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Danny sighed and curled his arm under his head, his blue eyes resting upon the beautiful figure lying next to him on the grand bed, their head at the opposite end to his.

A smile and slight frown appeared simultaneously upon said figure's pale face, eyes staying closed.

"Danny, you're watching me sleep again, aren't you?"

Her tone was light and loving, trying hard to sound annoyed.

Danny grinned.

"I can't help it," he said, crawling across the bed and then flopping down beside her, his face mere inches away from her own.

She turned to face him, her eyelids lazily opening to reveal jewel-like irises, amethyst in colour, framed by raven lashes.

She smiled at him lovingly as she gazed into his azure eyes, filled with adoration.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered, trailing a hand down her cheek to her exposed neck as they drew closer together, eyes drinking in every detail of the other before fluttering closed like butterfly's wings, their lips meeting in soft, sweet embrace.

When they drew apart, hardly centimetres from each other, their eyes locked together in love as they held each other, they smiled softly.

True contentment and happiness; love and belonging; care and unbroken devotion; all were spoken through their shared smile.

A shared smile that soon drifted into another tender kiss, soft and gentle, as always it should be, and as always it would be.

As always it would be.


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