Tekken 5. The Final installment in the "Sword Maker Trilogy".

Previous Fictions of the Trilogy: "The Quality of the Sword (is Determined by the Wielder of the Flame)" and "The First Crack in the Metal (shows the Impurity of Design".

Summary: The Devil Within has overtaken Jin, sending him into a 2 month rampage of carnage and destruction, believing Hwoarang has been killed by Kazuya prior to the end of the Fourth Tournament.

Hwoarang, recaptured by the Korean Military and reunited with Baek Do San, is slowly slipping down a narrow path of darkness to which there is no escape. Believing Jin dead at Kazuyas' hand, Hwoarang returns to Japan to participate in the tournament to avenge his lover, carrying with him a dark secret. Hwoarang is infected with the Devil Gene.

How far will the Korean youth fall to ease the dark cravings that burn through his blood? And, what will happen, once the two are reunited amidst the agony and torment of Hwoarang's slow descent into hell?

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters written herein, they belong solely to Namco. I do not own the images found on the Mishima Compound website, that too belongs solely to Namco. I do not profit from my work.

Some aspects of character interactions have been changed for continuity of the story. Example: Lee Chaolan is portrayed as Korean and not Chinese/Japanese. His art is defined as Ninjitsu for story purposes. In my writings, Chaolan founded the G Corporation in direct retaliation to the Zaibatsu.

Other facts have been altered or omitted for story content.. Situations have been changed to reflect the imagination of this fiction while trying to closely retain Cannon characterizations.

Pairing: Hwoarang x Jin (in various incarnations. Additional pairings will remain a secret!!)

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Strong homosexual situations, language, drug use, violence,

Yaoi, D/s, B/d, Blood Play, etc. etc.
Status: WIP
Beta: Sjazz (the most wonderful Beta a gal could ask for!)

Authors Note:

Heavy focus on the plot that culminates with this final section in the trilogy. Yaoi interludes/implied situations are scattered throughout the chapters. Heavy Yaoi in later chapters.