Greatest reward

Summary: Draco surprises Harry on Valentines Day with a very special performance. Little does he know that Harry has a surprise of his own.

Warnings: Extreme fluff, Mpreg, Slash, Harry/Draco


It was almost complete; he had arranged every thing that needed arranging. Dumbledore had just looked at him with that god-awful twinkle in his eyes and given his consent. Granger and the Weasel had arranged to keep his love busy for the whole day until he was ready. Granger, of course, had just given a squeal and hugged the death out of him and the Weasel had just warned him against hurting Harry once he had told them his plan. He had scoffed, as if he would intentionally hurt the one whom he loved with every fiber of his being.

He and Harry had been dating almost two years now, after finally admitting to himself that he adored the little dark-haired seeker at the end of their fourth year. He, Draco Malfoy, Ice Prince of Slytherin had fallen completely and utterly in love with Harry Potter, Golden boy of Gryffindor tower and closet Slytherin. Sure they had their problems and fought but then what couple doesn't and they always had great make up… he cut that train of though not wanting to walk with a boner.

Draco gazed around the Great Hall making sure that every thing was set for his surprise to Harry. After he was sure every thing was satisfactory he headed back to the Head Boy's Rooms which he and Harry shared.


Harry entered the Great Hall that evening flanked by Ron and Hermione. He had just spent the entire afternoon with his friends in Hogsmede and, for once, was eager to get a proper meal instead of the sandwiches they had had at lunch. He gazed around the Great Hall looking for his boyfriend and was a bit dismayed when he realized that he wasn't there yet however he figured that he was still in their rooms. His stomach grumbled again reminding him that he was famished and he dragged his two friends towards the Gryffindor table. As he sat down there was a flash of light and a single rose attached to a note appeared before him.

My dearest it read

Today is the time I confess my love and affection for you. Tonight you will dine richly because you deserve nothing but the best. This single rose is but just a dent in the love that overflows for you in my heart. Enjoy your evening; I have a surprise for you later.

Happy Valentine's Day

Yours in body, mind and soul

Draco Malfoy

Harry grinned as he picked up the rose and inhaled its scent. Hermione glanced towards him when he set it down with a happy sigh.

"Is that from Draco, Harry?" she asked even though she knew fully that no one else would have sent her best friend a rose without fear for his virtue and life while he was dating Draco Malfoy.

"Mmmmhmm" was Harry's dazed reply

"How romantic!" squealed Pavarti "I wish I had a boyfriend who cared for me like Draco does for you Harry"

"He's just so good to me, I really hope he's going to like my gift" Harry said to Hermione

"The ferret would love it, even if it was a pile of Hippogriff shit, just because it's from you" Ron commented in between reaching for Hermione's homework and looking for a piece of parchment and some ink; a quill already set on the table. Hermione slapped his wandering hand away.

"Ronald that…" whatever Hermione said was lost as Ron immediately dived for the food in front of him. Hermione sighed and turned to talk to Harry when a big silver dome thing appeared in front of him in the same manner as the rose had. Lifting the lid curiously Harry saw that it was a platter of all his favorite pasta dishes.

"Oh my Harry" Hermione exclaimed "Draco really does spoil you doesn't he?"

"I love him so much Herm, he makes me feel special and wanted. I don't know what I'd do without him," Harry said in his love-struck way, eyes misting over a bit. Hermione patted him on the arm gently.

"You deserve some happiness Harry"

"Thanks 'Mione"

Hermione smiled at her almost-brother "Now you better eat up. I don't think Draco went to all that trouble to have you waste the food by letting it go cold."

Harry needed no further prompting and dug into his meal with gusto.


Draco saw Harry dig into the platter of pasta he had ordered especially for him while laughing and chatting with his friend at the Gryffindor table. He smiled glad that Harry had like the first and second part of his Valentine's Day gift. He waited until everyone had finished dessert before motioning to Dumbledore that he was ready. As he stood the Hall immediately quieted waiting for him to speak.

"Today, as you all know, is Valentine's Day. The day when we tell those we admire that we love them. I have had a very special request from a student to deliver a message to the one he most admires. Remember that love can conquer all and is available to us if we give it a chance. Please remain seated for this very special performance, as it was a request that you all bear witness to this event. Thank you" and with a wave of his wand a stage appeared in place of the Head Table. Draco saw the lights dim and immediately walked onto the stage with his back to the audience. Pointing his wand at his throat he whispered a Sonorous spell and began speaking.

"Thank you all for staying here to witness a most important event to me. Tonight I would like to declare my love and commitment to the only person for me. He has changed my life and made me into the person I am today" he turned so that he faced the audience and the lights came back on. He locked his mercury silver eyes on the astonished emerald green of his lover. "This song is for you Harry"

All heads turned to the blushing teen sitting at the Gryffindor table that had not moved his eyes away from the sight that was his boyfriend. A slow tune began to play as Draco moved on stage. Soon his soft tenor voice filled the Great Hall.

So suddenly, so strange
Life wakes you up, things change
I've done my best, I've served my call
I thought I had it all

So suddenly, so strong
My prejudice was gone
You needed me, I found my place
I'm different now, these days

Draco relocked his eyes on Harry as he descended the stage making his way towards his stunned boyfriend.

Now the greatest reward
is the light in your eyes
the sound of your voice
and the touch of your hand
you made me who I am

You trusted me to grow
I gave my heart to show
There's nothing else I cherish more
I stand by you for sure

Draco pulled Harry up from his chair, leading him to the stage still singing. Harry, who was still in daze, just followed without protest.

Now the greatest reward
is the love that I can give
I'm here for you now
for as long as I live
you made me who I am

So suddenly, it's clear to me
Things change
our future lays in here and now
we made it through somehow

Now the greatest reward
is the love that I can give
I'm here for you now
for as long as I live
you made me who I am

You made me who I am

After Draco finished singing he gazed deeply into the watery eyes of his boyfriend whose tears were running unchecked down his cheeks touched by the serenade he'd been given.

"Harry," Draco whispered lovingly, the entire hall able to here his words due to the spell "You are the only thing that inspires me to get up every morning and face the world. You are the only one who had their utmost trust in me when I was believed to be a death-eater. It was you who saved me from that madman and you who brought my family back together. For these things I owe you my eternal thanks but you did this and more. You gave your heart, body and soul to me and I, you, in exchange. You loved me in a way that no one has ever done. You placed your faith in me and had me change for the better and you taught me to love. Your sweet gentle nature calms me in the most stressful situations but your stubbornness and ability to lead others have you at equals with whomever you meet," Draco got down on one knee in front of Harry and pulled a small velvet box out from inside his robes. He opened it revealing a platinum band with emeralds and diamonds embedded inside. "Harry James Potter, Lord of the house of Potter, Black and Gryffindor-Ravenclaw will you give me the honour of becoming my husband?"

Harry stared at his boyfriend and lover with his watery joy filled eyes.

"Yes oh yes I will!" he exclaimed.

The Hall erupted into cheers as Draco stood up and placed the ring on Harry's long, slim fingers. Harry wrapped his arms around his neck and drew him in for a long passion filled kiss. Many people catcalled and all females were seen wiping tears from their eyes. The newly engaged couple descended the stairs and headed towards their rooms after Dumbledore dismissed them for the night.


Many hours later as they were lying in bed after a long session of love making Harry decided to give Draco his Valentine's Day gift.

"Draco I still have to give you my gift but I'm not to sure you'll want it" Harry whispered in his ear. Draco shifted them so that he had Harry lying in his arms.

"I'll love whatever you get me darling."

Harry shifted in Draco's arms nervous "Remember last week when I thought I had a stomach bug and was unable to keep anything and everything I ate down and you told me to see Madame Pomfrey?"

"Yes I remember." Draco said not sure where this was going.

"Well I went to see her as you suggested and she ran some tests on me. She gave me some very startling news"

"What was it?" Draco asked in anticipation and dread. "You're not dying are you?"

Harry laughed slightly "No silly I'm not dying."

"Then what was it" Draco asked again in frustration.

Harry took Draco's hand and set it upon his still flat stomach "This"

Draco frowned a bit in confusion before realisation dawned. He looked up at Harry who smiled shyly at him

"You mean…"

"Yes Draco"

"How far along are you?"

"Madame Pomfrey says about 7 weeks," Harry said smiling a bit and moving his hand to rest on top of Draco's. He knew form what Madame Pomfrey had told him that male pregnancies only possible when both parties in the relationship loved each other fully and completely. He knew that the small life growing inside of him would be a symbol of both his and Draco's love for each other.

"I'm going to be a daddy," Draco whispered in awe. He placed a kiss on Harry's belly then one on Harry's lips

"So, do you like your present Dray?" Harry asked still a bit unsure

"I love it Harry, this is the best gift you could have every given me. I love you so much"

"And I you" Harry replied

And that was all that was spoken for the rest of the evening as the couple engaged in another session of love making before falling asleep in each others arms knowing that the life they were to soon lead would be special and full of love.