Chapter Eleven

Trade Secrets

Hwoarang pushed the door open with a sudden start, leaving his keys dangling in the lock as he tried to capture his breath, turning his eyes back toward the hallway stairs. Jin was not far behind the Korean, shaking off the cold summer rain as he drew into the welcoming warmth of the Blood Talon's apartment.

"Well that was several miles of surprise." Hwoarang pressed his drenched arms to the wall to brace himself upward, his heart pounding desperately in his chest. He was soaked to the bone and even before he had finished kicking his boots off a puddle had already formed where he had been standing.

Jin breathed out harshly, wiping his face of the torrents of rain that had been captured by, and continued to leak from, thick ebon tendrils. "I think the surprise wore off after the first mile." He smiled, following the Korean youth's lead in kicking off his boots.

The rain had come as a sudden onslaught; a deluge of epic proportions for two would be travelers running through the uptown Tokyo streets, clear across to the Yurei district.

"I guess it's a good thing I didn't have my bike with me." The Blood Talon slid his fingers through liquid coppery tendrils, turning his eyes to gaze over Jin as though he were seeing a phantom born of desperation… a vivid dream he could barely cling to in the hour close to waking. "You're drenched. Let me grab some towels or something."

As the Korean youth began to walk past him, Jin slid his fingers against Hwoarang's naked arm. The Blood Talon turned with the speed of a recoiling spring… haunted eyes holding Jin's dark orbs. "Seung, is everything okay?"

"Yeah… just fine." He feigned a half cocked smile as his eyes closed for a long moment before drawing Jin's grip from his skin. "I just didn't expect that is all…" Didn't expect you to be alive… and standing right here in front of me. Fuck, Jin, if you only knew all the shit I have done in your name… when I thought you were dead. If only you knew just how far I fell from grace… just to have a piece of you inside of me…

Jin nodded and let his touch fall away, watching the way his lover's head hung softly as he trod lightly across the hallway before disappearing into the bedroom. There was no one in this world, if not Seung… no one truly worthy of his love and his lust the way the Korean was. That passion had been fueled like fire, tested in the forge where even iron met its fate…melting before demanding hands that guided fate itself.

It was a long moment that had passed and Jin ran his fingers through wet ebon shocks of hair. Withdrawing his jacket, the Japanese youth slowly discarded the wet material from his upper body and tossed it to the side… most of the garment falling into the stainless steel sink in the kitchen. Hwoarang was taking a longer time than would have been explainable and Jin was too quickly becoming curious.

The Japanese youth slowly meandered his way from the hall into the living room, denoting every change in the apartment since the last time he had been here. The carpet was no longer spread across the bare wood floor… and a few effects were also missing from the room as he recalled it. Jin ran his fingers along the seat of the leather couch, as dark eyes lingered on the shadowed portal just beyond his line of sight.

The bedroom. How many perfect hours were locked into memory on such sacred ground. Jin could almost hear the echo of intermingled mewls of lust reverberating from the inner walls as he slowly stepped in against the door frame.

"Seung?" he whispered softly, blinking rapidly as he crossed the threshold to sanctification…

When no answer returned to him, Jin stepped more fully into the bedroom, catching the glint of the Blood Talon's reflection in the mirror. Hwoarang had his arms braced on either side of the sink, his head tipped down lightly as shocks of liquid copper breathed in and out in a pattern from slightly parted lips. Sienna eyes looked searchingly into the porcelain veneer of the sink… as though the Blood Talon refused to meet his own eyes through the reflective surface so near to his face.

"Seung?" Jin repeated once more, bracing his fingers along the door jamb as he leaned partially into the bathroom.

Hwoarang looked up and blinked for a moment as his lover's presence seemed to herald him back to reality. "I was just… getting towels. I hate that… you know, you walk into a room and for a minute forget what the fuck you were doing there? I am too damn young to start loosing my mind." It was a feeble attempt at a cover, but it was worth a chance.

"Seung…what is wrong? You are not quite yourself…" the Japanese youth asked, as the Korean busied himself by turning his back and reaching into the linen closet…his hands moving around in the depths as he withdrew two bath towels.

"Of course I am not myself. I am a little bit of you, now." The Blood Talon cleared his throat, sending out one hand with the edge of a folded towel that had lost its shape in translation. He still could not bring himself to meet Jin's eyes…not when the recollection of his fall from grace was made so much sharper by Jin's return from the ether.

"Hey…" Jin said softly, letting the towel drop to the floor as he reached his hand toward the Korean youth's pale face. "Seung, look at me," the Japanese said softly as he let the brush of his palm swallow the curve of Hwoarang's angular cheek.

The Blood Talon closed his eyes for a moment as he felt himself shiver at the tender touch. His lids slowly parted amidst a flutter of sable lashes before he felt himself embraced by his lover's deep gaze. "I'm sorry Jin…I guess I need a few minutes to adjust…yanno…kinda ground myself in reality."

Heavy brows furrowed. "Why do your eyes look so heavy with worry…so lost? I am here with you….at last, reunited…"

"I know baby…" Hwoarang's eyes visibly winced. Was this not what he wanted since the moment Jin left his side? Of course… but would his lover still hold him sacred…if he knew the depth of his secrets…the fullness of his shame and degradation.

The Korean youth forced himself to look up and almost instantly felt himself melt into the youth's dark eyes. Hwoarang's hand lifted and molded in against his lover's touch, flesh suspended and lingering to his cheek. The Blood Talon's fingers entwined with Jin's tender hold, as his head gently fell forward…forehead bracing to the Japanese youth's.

"I fucking missed you so much Jin. It hurt so bad…" Hwoarang inhaled a shivering breath as his eyes held his lover's from this close, gentle position. An intimate moment of connections remembered.

"I know…" Jin whispered softly as he drank in the warm pain in his lover's breath.

"No baby…you don't know. I felt like I was dying inside without you…nothing has ever hurt so bad…nothing… and I just can't lose you again." The Korean youth raised his other hand, dropping the second towel he had withdrawn as his palm slid along the back of Jin's strong neck. This was his moment of honesty…a singular experience that stripped away the pretense of his raging fire to reveal the consumed logs stacked in sacrificial rite as a pyre…his core of emotion no longer forced to hide just beneath the surface.

"You won't lose me again, Seung. It may have taken me some time but I came for you…" Jin felt his heart thunder against his ribcage at the echo of pain and fear that mingled in the ether of his mate's eyes. That was what Hwoarang was to him…and it was never more clear than in this perfect moment.

Mated. By Blood, by spirit, by demon…by love.

"Fuck…I need you baby…more than I have ever needed someone before. The Korean youth's hot breath fell against Jin's lips, drawing the youth closer as though magnetized to Hwoarang's nearness.

"What do you need, Seung?" Jin asked softly, his eyes wincing closed as a flame shot up his spine…every nerve fiber tingling just beneath his skin.

"I need you to make these bad memories go away…take them from me…the only way we know how," the Blood Talon groaned, his lips brushing Jin's as he spoke…sienna eyes transforming as they held the dark heat of his lover's.

A circle of fire transposed over the already tepid sienna that greeted him and Jin felt his breath hitch past his lips. Something dark stirred inside of Hwoarang…

//Our mate…is reaching for us…yours in flesh and mine in spirit…//

Both are mine. And only mine. Jin's eyes rolled back as a heavy breath passed his lips. With every last effort he spoke inwardly to the demon before he banished the unholy voice to a place he could no longer hear it. As the Japanese youth's gaze refocused, there now was only the slow, visible transformation inside of the Korean's eyes…and his own flashed like mercury in response…a trigger for his own darkness…

"Through pain?" Jin half gasped as the beacon of his lover's eyes began to glow like liquid fire…the mark of his mate…the mark of the Devil Gene now affixed to the Korean's soul. "Is that what you desire, Seung? Pain and control?"

"I don't want the nightmares to hurt anymore, Jin…replace them…take them from my eyes…and drown me in your blood…and your agony. I want to be worthy of them…again." Hwoarang moaned, tilting his head to the side with feigning coy gentility.

"Tell me what it is you want of me, Seung." Jin rasped for breath, his body shivering as he felt his lover tense in his arms. "Now is not the time to play coy with me…" The words came as a hiss…a breath of sound forced to pass between elongating canine teeth. Hwoarang's display of demonic infection was forcing a near transformation in the Japanese youth.

"Hurt me, Jin….fuck me and hurt me…" Hwoarang felt his lips shiver as the gleaming white tips of Jin's teeth fell into view…matching the glint of eyes so mercury they were nearly opaque. The fire of the Korean's inner darkness heralded like a beacon from the enflamed kindling of glowing red eyes…his body quivering as his lover took on a nearly demonic aura…

Jin scented the air, suddenly rife with the Korean's musk…the aroma mingling with his own hardened desire. Complimentary pheromones raged in a dance between them, mingling and mating in the scant air as the Japanese youth's shoulders began to ache…

"Have you been unworthy?" Jin hissed as the scent of the Korean's blood and lust overflowed his senses.

"Yes…but never to your spirit…" Hwoarang hissed and spoke his truth. For his infidelity, the name he cried out in the dark…the vision of his fantasy in the middle of the most unspeakable acts had always been, and could only be, Jin.

The Blood Talon's newly heightened demonic sight watched the tribal ink spread down along Jin's face…making his lover's eyes glow like watery beacons of enticing evil between freshly inked tattoos of demonic nature. The Korean could smell the feathers ready to burst through his lovers shoulders…tinged in darkness so deep it held an aura all its own. He wanted them…like vengeance…to wrap around his body and absolve his sins…his scars.

Jin grasped a heavy hold of the Blood Talon's neck, forcing the glowing fire eyes of his lover to turn heavenward with sensual agony, licking a beacon of fire through the darkness of the room. So the devil within had been correct, his lover had been unfaithful. "Beg forgiveness."

"Jin-kun…..Ahhh…forgive…." the Korean hissed as Jin's fingers pressed his throat upward In desperate anxiety. The Blood Talon lifted his chin higher, drawing himself up on tip toes to alleviate the pressure as he both melded into and sought relief from, his lover's heated grip.

"You are not begging enough," Jin hissed, the hold on Hwoarang's swan like neck tightening as he forced the Korean from his comfort and flipped the youth around…pressing the Blood Talon face first into the wall.

The Japanese let his grip slide to the back of Hwoarang's neck, beneath wet copper tendrils as his free hand reached around the front of his lover's body…unbuttoning damp jeans as he forced them downward to rest along the youths thighs. "Spread yourself open to me…and let me judge the extent of your crimes…"

"Fuck…Jin…" Hwoarang hissed, his cheek pressed to the cold flat of the white wall as his lover exposed his lower body, "…you're making me hot…"

The half transformed youth pressed his naked torso against the Korean's back, his breath hot and heavy as it drifted along his lover's cheek. Possession dripped from his aura as his lips pulled back, revealing the full sharpness of elongated canines. The ache in his shoulders was slowly becoming unbearable….and he could feel his heat stir against Hwoarang's naked backside, forcing his thick shaft to twitch against such feral closeness. With a sudden push backward, Jin stood panting…steps away from his lover's pleading body. "Get on the bed…I want you on your back…not facing away from me…"

Shaking, the Blood Talon turned around, pressing his back to the wall to cool the dull ache that was starting to build at his shoulders. Heavy breath passed his lips as glowing eyes beheld the transformations on Jin's skin…reaching up into the opaqueness of his lover's gaze. The sight was breathtaking…and Hwoarang licked his lips in wanton anticipation. Jin had never looked so feral, so wanton, and yet so completely in control. Even through the heaving of such a massive chest… The darkness that surrounded the Japanese youth's body…was captivating.

Jin closed in, even as the Korean youth began to move, stripping out of his damp jeans with every motion until he stood with his knees braced to the mattress…hard length eager and dripping white pearls of desire from the thick tip. With a single look from Jin, Hwoarang pressed himself down on the bed, spreading his thighs as he watched his lover approach, tearing away restraining wet fabric in the process.

"Prepare yourself for me," Jin hissed as he drew over to the bed, bracing his hands on the Korean's bent knees…his gaze captivated by the haunting fire in his mates eyes. So beautiful, so eager…so demonic.

With a shaking breath, Hwoarang lifted his fingers…reaching below his spread thighs to push the digits against his hot cleft…letting the tip breech the guarding ring as he writhed before the glittering nearly opaque eyes of his lover. "Fuck, Jin…like this…?" The Korean spread his thighs further to showcase the visual, eliciting a heavy breath from his lover.

"Exactly like that…" Jin groaned as he drew onto the bed with one knee knelt between his lover's legs. The sight of Hwoarang was nearly too much to bear and it raised his dark energy to see his lover so hard, so eager…so willing to fuck himself just to get a taste of Jin….just to please the Japanese. "The one that had you last…make you this eager for pain, Seung?"

How did Jin know? "No…" Hwoarang groaned and it was truth. No one could bring him to this pitch…and he slid his finger deeper into the velvet of his core, as far as he could reach. The Korean writhed on the bed, eyes closing as Jin studied him with an almost icy glare.

"If I find you have ever…from this day forward…taken any into your body again…I will rip you to shreds with my own hands…do you hear me, Seung." The omission was almost too much and it raised Jin's possessive aura even higher to think his lover…his mate…sought pain...lust…release from another body. It made no matter the Korean had thought him dead…what belonged to him…was his alone to enjoy.

Hwoarang felt his body skip a heartbeat as he moaned, spreading himself open further…nothing could ever feel like Jin…and nothing ever would again…from this moment forth. "Please…"

Jin leaned down, grasping Hwoarang's hand from pleasuring his core…and drew it to his lips…scenting, tasting that hot musk that awaited him. If there had been no omission, the Japanese could still have scented the infidelity in the taste of his lover's musk…but all of this was about to be cleansed…for eternity. Licking the tainted fingers of the Blood Talon's pleasure, Jin half lowered his eyes and moaned. The taste of his mate was like water to a thirsting throat.

"This is…your last absolution," Jin hissed as he grasped the Korean's deadly legs and dragged them over his shoulders…pressing his body in against Hwoarang's. With a free hand, the Japanese youth took hold of his heavy length and pressed the throbbing tip between the Korean's spread cleft.

"Do not move your eyes from mine, Seung…" Jin exposed his teeth as he spoke, drinking in the feral motion of his lover beneath him as he thrust deep…to the very hilt inside of Hwoarang's body…feeling his lover split open beneath his control. "Bleed for me…"

Hwoarang cried out but kept the fire of his demonic eyes to Jin's… "Fuck!" he screamed out as his body responded violently…rocking up till his forehead met the half transformed Japanese's own…never taking his eyes from the icy mercury of Jin's. "Oh god…Jin…hurts…"

Jin breathed out heavily as he felt the spasms milk around his length, his hands falling on either side of his lover's head as the Koreans lower body was half lifted up in the motion. "You are mine to hurt…mine to destroy…my mate… "

"Jin…" Hwoarang breathed out with shaking lungs, quivering as the pain wrote itself beneath his skin and into the dark of his very soul. "Baby…please…" Pain. You recall it. Lee Chaolan….how he hurt you, humiliated you…made you renounce your lover….

The red fire of the Korean's demonic eyes flickered as Jin drank in his lover's shaking breath. "Please?"

"Hurt me…more…" His lover's stillness inside of him was agony…but he wanted, needed more. "Fuck me…I need you…Jin…please…"

"If it is pain you want...then it is pain you will receive," Jin groaned, withdrawing his forehead from Hwoarang's…though his eyes kept still on the fire that met his icy glare. He moved inside of the Korean's body…thrusting with brutality…punishment…absolution…until he could feel his lover's muscles scream at the dark onslaught. The Blood Talon's core was the gate of heaven itself…eager and tight…

He isn't Chaolan…he is my maker…the only one I have ever loved…and the only one I will. No renouncing…would ever change that. Hwoarang felt Jin push deeper inside of him…thrusting like a thirsty blade into eager skin. The brush of his lover's swollen crown against his prostate made the Korean scream…and every scream released the scent of blood from his core. "Break me…" he begged as shaking hands rose up to Jin's sweating shoulders in an almost intimate way.

Jin complied eagerly, pushing into his lover's body with a wanton taste for destruction…eager to drink from Hwoarang's pain….every sensation was mind shattering…drawing out the darkness inside of the Japanese youth's soul. "Seung…take me…all of me. "

"FUCK!" the Korean youth screamed as Jin pistoned harder into his body, making his nerves flash like white lightning as searing agony bent into his skin. He writhed away from and yet into the feeling…overcome as his screams went soundless….drawn back into his body.

"You…are my…mate!" Jin let free a heavy gasp, losing himself in his lover's skin. "Say it….fuck, Seung…say it!" Glowing white eyes held the fire beneath him as beads of sweat dripped from the Japanese youth's skin like rain onto the Blood Talon's own.

Hwoarang writhed heavier, feeling all the heat of his body, the dark power lurking within his spirit, pooling into one place. He was so close to release…so fucking close…and Jin was slowing down… "Jin!"

"Say it…" The Japanese youth stilled himself, nearly rolling his eyes as the smell of lust and blood filled his senses. "…And mean it….I will hold you here all night…until I believe you."

Breathless words filled the Korean youth's ears as Jin bled sweat onto his skin. Trapped between grinding bodies, Hwoarang felt his length burn with the need to release… "Your mate….fuck, Jin…I am yours…in body and in soul…your demon…your creation…your fucking mate…"

Jin leaned down and took Hwoarang's mouth with savage desire…his tongue snaking through the slick muscle of the Korean's as sweating, heaving chests pressed together…once more trapping his lover's throbbing length between them.

Drawing up suddenly, Jin withdrew his upper body from the Blood Talon's…kneeling completely now as one hand grasped Hwoarang's aching length. "Cum for me…Seung…"

Jin thrust violently, his hand overtaking a motion to match his rhythm in the Korean's and pulling on the heavy, hot shaft as he pressed intense pain into Hwoarang's skin. The Blood Talon writhed…grasping at the comforter below him and twisting the material in time to his screams of pure bliss, pure agony… "I'm cuming…fuck Jin…"

"My mate…" the Japanese cried out, his body arching deep into his lover's core…till the hot, wet sound of slapping skin became the mantra beneath panting breaths.

"Fuck!" Hwoarang cried out as his lover's tight grip stroked him…heavy length splitting him in two. With a final arch of his back, the Korean youth released…heavy bands of seed spreading like a geyser over his lover's torso…falling like rain on his own skin.

"Seung!" Jin breathed back, his hand still stroking his lover's sensitive flesh…he thrust in more viciously, tasting blood and lust mingle with release like a spring shower…his shaft ached as tight milking sensations wrapped around him…taking him over the edge.

Jin held his breath as he stilled, ribbons of lust jetting in spurts into Hwoarang's core…claiming the space as his own…Seung's soul…was his now…and for all time…in life or in death…

Gasping, Hwoarang reached his hand up against Jin's sweating face. "My mate…"

Jin watched the dim fire flicker out in Hwoarang's eyes, unable to catch his breath as he leaned into the Korean's hand and placed a soft kiss to the finger closest to his mouth. He could feel his own half transformations recede. "My mate…"

(Chapter Break)

Chang leaned against the rental car, his cane pressed into the curve of his fingers as he searched the departing passengers scurrying from Narita airport in Uptown Tokyo to awaiting taxis, or the arms of loved ones.

The Korean airway flight carrying Baek Do San had landed moments ago…and now, the wait through customs and baggage was excruciating. Reaching down into the pocket of his jeans, Chang withdrew his cell-phone. Nearly noon. And still no message icon from Hwoarang.

"Shiba!" (fuck), Chang hissed in native tongue, glancing up to see if the shape of Do San had entered his space yet. Nothing. And nothing from Hwoarang. His blood brother was starting to really worry him. After dropping the bomb on the devil gene and the youth's infection, Chang had done nothing but pray for a solution…and for Seung's salvation. How the hell was he going to explain the Gang leader's disappearance to Baek? Why did Hwoarang not return one of the fifty phone calls and text messages Chang had left him? What was the point of having a cell phone if the Blood Talon never answered the damn thing.

Chang really wished he had not quit smoking. If just for the calming effect on his nerves. Ever since Kazama Jin came into his blood brother's life, there had been nothing but strife…nothing but one disaster after the next. How many more lives would have to be claimed before this curse…or as Seung saw it, this gift, finally wore out its welcome.

Tipping his head back, Chang exhaled warm, heavy air. The rains were coming, he could feel it in his tortured, half paralyzed limb, even if there was not a single cloud in the sky to contrast the rich blue hue of Japanese daylight.

"Chang!" came the voice that brought the Korean youth back to himself. A broad smile fell over his lips as the cheerful image of Baek Do San greeted his eyes at last. It had been a long while since he had looked on the Tae Kwon Do Master…and time had finally caught up to the youthfulness Chang recalled from earlier days.

"Welcome to Japan." The youth smiled, parting his arms for the embrace the elder grasped him into. "How was the flight?"

Do San pulled back, giving Chang the once over and breathing deep when his eyes held the cane the youth gripped in his hand. The boy was too young for such a life long infirmary…and still, Do San knew little about the exact situation that created it.

Clearing his throat, and his thoughts, Baek adjusted the strap of the bag that hung from his muscular shoulder. "The flight was longer than I recall. But then, it has been many years since last I have visited the Land of the Rising Sun. I would have been earlier but I needed to convert currency. What a shock how the Won has dropped against the Yen. I was forced to exchange more money than I anticipated. It was a good thing I withdrew extra, just in case."

"There is an ATM at the hotel. Do you want to go there first, or do you want something to eat?" Chang drew himself off of the rented car and leaned heavily on the cane to adjust the distance from street to curb.

"I should check in first and register for the tournament." Do San prepared to open the door to the vehicle as Chang moved around him, flipping the keys from his pocket along his fingers. "I nearly forgot…how the Japanese drive on this side of the road. I suppose it is a good thing you are behind the wheel…"

Chang laughed as Do San moved off of the curb and around to the left side of the vehicle. "It took me some time to get used to it as well. I prefer the opposite of how they do it here. But then, I suppose it's cultural."

As Chang situated himself in the vehicle, Baek clipped his seat belt and leaned back into the lumbar supports. Nearly 4hrs of sitting stationary in the uncomfortable space provided during the flight had taken its toll on the Martial Arts Master. He was beginning to feel his age.

"So, where is Seung?" Do San asked as Chang turned the ignition, roaring the rental car to life. "Did you not tell him I was coming?"

"To be honest, Baek…I really don't know where Seung is. But I am sure he will turn up later, he always does." Chang tried to feign a smile and make light of the situation but the worry was still something he could not manage to cloak. And the fact he could not meet Do San's questioning gaze said a world without using a single word.

"When did you see him last?" Baek said, that fatherly tone creeping up in his voice. Do San let his eyes drift to the road as Chang pulled out of the space previously occupied in front of the Narita International Airport.

"Um, it was last night. At his place. I told him you were coming in the morning but I know he had some things to take care of." The youth studied the line of traffic in front of him and let free a heavy sigh.

"Then that is where we will go, after I settle in," Baek said in a tone that told Chang his word was final. It was time, in the Master's mind, to unravel the mystery Seung had become since their reuniting months before. Something was very wrong with the Tae Kwon Do prodigy and although Hwoarang had often been a fiery mystery in their long years of near family ties, it was time to shed light on the enigma.

"Yes, sir," Chang responded as he drew his finger to his lips, parting the gateway to dig enamel into the already tortured nail. Seung…please be anywhere…but home.

(Chapter Break)

Hwoarang dipped his face into the hot font of pulsing water, using his hands to rub the liquid into his skin and wash away the primal delight of the reuniting with his mate. The youth breathed in the steam, exhaling the vapor like smoke as he let his back melt to the wet tile wall.

"Baby…you coming?" his half cracked voice, still sore from the screams of earlier delight, called out just as Jin opened the door to the steam laden bathroom.

"As though I would miss the opportunity." The Japanese youth licked his lips as Hwoarang opened the door to the glass shower for him. The sight of that muscular, naked body glittering with steam and water was an instant intoxicant. The Blood Talon's musk lingered beneath the scent of soap…reaching out like grasping fingers to Jin's sensibilities.

"Don't want the water to get cold…so get your ass in here," the Korean hissed as Jin looked up and made his way to the shower. As the Japanese stepped in, Hwoarang moved the nozzle, giving his lover a wealth of hot water to unprepared flesh.

"Do you always shower...this hot?" Jin shielded his skin from the searing pressure as his eyes beheld his lover's, half in disbelief.

"Military training," the Korean hissed with a half cocked smile as his body drew like a magnet against his lover's skin. Raising his hands slowly, Hwoarang let them draw hot water along the Japanese youth's skin…licking his lips slowly.

"It has served you well." Jin smiled and drew the Korean in against his wet skin. The sensation was intense…dark…and completely perfect. Slowly, the Japanese lifted his lips against his lover's damp neck, letting himself drown for that moment in the sensation of drenched copper tendrils.

Hwoarang moaned as Jin's lips moved against his neck, arms draping beneath the Japanese youth's back to draw him closer. Nothing could ever feel the way his lover could, pressed to his body in such a perfect way.

"I am hungry, Seung…" Jin purred as his tongue laved along the wet flesh of his lover's neck. "For so long I have wished to drink your blood…" The words were sharp and hotter than the font of water that spread between pressed bodies. Jin's eyes turned upwards to meet his lover's…gaze flashing silver…even as canine teeth began to elongate…

"Fuck, you're making me hungry," the Korean youth's eyes flashed into a halo of fire, matching the silver magnificence of Jin's altered gaze. A dull ache built in his mouth as back teeth ground together with a sudden and exquisite pain... "Drink from me, Jin…" he purred as the tip of his tongue slithered along the anomaly of sharpening, elongating teeth.

"Seung…you bring out the devil in me," the Japanese hissed as he slid his lips against Hwoarang's neck.

The Korean youth shivered…panting for breath as Jin violently tore into his lover's flesh…breaking it open till he could feel the hot red font pulsing in his throat.

"Fuck, Jin…I feel you…in me." Seung pressed Jin back against the shower wall, driving his neck into the bite of his lover's teeth…even as his own bared with a hiss. "I need you…"

(Chapter Break)

"The door is open," Baek Do San said with a sharp glance back to Chang, who struggled with the remaining few steps on the five flight ascension to Hwoarang's apartment. The Tae Kwon Do Master let his fingers drape along the keys still in the lock. The captured ring held the icon of the South Korean flag. "They are Hwoarang's."

Chang gasped for breath as he made the last step up to the landing. He had tried desperately to keep Do San busy…even to the point of pretending to be lost as they drove. Baek recalled the streets enough, even after 22 years, to realize where they had made a wrong turn to end up in the downtown districts. In his youth long ago he had roamed these streets with Lei Wulong and Jun Kazama as company. They paused for hours at local establishments to discuss the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2.

Eventually, however, Baek was taken to the hotel and the two found a spot to lunch.

What would have been considered yet another forgivable blunder strained Baek's last store of patience… locating Hwoarang's apartment in the midst of a rain storm had been a chore and Do San had simply had enough when he realized Chang was stalling. Now, it was left for Chang to wonder…if delaying Do Sans' arrival had been worth it…if his Blood Brother was in trouble.

"I hear something." Baek stood straight, pushing the door open with the tips of his fingers to minimize the sound of his approach. There was a sound of agony…the groans of brutality…and it echoed from what Do San could see as the back area of the apartment.

"Baek, wait…" Chang could hear the vocalization.

"Stay here," Baek commanded and turned, his attention focused on stilling the sound of his movements. He made his way slowly down the narrow hallway leading into the living room, as Chang slid into the doorway, watching his Master make headway with silent stealth.

The sounds grew nearer as Baek peered inside the bedroom, the grey light of the rainy afternoon blotted out by heavy dark curtains. Hwoarang was never one to enjoy sunlight, especially at the odd hours of sleep the prodigy kept.

Stepping into the bedroom, Do San slid his back against the armoire, trying to keep as still as possible. The echo of agonized groans beneath a heavy spray of water assailed his ears, filling the Master with a raising sense of panic. What could make Seung so careless as to leave his door unguarded? What could be happening in the bathroom…the source of the strongest noises….to render the youth so uncharacteristically unvigilant to his surroundings? Was the youth in pain? Injured? Near dead and unable to speak?

Unable to stand quiet for another moment, Baek Do San dashed in, his shoulder brushing against the bathroom door…