Summery: After the eventful Valentine's Day Draco decides that it is time for his fiancé to meet his parents. Too bad Lucius and Harry have some history between them.

Warnings: Same as Chapter 1

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Chapter 2: Meet the Death Eaters I

It was five weeks after Draco and Harry had gotten engaged and school was due to let out for the Easter break soon.

"Harry please,"




"Pretty please?"

"Draco no! I don't think going to Malfoy Manor uninvited is a good idea especially if your dad is there," Harry Potter, soon to be Malfoy explained patiently to his fiancé. "The man hates me enough as it is and I believe going into his home unannounced will not help in improving his opinion."

"But Harry," Draco whined, "It's my home too and I am inviting you. I don't see what the problem is."

The 12 week pregnant man sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. Even with his entirely Pureblood upbringing it seemed that Draco didn't understand how rude it was to enter someone else's house unexpectedly, even if it happened to be your home as well.

"Draco," Harry pleaded wearily rubbing his stomach lightly to ease his nausea a bit "Please just send your parents an owl and inform them that we will be coming for the Easter holidays; it is not that hard. Then they will have enough time to prepare and we would have exercised proper etiquette."

Draco pouted but one look from Harry sent him into their room to retrieve a piece of parchment and a quill, the ink already placed on the writing desk.

Harry nodded; satisfied that Draco would behave and disappeared in search of some crackers and milk.


"Lucius, dear we have a letter from Draco," Narcissa's melodic voice announced at breakfast the next morning. Lucius looked up from The Daily Prophet long enough to see Narcissa untie the note from Draco's owl's leg before going back to his paper.

"Shall I read it to you then?" she asked

Making a gesture meant to encourage her to go on his eyes never left the article he was busy with.

"'Beloved parents,' "she read" ' I would like to request permission to bring my fiancé over during the Spring Break. We have some news that we would like to share with you and would also like to discuss any wedding plans you might like to make. Yes my fiancé is male, I can see you were hoping Father, but he is so beautiful that at first glance you would think he were female. Please he is delicate and has not taken to your presence well in the past; do try not to upset him. I will not be held responsible for my actions if you do. Reply swiftly, and no I will not reveal his identity; you will just have to see for yourselves. Lots of love, Draco' " Narcissa set the note down and turned to face her husband, who had lowered the newspaper after she had mentioned Draco's fiancé.

"I think it's lovely that Draco has finally found someone to share his life with don't you Lucius?" she said excitedly "I wonder who this mystery boy is? Maybe we should throw them a ball? What do you think Luci? Lucius!" she shouted causing the inattentive head of the Malfoy family to jump in surprise.


"But Lucius…"

"No Narcissa."

"Lucius I love you" puppy dog pout

"'Ciss please no." Lucius said exasperatedly "Don't plan anything extravagant. Draco said his lover was delicate, we don't want to chance that he might get upset or uneasy because of a ball. You know how Draco can get," he shivered in remembrance.

Narcissa was visibly deflated and Lucius couldn't stand seeing her so unhappy and listless. He sighed.

"If it makes you happy you can still plan a small but elegant family Easter party."

Narcissa squealed and hugged Lucius tightly. "Thank you so much Luc! Now I have to go speak with the caterers and the dressmakers and…" her voice faded away as she rushed off to plan her party.

Unwilling to sit in the vast dining room by himself but not ready to seek out his wife, who was in party host mode, Lucius discarded his newspaper and left to reply to Draco's letter.


It was unusually warm for April and the heat was doing nothing to curb Harry's mood and nerves as he and Draco traveled to Malfoy Manor. He rubbed the barely visible bump beneath his clothes and willed away his recurring nausea. At the start of the last month in his first quarter the morning sickness was at its height; becoming so bad that not even the potions to help curb it worked anymore. Madame Pomfrey now supplied him with nutrient potions whenever he was unable to keep anything down –which was often- and Draco practically smothered him in his attempt to keep him happy and comfortable. It was driving him insane and now he had to endure a 5-hour ride in a stifling hot limo.

"Harry, dear are you feeling okay?" Draco's concerned voice broke into his morose thoughts of self-pity.

"The nausea's back," he replied opening the window in hopes that the fresh air would help.

"Do you want us to stop?" Draco asked rubbing his back in sympathy.

Harry nodded "If it won't cause too much trouble, I feel like I'm about to throw up again."

Draco turned and picked up the receiver next to his arm "Jameson, please will you stop for a while? Harry's not feeling well once more."

"Of course Master Draco." Came the reply over the intercom.

As soon as the vehicle had stopped Harry was out of the door; heaving into the long grass of the countryside. Draco got out and pulled the braid Harry had put his hair into away from his face and rubbed his lower back in a comforting gesture. Harry continued to throw up, even when his stomach was empty. Draco winced when Harry coughed and continued rubbing in slow circles. When Harry had stopped Draco conjured a glass of water for him to drink and Harry took it gratefully. Rinsing his mouth and sipping the rest of it Harry sat on his knees tiredly. Seeing that his love was too tired and weak to get into the car by himself Draco carefully picked him up and carried him back into the limo; frowning when he felt how much weight Harry had lost.

"Jameson we can continue," Draco said into the receiver once he had Harry settled.

"Yes Master Draco, Is Master Harry all right now?" The chauffer asked concerned.

"No but we cannot waste anymore time; his morning sickness just acted up again and unfortunately there's nothing that works for him now." Draco replied scowling in worry.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here!" Harry complained tiredly

"Sorry baby but Jameson is worried as am I." Draco placated placing a kiss on Harry's sweaty brow.

"Master Draco perhaps Master Harry should sleep for the rest of the way," Jameson suggested "When your mother was with you and had to travel long journeys with your father that often helped her. She wasn't alert enough for the motion to be a bother."

"Thanks Jameson. We really appreciate your suggestion." Draco said into the loudspeaker after Harry had motioned that he wanted to be able to speak as well.

"Yes Thank you Jameson and I'm sorry for all this trouble" Harry replied as well

"Nonsense Master Harry, you just take care of yourself and the little one inside you. Even with all the discomfort it should be worth it knowing that a little Malfoy is on his or her way." The chauffer said kindly

The connection was closed and Harry laid his head on Draco's lap intending to follow the advice given to him but was unable to fall asleep with all the movement. Draco noticed his agitation.

"Do you want me to sing to you love? It seems to help at night." He offered

Harry locked his tired green eyes with Draco's concerned silver ones "Would you? I think that might help."

Draco ran his hand through Harry long, ebony locks undoing the braid for his fiancé's comfort. "Of course love I'll sing to you what my mother sang to me when I couldn't sleep."

Harry smiled and closed his eyes as Draco cleared his throat. Not long afterward Draco's smooth tenor voice filled Harry's ears.

My precious one, my tiny one lay down your pretty head

My dearest one, My sleepy one; it's time to go to bed

My precious one, my darling one; don't let your lashes weep.
My cherished one, my weary one; it's time to go to sleep.

Just bow your head and give your cares to me.
Just close your eyes and fall into the sweetest dream, cause in my loving arms.
Your safe as you will ever be so hush my dear and sleep.

My precious one, my tiny one; I'll kiss your little cheek

And underneath the smiling moon I'll send you back to sleep.

Draco smiled at the angelic picture Harry made when asleep. He continued to hum and run his hand through his lover's long hair, lulling Harry further into sleep, perfectly content with his life.

Jameson smile at the picture of tranquility the Malfoy heir made with his young husband to be remembering a time before hand when Lucius and his wife had been in the same position 'So much like his parents' the old chauffer thought as he viewed Draco giving Harry's sleeping form an affectionate glance. 'They'll be together until death and that little one is going to be very loved and spoiled by both the parents and grandparents'
"Lucius, they're here!" Narcissa yelled excitedly from the front door.

The Head of Malfoy made his way through the foyer into the entrance hall where his wife stood waiting in excitement for her son and his fiancé. He saw from the window Jameson getting out of the limo to open the door on the other side. He engaged in a hurried conversation, presumably with Draco, before going to the boot and taking out one big trunk. In the meantime Draco had stepped out of the car; a petite body cradled to his chest, long black hair blocking their face from view. His son made his way towards them slowly, obviously mindful of the person in his arms, whom he assumed to be the thief of his son's affections.

"Mother, Father, thank you for having us," Draco greeted once he was close enough

"Welcome home Dragon," Narcissa replied warmly "And whom might the dashing young man in your arms be?"

"This is my fiancé but he is currently asleep at the moment. It was a hard trip for him; he hasn't been well for the past months" Draco said giving the seeker a look completely full of love but mixed with concern.

"And who is your fiancé Draconis?" Lucius asked curtly.

Instead of replying Draco freed one of his arms and gently moved the long hair to reveal the face of one Harry Potter, who was contentedly still asleep despite the noise. Sensing an explosion Draco held up his free hand to forestall it.

"Father please, we'll talk after I get Harry settled but if you wake him now, you will be the one who helps him fall asleep again. Also we have some news that we'd like to share with you at dinner."

Lucius took a deep breath to calm himself. "Acceptable and I'm guessing that whatever has been ailing him for all this time is what give him his delicate disposition at the moment and is the reason he has trouble falling asleep?"

Draco nodded "Like I said Father we will talk after I get this angel in my arms settled." And without another word he continued on into the house and disappeared into the East Wing, where his bedroom was located.

"Lucius, dear, Draco obviously loves Potter and we must do our best to be as accepting of his choice as possible," Narcissa consoled her silently fuming husband.

"But 'Ciss dear this is POTTER we're talking about. What will we do if the Dark Lord ever came to the Manor unannounced?"

Narcissa sighed, this could provide to be a bit of a problem. "I'm sure that we'll think of something, let's go inside and see Draco now," she said gently guiding him back into the house "I'm sure you want an explanation and I'd like to catch up with what has been going on in our Dragon's life"

Harry sighed in his sleep but didn't wake when Draco placed him on his king sized bed once they'd reached what he hoped would now be their bedroom. Draco gave him a peck on his forehead before covering him up with a light blanket. Taking one last glance at his beautiful dark-haired lover he headed out of the room, closing the door behind him, and went in search of his parents all the while thinking about what had happened on their ride back.

Frowning he thought about Harry's inability to keep large amounts of food down often, even when not suffering from morning sickness. It was as if his body was not used to getting normal sized portions and rejected anything it couldn't handle resulting in Harry's thinness. His frown deepened as he thought of the last time when Harry had managed to keep any food down this month. Realizing that it had been at least two weeks he resolved to ask Madame Pomfrey for something, anything, to help Harry eat while he was at the manor at the very least.

So lost was he in his thoughts he didn't hear when his father first called for him from inside the sitting room.

"Draconis!" Lucius yelled startling Draco badly as he passed the conservatory

"Yes father," Draco rasped as he got over his miniature heart attack and composed himself

"Please join your mother and I here in the sitting room for a discussion." It wasn't a question more of an order.

Draco shrugged and turned back, entering the sitting room. His mother sat on the right-hand side of the sofa and his father on the left leaving the middle space open for him to sit. Once he had settled his mother spoke

"Tea Draco?" she asked ringing for a house elf to bring them tea and freshly made scones

"Yes mother, Thank you."

Narcissa poured a cup for herself and Draco before handing her son the cup. Draco took a sip of the exotic tea before setting it down.

"I'm sure you want to know how it is that I came to have Harry Potter as my fiancé." He said looking between the both of them

"I believe that would be the best place to start." Lucius drawled

Draco sighed "Well it all started in fourth year…"

Over the next three hours Draco told his parents of how he came to dating Harry, how they'd hid their relationship from everyone until last year when they'd told their friends and how Dumbledore had given him permission to propose to Harry in the Great Hall. He explained his feelings for the small seeker to his parents and assured them that he loved no one else but him. By the time he was done it was time for dinner and Harry was awakening.

"I'm sorry to cut this discussion short but I have to go fetch Harry; he has just awakened." Draco apologized heading towards the door "Mother, we'll meet here down for dinner in fifteen minutes. Father, please try and act civilly; Harry is a very strong person but he is also very sensitive to others reactions."

When she was sure Draco was gone Narcissa turned to her husband "Lucius, Draco really seems to love Potter and I want nothing, and this includes you, to upset them during their stay here." She said to him threateningly. "If it does then I'm sure that the West Wing will enjoy your company. Now I have to go get ready for dinner. You coming dear?"

Lucius nodded mutely and followed her out to their bedroom.

"Mother, Father I'd like you to meet my chosen, Harry Potter. Harry, these are my parents- Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy" Draco re-introduced when they entered the dining room where Lord and Lady Malfoy were already seated.

Harry blushed and bowed a little "It's is a pleasure to meet you again Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy. Thank you for having me; you have a lovely home."

Narcissa flushed at Harry politeness "And such a polite young man he is! Please, both of you, sit; dinner will be served in a moment. Now Harry, Draco tells me that you haven't been well for a while; would you like something different for dinner, I'm sure the house elves won't mind"

Harry shot Draco a brief glare before turning back to his future mother-in-law. "No thank you Mrs. Malfoy; Madame Pomfrey prescribe me something that should help for at least three days so I'll be able to dine with you."

Narcissa smiled "I'm glad; tonight we're having roasted lamb with trimmings and brownies for dessert. I'll just ring for the house elves and we can begin."

Soon after they began dining Draco was immersed in a conversation regarding potions with his father while Narcissa contented herself with discussing some wedding plans with Harry. Soon the main meal had been completed and the dessert was served. Harry was half way through his brownies when he began feeling light headed. He gasped at the light rash he saw adorning his hands and panicked knowing there was only one thing that caused such a violent reaction.

"Dra…co" he rasped trying to catch the blonde's attention.

Draco continued with his conversation, not hearing him. Harry panted lightly, not wanting his discomfort to be noticed by Narcissa.


Still the blonde didn't hear him.

Harry felt darkness closing in on him and used the last of his strength to call out.


Draco spun around at the frantic cry, breaking off his conversation with his father, just in time to catch Harry as he slid off his seat.

"Harry!" he exclaimed as he sank to the floor under Harry's weight.

"Draco dear what's the matter?" Narcissa asked worriedly

"I'm not sure," Draco replied franticly "but… "

He trailed off as he caught sight off Harry's hands. He quickly pushed the sleeves of his robe up and saw that the rest off his arm was covered in the hives. He paled.

"Oh shit," he murmured

Gathering the unconscious man into his arms he raced into the living room without an explanation. Lucius and Narcissa shared a look between them and quickly followed. They found Draco looking for something in Harry's robe pockets.

"Mother," Draco said not facing them and continuing his search "I need to know what was in dinner tonight, including dessert."

Narcissa frowned "Well Gigly said that in the lamb he had added the traditional Easter stuffing," Draco nodded to show that he understood "and in the brownies there was chocolate, pecan nuts, egg…"

"Wait," Draco interrupted turning to face her "did you say there were nuts in the dessert?"

Narcissa huffed "Yes Dragon, we always add nuts when brownies are made."

"Oh shit, oh crap, oh fucking hell," Draco ranted now working himself into a mild panic "Mother, how much of the dessert did Harry eat?"

Narcissa frowned "A bit more than half."

"Damnit!" Draco pulled a syringe from his own pockets and injected it into Harry's exposed arm ignoring his parents wince "Father please firecall Madame Pomfrey; tell her it is an emergency." Lucius, who had been watching silently, nodded and walked over to the fireplace. "Mother, please go upstairs and find me another one of these" he asked holding up the now empty syringe. "I need it as soon as possible."

As soon as Lucius finished the firecall he returned to his son's side "Draco, the nurse says she'll be here in five minutes but now I want some answers. What is wrong with Potter?"

"Harry is allergic to all types of nuts father. Usually this isn't so bad because we can give him a high dosage of adrenaline but…" Draco trailed off

"But what?" Lucius pushed

Draco opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the floo. Madame Pomfrey stepped through and immediately began pulling potions out of her bag.

"Mister Malfoy what have you administered already?" she asked as she began sorting the potions

Lucius looked startled but then realized that she wasn't referring to him

"I've given him one shot of the diluted version of his medication but the syringe that I keep in my robes. I believe that is the one that is slightly stronger than what he usually keeps on him." Draco said keeping a worried eye on the figure on the sofa; who had began gasping for breath at every odd interval.

"And what cause the reaction now?"

"He ate more than half," Draco looked at his mother, who had returned when Madame Pomfrey had floo'd in, for confirmation "of three large brownies that contained pecan nut."

Madame Pomfrey frowned in worry "Let's hope that nothing happens."

She began pouring various potions down Harry's throat with Draco coaxing him to swallow. The elder Malfoy's watched as their future son in law gagged and coughed but eventually quieted. Madame Pomfrey cast a few diagnostic spells and turned to the worried Malfoy heir.

"Everything is as it should be." Draco gave a sigh of relief "No damaged has come upon them and Harry will just sleep for the rest of the night. He might develop a mild fever but that should happen after the shock to his system."

The medi-witch packed the vials away except for a few which she handed to Draco. "Make sure he takes the lilac one in the morning. The rest are just to top up his supply of the other potions." She placed a hand on the teen's shoulder "Don't worry so much; they'll be okay."

Draco nodded slowly as if to reaffirm what the squat nurse had said "Thank you for coming Madame Pomfrey."

The Healer gave him a small smile "Nonsense, don't hesitate to call me for anything. Harry's condition is quite rare and I'm happy to be his nurse." She glanced at the puzzled elder behind Draco. "I'll just floo back to Hogwarts and don't forget Harry has an appointment with me the second day back from break."

"Yes Madame"

With a final pat to his shoulder the witch took her bag and floo'd out of the room. Setting the vials on the coffee tables Draco turned to face his parents.

"I'm sure you want an explanation," he said wearily for the second time that day

Lucius seem flabbergasted about something "Them?" he asked when he got his voice working again

Draco motioned for them to sit and situated himself at Harry's feet, pulling them into his lap. The silence streached on until Draco managed to work up the courage to break his news to his parents.

He sighed again "Mother, Father, Harry's is pregnant… with my child"

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