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a/n: set mid to late season 7

Mulder, Scully and the case of the Greene–Eyed Monster

I don't know why I did it really, I clearly wasn't thinking. Actually, that's a lie, I do know why I did it, it's just now I wish I hadn't, I blame the Washington Post and my friend Alison. And myself I suppose, partly. Perhaps I should back up here and explain how this all started.

It began in fact a couple of months ago with a cancer scare. Fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm but the shock was enough for me to stop and take a stock of my life. I came to the stark realisation that though I had achieved a great deal professionally, my personal and social life left a lot to be desired, to the extent that were you to take away my work, I would have nothing in my life. It was during this time that an old university friend of mine, Alison, phoned and invited me out to stay with her for a month or so, as a form of holiday. Her husband, a diplomat with the FCO was currently based in the British Embassy in Washington D.C, and I accepted the offer, glad to escape from London for a bit. At this stage I would like to point out that the fact that Fox Mulder would be in Washington did not even cross my mind. I knew he still worked for the FBI, GCHQ passed along stories about the X-Files to MI6 and Scotland yard (in addition to the usual terrorist information of course)as a method of light relief, but at the time the geographical coincidence didn't even occur to me.

I had been in Washington a full 3 weeks before I was reminded of him. I was lounging on Alison's sofa one morning reading the newspaper, when my eyes caught a bottom of the page article about the FBI, and how a recent film 'The Lazarus Bowl' had flopped, which was a great relief to them as it was not deemed to be an accurate representation of the workings of the Federal Government. "The principal characters " read the article "were an amalgamation based on real life Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully…".

It was then that the idea of getting reacquainted with Fox Mulder entered my head. Here I was in the self same city as the same man with whom I'd had my most serious long term relationship to date, and even that was nearing 20 years ago! Ok, so the last time we met investigating the case about the pyromaniac, things were a bit strained, but I'd like to blame that on the stressful circumstances. I have nothing but good memories about our time back in Oxford, Mulder running naked around Jesus' College Quad after loosing a bet, being chased by a porter telling him to 'keep off the grass', a steamy session in the toilets in the Bodlian library, him dragging himself out of the river after falling from a Punt, his shirt sticking to his body….but I digress. Anyway, I decided that perhaps I should pay him a visit, but thought I would run it by Alison first. "Fox Mulder? Ah yes, all the 'Hilda – beasts' used to worship him as some form of sex god". So there you have it, far from talking some sense into me, my conversation with Alison left me more convinced than ever that Mulder was what was missing in my life, the key to achieving some kind of completion etc….

That is why 3 days later I could be found in an elevator in the Hoover building heading toward the basement, a shiny vistors badge pinned to the lapel of my jacket. Although my exterior showed me to be cool calm and collected, I was actually a bundle of nerves when the elevator stopped 2 floors bellow ground level. I walked along the corridor, hoping that he would be in his office after all this, and fortunately I wasn't disappointed.

"Scully, did you get those autopsy reports?" he calls out as he hears the tap tap of heals along the tiled floor. He is lounged back in his chair, his feet resting on the desk, eyes perusing a sheet of paper so intensively that he doesn't even look up as I enter.

"I wouldn't know" I reply in my best seductive manor

He glances up, realises exactly who is standing in front of him, and hastens to sit up, in doing so almost falling off his chair, which in itself is quite amusing.

"P Pheobe?" he asks needlessly "what are you doing here?"

"Can't a girl come visit an old friend?" I purr, gliding toward the desk and sitting uninvited in the empty chair opposite his.

"Not when that girl is you" he replies neutrally.

"come now, Fox, here I am having come all this way to see you, you could at least be polite. My only agenda here is to catch up, perhaps have lunch…?"

His ears prick up at the sound of the 'ping' of the elevator "that will be Scully with the autopsy reports' he says, avoiding answering my question "Do you remember Scully?

Do I remember his partner? The short dumpy little redhead who had a propensity for wearing an array of overly large ill fitting suits in colours that did not match her skin tone? An image of a baby faced woman with freckles and a very unflattering hair cut enters my mind. "Yes" I reply " I remember Scully"

"Mulder" Scully's voice enters the room before she does "Skinner said…."

She grinds to a halt in the doorframe when she realises that they have company, an ill concealed look of shock on her face.

I turn my head to say hello, and find that I am in for a shock myself. The woman stood before me is wearing a black tailored suit, quite possibly last season DKNY, with a blue blouse. The skirt stops just above her knee, the jacket fits perfectly and the 3.5 inch healed black shoes not only serve to elongate her legs but also bring her almost level with me in the height stakes. The hair is still bobbed, but it is longer and straighter, and the bangs have gone, along with the 'puppy fat', as if she has finally grown into her features.

Interesting, I thought, very interesting.

"Agent Scully" I say, extending a hand " how nice to see you.."




FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office –equivalent sort of to US state department (I think)

GCHQ Government Communication Head Quarters – place where intelligence reports are decoded/translated/pieced together.

'Hilda Beasts' – nick names for students at St Hilda's (All girls) College, Oxford