I think that people are not what they seem. I think what they're made up of masks that cover their true feelings…their soul.

I think that ghosts are the only free beings out there because they don't have to hide their faces and minds from everyone.

Well, that's my opinion.

Star pushed her mouse towards the send button, and clicked it. She wished the school computers in the public lab weren't so slow. If she had been on her computer at home, the pages would have loaded in half the time, minimum.

Sighing, she worked to tune out the soft hum of students trying unsuccessfully to be quiet. Giggling and typing seemed to bounce off of the bare walls, magnified more and more with each passing, guilty minute.

"I've got to stop doing this," she muttered to herself as the page finally popped up, her response now gracing the bottom of it. "Third time this week I've skipped study and research time to get on here." She sighed and went to click on the "research" page she had up, just in case somebody came along. The last thing she needed was for Lancer or any of her friends to catch her again—

"Hey, Star," Paulina's voice made her jump and shut down the entire program by accident. Star bit her lip. Had she seen? She knew the popular girl would never let her live it down if she had, as the banner blazed in bright, flashing letters: 'Welcome to the Ghost Lover's Club!'

"Are you done telling your internet friends about the party on Saturday night?"

Star breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah, almost," she turned around and watched as the Latino girl came up behind her, tapping her foot impatiently. "I just gotta send it to the last few."

"Well, hurry up," Paulina rolled her eyes. "We only have five minutes left before class, and I don't want to see you turn into a techno geek or something." Star winced as Paulina continued. "You're on the computer way too much lately."

"Okay, I'll just be a second," Star turned around and pulled up the internet program again, this time logging into her "popular" name account (dazzlingstar), and sent off a quick e-mail to everyone on the relatively long friends list. "K, done," she said cheerfully as she grabbed her backpack and swung it over her shoulder, following Paulina out of the lab.

Paulina spent the entire walk to class blabbering about how good the party would be, and about how anyone who was anyone would be there. Star simply smiled and nodded in approval, her mind really on the post she had just submitted.

All she wanted to do was talk to a ghost. Why did people find that so strange…okay, down right freaky. Anyone who knew about her little "obsession" thought of her as a freak. Fortunately, that consisted of a few people online, and her little brother, who had been snooping around her computer one night. He wasn't stupid enough to say anything after what she threatened when she had found out he'd seen that note on her screen that had popped up when she'd gone to the restroom. He knew she wasn't joking, and she had mentioned several sharp objects in her "promise".

Star and Paulina stopped by their lockers to get their books for Lancer's rather boring English class. As the dark-haired, popular girl opened the green, metal door, Star couldn't help but roll her eyes as she caught sight of Paulina's "Danny Phantom" shrine. At least I don't have one of those in my locker, she thought dryly to herself.

She looked up inside her own rather bare cubicle, grabbed her last book, shoved it into her backpack and closed the locker door as something caught her eye. "Speaking of freaks," she muttered to herself, and watched Danny Fenton stroll casually down the hall, his even freakier friends on either side of him. She winced when she realized Paulina had stopped talking about the party and was now watching the trio disappear around a corner.

"I didn't say anything about freaks," she said suspiciously.

Star gulped. "But they are freaks," she said hurriedly. "Don't you think so?"

Paulina wrinkled her nose as she considered a reply for only a moment. "Like, yeah," she closed her own locker door. "Those three are always together and always talking about something stupid."

Star shrugged. "What was it this time? I wasn't listening to them."

"Ghosts or something," Paulina started walking, causing Star to lurch to catch up. "What does it matter? They're not even worth our attention anyway."

"Yeah," Star muttered as the more popular girl went back to the subject of the party.

But they're talking about ghosts;she couldn't help but glance over her shoulder at the corridor where the three had disappeared. Does that mean they love ghosts…like me?

"Good morning, ladies," Mr. Lancer greeted as they strolled in the door, Paulina finally silent about that stupid party.

"Like, thank you, Mr. Lancer," Paulina flashed a grin towards the balding teacher, and Star nodded in agreement before following the other girl to their seats.

Two minutes to the bell, she thought, looking up. Where's Fenton? She looked around, blinking. She knew they (him and the other two freaks) had this class together with her. And why were they heading in the opposite direction of class? She realized suddenly.

She'd already decided to talk to him, although she knew she'd have to be careful…extremely careful. Talking to Valerie was almost enough to get her tossed off of the A-list, let alone the freaks of the school. She'd have to get him at home, or something.

Suddenly a thought crossed her mind. His parents hunt ghosts, it took a great deal restraint not to smack her head right then and there. Of course he'd be into them.

But then again, he'd never seemed to be before. She sighed and absent mindedly took out her Sianara Pussycat folder, looking down at it in disgust. The bright colored paper seemed to mock her with Japanese kitten stickers and glitter all over it. Then glancing around, she opened it with a smile. Ghost drawings, pictures and stickers greeted her sight.

No one ever saw the inside of her folder.

"Calm down, please, class," Mr. Lancer's voice cut through her thoughts. "And please be ready to—"

The door banged open suddenly, and the trio of freaks burst in through the door, panting heavily, just as the bell rang.

"Just in time, for once, Mr. Fenton, Miss Manson, Mr. Foley," Lancer eyed them warningly.

With only a silent, knowing glance exchanged, the three students headed towards the back of the classroom, taking three seats together in a corner as Mr. Lancer continued his speech about going over notes for a the test they had on Thursday.

Star turned to glance back at them once before returning her attention to the class at hand. I will talk to them, she thought determined. I will.