening before turning around and reaching down to help John make the climb.

"Jesus, Rogue! I thought you said that this was the safest escape route. This window is six feet up in the air." John moaned at her, as he finally got a knee up on the sill.

"Quitcherbitchin. Let's go."

The moment they were both clear of the window, Rogue dropped the sash back into place and grabbed for John's hand. "This way." She jerked her head to the left and started running again.

Just a few meters away from the window was a wooded area that would provide them with cover while they made their escape from the area. The facility was considered high-security, but most of the security was on the inside of the cell blocks, not in the general sections or outside the building's walls. Rogue had had to do a lot of illegal things to get around the security that held John in a cell designed to be flame retardant and didn't have access to any chemicals that could start a fire.

Rogue smiled over her shoulder at him as they ran through the wood. She knew how free John must feel, finally being out under the sky, running among the trees and breathing the cool night air.

"Marie, how are we going to get away from here? And how did you find me, anyway?"

John was giving her a slightly disbelieving look that stemmed from his genuine shock that she had pulled him out of a place he had begun to think would be his grave.

"Don't underestimate me, Johnny. I have my methods. Oh, and I have a car waiting for us. It's stashed up about a quarter mile from here. We've got a full tank of gas, a direct shot to Sacramento and two fake ids, credit cards and plane tickets to Boston that depart in four hours."

John flashes a devilish smile, and my heart burns wildly in his eyes. "God, baby, I knew that there was a reason I'm in love with you."


A/N: "my heart burns wildly in his eyes" is a line from Melissa Auf der Maur's song, Followed the Waves. It just seemed appropriate.