Gambit/Logan fanfiction based off the television series X-Men: Evolution. I know its slash, and based off a kids show, but if you don't like it, then don't read. Let me make that clear.

If you do like, go ahead, read and enjoy. And review please.

Title: Opposites Attract

Pairing: Gambit and Wolverine

Warning: Slash. (No Like, No Read)

Summary: Gambit and Logan start having an affair. Can it be more?

"It's not polite to stare." Gambit gazed lovingly up into Logan's chocolate eyes. Logan smiled, "It's a good thing I'm not polite then." Gambit's lips curved, just a small smile shot back. Gambit's head hesitantly reached up, his lips parting, and meeting with Logan's.

Logan held the kiss for a few minutes, pulling Gambit on top of him, their bare bodies tangling in each other. Gambit pulled away and laid his head quietly on Logan's chest, kissing the skin and hair that lay there. Logan's arm reached comfortingly around Gambit.


"No problem darlin'," Logan murmured, almost afraid to speak loudly and ruin the moment. Moments were precious between them. Gambit had his duties to Magneto, and the rest of the boys, and Logan, well; he had the X-Men. They'd spoken of running off together, since a romance between two men from separate worlds just wouldn't work, but simply meeting at the cheap motel seemed to do it.

"I should be getting back soon, Cheri," Gambit got out of bed and opened the curtains slightly, letting the morning light travel in. Logan didn't move, just shifted in bed and sighed, "I don't want you to leave."

"We can meet back tonight." Gambit leaned over and kissed him. Logan tried to fore long the kiss, but Gambit pulled back. "Tonight."

"The X-Men are probably sending out a search party," Logan groaned, getting out of bed. "Or they're going to go get me back from Magneto, or whoever they suppose has stolen me."

"Doesn't that Professor of yours read minds?" Gambit asked. "Yeah, Remy, what's your point?" Logan snapped. "Well," Gambit, only known as Remy by Logan, continued, "He could just locate ya through your mind."

"He's smart enough not to do that," Logan said, tugging on his jeans. When he glanced at Gambit, he was starring absently. "What the hell are ya lookin' at LeBeau?"

"I just never noticed how cute your ass was before…" Gambit answered. "Really?" Logan said, surprised, "You didn't notice last night?"

Gambit shrugged, as he finished getting dressed, "I was busy with…other things."

Logan chuckled, "That I remember. The rest is gone. I suppose that's because of how drunk we were?"

"Drunk you were," Gambit corrected, going to the door. "I'll, uh, go return the keys. Make sure you don't forget your stuff."

"Just me…" Logan said, leaning towards Gambit, so close that Gambit had to fall back against the door. "…And my clothes. But you disposed of those pretty quickly…"

Gambit grinned, "Damn things get in the way." Logan kissed Gambit passionately, slightly pushing against him. Gambit ran his hands through Logan's hair; Logan's hand slid up Gambit's bent leg.

"I gotta go," Gambit whispered. Logan nodded, "I know." Logan brought their lips once together once more. Both men had to stop themselves from returning to the bed that moment, and reluctantly, Gambit left. Logan yanked on his shirt and followed. He spotted Gambit at the bottom of the stairs.

"Bye," he said, swinging his head over the rail. "Au revoir, Cheri," Gambit said, before silently slipping into the shadows.