The Great Wicked

Pairing: Tasuki/OFC (Because there's not enough of them)

Rating: M

Summary: She was the only woman he had ever seen that he had to have. Watching her for a year, the way she moves, does her work, and when she looses her temper, she smolders. Its driven him mad for a year and Genrou has decided ha he can't stand it anymore, and has to satisfy his craving.

Fighting the Urge

She felt a shudder creeping up her spine as his lips on her neck tormented her with pleasure, only a preview of what was to come, she tilted her head against his chest to give him better access. Genrou felt himself swallow hard at seeing more of her skin and at the ease in which she relaxed against him, trusting him completely, after all, she'd already come this far. He trailed his hot breath from her collar up her neck to her ear, inhaling deeply clutching her a little tighter as though he went on a slight sensory overload.

His hands gripped her shoulders a little tighter, fighting his roguish desires to throw the rest of his plan out the window and give in. But he withdrew from her neck and instead pulled the robe down to her waist now looking at the tanned skin on her back, his callused fingertips moving up and down her spine applying pressure here and there, taking in every deep breath, and movement she made.

Henna had indeed had a hard life, she was a strong woman who did more then her fair share of work and required little in the way of compensation. Never in her deepest dreams did she imagine the scenario that now unfolded, her bandit, her wolf, kidnapping her and seeing to her needs the way a husband did for his wife, but that was getting ahead of herself.

His hands were warm and they moved over her back touching every inch of skin lovingly, they effortlessly found all her aches and pains and slowly gently kneaded them away. She felt goosebumps rise up when his hands made their way to the base of her back, there they stayed for a few moments, stroking her skin. She felt him take in a hungry breath and he rested his forehead against he back of her neck, seems he was having some trouble staying focused. Henna felt a soft chuckle rise up, she tried to quell it but all the same he heard it, pulling her sharply against his chest his hands moved up her back and caressed the skin over her chest, tracing her collar again.

"You laughing at me?" He asked his voice deep and husky against her ear

"Now, why would I do that?" She replied liking how on edge he was, always so strong and confident when she saw him sitting in the firelight in her village, now he sat here with her in his lap looking and feeling sass though he was about to loose his mind.

"No idea, but its a good thing that yer not," He said grazing her ear with his teeth, she replied an unenlightened 'hmm?' "I'd sure hate to have to punish you after all this,"

Henna loved this game, mainly because she could play it just as well, if not a little better then he could. The roles of men and women always in contrast to one another but when it came to seduction, she felt fairly certain that she held the upper hand. Grinning wickedly she leaned her head back and her body writhed softly against him, on purpose of course. Her hands finding their way to his legs stroking him through the material of his trousers, she smiled even greater when she felt him take in a sharp breath, before turning her head to catch him out of the corner of her eye.

"And how would you punish me?" She purred against his chest, almost challenging him

"Dunno, most people do as I say," There was something in his voice now, almost a playfulness. "But you wouldn't give me troubles, would you?" He asked rising to her challenge.

This time she did not try to hide her laughter, not answering his question trying to push him a little further. Truth was that she knew what he was trying to do, to drag this out for her, but Henna wasn't simply contented being indulged with sensuality. She had already begun to feel the ache and fire spread throughout her body, she was no fool and knew exactly what it meant, and what she wanted. Part of her was curious to see who would last longer.

"Answer me," He growled against her neck, one of his hands moving down the hollow of her chest drawing a soft moan from her.

"No," She replied arching her back slightly

"No, what?" Henna now gave him no further answers, she wanted to see what he would do. "Henna," He warned, when she still gave no response and continued to tease him.

Theres not much men love more then rising to a challenge and surpassing it, more so if it comes from beautiful half clothed woman whom they've been lusting after for over a year. Knowing exactly what she was doing, it was one of the things that he loved about her, the fire within, he questioned, who's fire burned hotter? With a quick and perhaps, well practiced movement he swung his leg over getting off the bed before facing her, pushing her back and pinning her wrists to the bed. This earned Genrou a startled gasp and the tiniest blush coloring her cheeks as he now not only caught her off guard but was now face to face with her, his yes drinking in her naked body.

"Are you blushing Henna?" She gave no response, captivated by his wolf-like stare, like he was a predator and she was his prey. He leaned down brushing his lips against her neck again, feeling her shudder once more. Would the damn man never kiss her? All part of the plan.

He knew very well that she had blushed, and that he made her blush, he loved the idea of having that power over her. He felt her arms strain as though she wanted him to let her go, she wanted to touch him back. "Don't move." He warned releasing her hands as one moved behind her neck the other up her thigh, pushing the robe aside as he went, how could she not move? Every fiber of her being wanted to turn the tables on him and crash her lips against his, his teasing was maddening. She felt his breath on her chest as his lips brushed against her skin.

She now breathed shallow breaths, trying hard to gain control of her senses, his lips moved down her body stopping at he navel, then he stopped! The bastard stopped! A disappointed whimper escaped her lips when he stopped moving, he didn't move for Suzaku knows how long. In a swift movement he was back up, looking into her eyes, his lips hovering just inches above hers.

He smiled a wolfish leer, seeing in her eyes exactly what he had been aiming for, desire. Unbridled passion, and she only needed something to push her over the edge. "Henna," He asked in barely a whisper. "What do you want?"


Oh snap! Its getting kinda hot in here, isn't it? Yes, I know its been a long time since I've posted sorry for the wait, I thought I lost the documents with the story, and it turns out that I did. So I had to start over, feeling pretty confident that this story will wrap up in another chapter or two. Don't you just love lustful cliffhangers? No? Well, in the words of Bugs Bunny "Ain't I a stinker?"

~The Great Wicked