Warmth. The warmth spread throughout his body from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. His tan skin felt like he was wrapped in a soft silk cocoon and the heater was on. But he knew that wasn't it. The heat came from the inside and the soft felling against his skin was from the outside.

"Wake up," a quiet voice cooed in his ear. He shifted slightly pulling the covers over his head not wanting to greet the world.

"Wake Up!!!" The voice boomed and Naruto's eyes snapped open. A bright light shined in his eyes making him shield them with his arm. Naruto sat up in the bed and looked around the room. The grogginess melted away when he noticed he wasn't in his apartment.

"This is the room for a king," Naruto thought.

"Or a demon lord," Kyuubi commented from Naruto's mind.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"You were captured by female ninja's last night. Today you've awakened in a strange room that must belong to your captor, and today is the first day that you go into heat for me," Kyuubi chuckled.

"WHAT?!" Naruto jumped out of the bed and ran around looking for something reflective to look into. There was nothing in this room. The room walls were made of marble and the floors were hard wood. He spotted one window in the room. The window was made of stained glass that had every color of the rainbow and then some splattered across it in many different shapes and forms. The bed was a large canopy bed with sheets, blankets, pillows, canopy, and even the headboard was blood red. There were two doors in the room. One was a large double marble door and the other was an open golden colored wooden door that led to a bathroom.

Naruto rushed into the bathroom and took a quick look around. The bathroom had a large in ground bathtub that looked like it could fit at least ten people comfortably, a golden sink, a matching faucet, and a full length mirror. Naruto ran up to the mirror and gasped. He was in heat. Two tan-ish orange fox ears poked out of the top of his head and a fox tail the same color of his ears came out from behind him. His skin was warm and it would continue to get hotter and hotter to where he could barely stand it yet nothing would cool him down and he wouldn't sweat. For the next three days he would have a boner and be really horny. It had been going on twice a year since he was thirteen. At first he didn't know what was wrong with him so he asked Tsunade and she diagnosed he was in heat. At first he was dumbfounded because he though only girl animals went into heat and that's when Kyuubi spilled the beans that he was actually a she! For the last three years, twice a year he has gone to hell and back with no comfort. He hated it.

Naruto observed the physical changes for a few minutes before noticing his cloths had also been changed. His black and orange attire had been taken away and left with an open leather vest and a pair of baggy black pants that were way too big. They were so big that he could clearly see his pubic hair sticking out of the waist band they drooped down so far. Judging form his appearance he knew why he had been kidnapped. Someone wanted to make him their mate.

"Finally! I'll get some satisfaction!" Kyuubi roared.

"But I don't want to be anyone's mate!" Naruto whined.

"Stop whining. Unless they leave you marked after they fuck you then its just sex," Kyuubi said.

"What do you mean by mark?"

"If they bite you on the neck after they have sex with you then you're marked as their mate and you're bound to them, forever." Naruto was about to say something else when something in the mirror caught his attention. He could see that someone was standing in the doorway behind them. They had entered the room and gotten that close to him without him noticing…some ninja he was. Naruto spun around and came face to face with his captor…Itachi.