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"I see you've made yourself at home."

Gambit woke up, and froze.

Magneto was standing at the side of the bed, looking at him with a dark smile on his face. Logan was still asleep, for the moment. Gambit was only half-surprised to see Pyro, Colossus, and Sabertooth standing in the corner.

"What the hell are you doing here, un ane?" Gambit hissed, jumping out of bed, and forgetting he wasn't wearing anything at the moment. Magneto smiled even wider, "It'll be easier to break you. Men, take him outside, while I deal with Logan."

Gambit was dragged outside, despite his struggled and screams, which at least woke Logan.

"You're causing a few problems," Magneto said calmly, lifting Logan with his mind. He took no notice to Logan's bare body either, just flung him at the wall.

"This thing you two have going on, is over," Magneto announced.

Rogue got a call from Logan, saying they took Gambit away again. So the two X-Men met up and went to the big run-down building they were sure to be at. They entered, ready for a fight. Magneto greeted them, but Rogue told Logan to go- find Gambit- and leave her there. Logan obeyed and she was left, with Magneto.

The wall crumbled, as Magneto used his magnetic forces to lift it, just above Rogue's head. He let it go, but she dropped to the ground, and rolled out of the way. Another piece came flying towards her, but she jumped and dropped. Magneto, now sensing her game, lifted one more piece. He dropped it, then caught it swinging it over and dropped it, but Rogue was smarter then him, she didn't move at all.

"You're a loser," she announced to the room, "and I've got bigger fish to fry." She said, referring to the rest of the guys probably furiously beating up Logan and Gambit in another room. Rogue raced to the light switch and flipped it, automatically ripping the cover off and shoving her fingers inside, so it couldn't turn back on.

Magneto looked around for a second, then disappeared into she shadows, just as she did. She crept through the building, unsure of where the big metal mouth had gone to. Magneto levitated just behind her and was about to kill her, but she turned, reached up, and touched his face.

Magneto screamed, but Rogue held her position. He was soon on the floor, unconscious and she took his helmet, just in case. She ran through the house, in search of her other friends. She reached a big room, which was probably once a ballroom or large dining room, and found both Logan and Gambit basically dead.

"I see you guys started the party without me," she remarked. Logan was lying on the ground, unconscious as Sabertooth and Colossus proceeded to beat him. Pyro was a few feet away, seriously burning Gambit, who was holding on with every bone in his body.

Rogue saw she had to be quick. She leapt towards Sabertooth first, immediately dropping to the ground as his fists swung; she slung out her leg and knocked him down. Then she touched him, gaining his strength and abilities, and knocking him out.

"Ugly number two, taken care of," she said, before she lunged at Colossus. Colossus seemed surprised when she touched him, as if he didn't know her power.

"You losers suck at fighting- whatdaya do all day? Play with your dollhouses?"

Rogue turned to Pyro, but before she could jump, a streak of fire shot towards her.

"No!" a horse voice screamed, as a body flew in front of her. She watched as Logan crashed to the floor. But then, she took that moment, in which Pyro was distracted by the Wolverine's fall, and she jumped, grabbing harshly onto Pyro's body and touching the first skin she saw, which happened to be his neck. She absorbed his powers and then dropped him.

Logan automatically ran to Gambit, when he gained consciousness again, but was stopped, but Magneto. Magneto tugged Logan towards him, using all the metal in his body. Rogue started to levitate and get brought towards the evil mutant too, and it dawned on her that the helmet may have had metal in it, and that may have been planned.

"You two suck at fighting, what do you do all day?" Magneto chuckled, "Play with your dollhouses?"

"Nah, that's you!" A French voice snapped furiously. Magneto spun around, but it was too late. Almost six decks worth of cards were flying towards him. He dodged best he could, but in the end, his best wasn't enough. He fell down, dead.

Logan ran to Gambit, who instantly fell into the older man's arms, unable to stand any longer.

"Gambit?" Logan questioned, but the younger man didn't answer. Logan shook him. "Gambit," He called over and over again. He started to cry.

"I need a way Rogue, to heal him, get my powers to him, please!"

Rogue sighed, "He can't touch anybody but you right?" she asked, "He can only touch you cause you heal fast?"

"Correct," Logan mumbled. Rogue nodded, "Ok, let me try," she grabbed onto Logan and absorbed just enough power to heal. Then, she reached over and touched Gambit.

"Two people who can't touch, this sure will be interesting," she said, before she did it. Then she did.

She could feel the power shooting through her; it drained her from every aspect. Gambit's face flushed a more suitable color, then the pale from before. She pushed hard on her powers, trying to get them to go, to heal him, and they were obviously working.

She could tell when he was almost better, but at that point, she was not. She waited until he opened his eyes again; then, she let go, fell down, and died.

Logan woke up, stunned to see Gambit awake, then heartbroken, to see Rogue lying motionless on the floor.

"What did she…?" he broke off, crying. Gambit sighed, "She saved me."

Logan put his head to her heart, hearing no response. He tried to touch her, and bring her back, but her cold lifeless body just stayed. He cried harder, wishing he could bring her back with his tears.

Gambit held onto him, comforting him, as they both cried for the girl, the one who's never been touched, but who died, for love. Not her own, but someone else's. And when there were no more tears to cry, they lifted her and left.