Wedding Dress for Sale.

At 15 she hadn't thought anything of it.

When they had first started dating, Michael had been painfully shy but she had helped open him up. So, it really hadn't been all that surprising when he left for girls that he had been too afraid to talk to before.

At 17 she had thought that perhaps it was just bad luck.

None of her relationships up to that point had lasted very long, but Daren had seemed different. He had been understanding, supportive even, of her love for fantasy. They had completed each other so well that she had felt more alive with him than any boy she had previously known. In their six months together he had given her such high hopes.

Daren broke off their relationship on Valentines Day, claiming that he felt the insatiable need to join the military.

At 20 she began to wonder if maybe it was her.

She had met Josh in the library while studying mythology, and they had hit it off right away. They had been real sweet on each other, acting like grade school crushes: holding hands and kissing when no one was looking. She had been delighted to find out that he was a History major; finally, someone she could talk to about legends and folklore without getting strange looks!

They had been going steady for about a year before he began to avoid her. When she finally managed to corner him and ask what was wrong, all he said was that they really couldn't be together anymore.

At 22 she was beginning to think she was cursed.

David, sweet-lovely-caring David, had proposed. She couldn't have been happier. Their relationship wasn't perfect, but they had never had a no-hold-barred argument, and, to be honest, he was the first man who hadn't run screaming at the sight of her after a year.

The wedding was to be a small affair, family and close friends only. She had wanted to have it in October, but David had flat-out refused, saying that it would be bad luck to have it so close to Halloween. They eventually settled on a date in September instead, which was close enough to autumn to make her happy and far enough from The Feast of the Dead to relax him.

For a while everything was perfect, but as the wedding drew closer David began to loose sleep and was becoming increasingly twitchy in her presence. She had assumed it was only passing nerves, but…

Three days before the big event she got a call from him saying that they had to call the whole thing off because he was on his way to Tibet in order to study the Buddhist Monks.

At 23 she knew something was wrong.

Michael, Daren, Josh, and David had all made the local gossip circles for being committed to the city psychiatric ward.

At 24 Sarah Williams vanished. The only thing left in her apartment was a white dress and a note.

'Wedding dress for sale. Size 6; never worn.'

A/N: There is a counterpoint on its way, but after that I'm not sure. This could remain as a short two part story, or I could continue it. Tell me what you think.

The note at the end was actually a classifieds ad that someone mentioned in class the other day. It just sort of got me thinking.

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