Summary : The Marvel worlds darkest hour is at hand, as humanity's most frightening threat comes violently. When the battle between good and evil begins the worlds heroes must join forces to stop evil at any cost. Who will win ?

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Part One chapter one : Doom's plan

" I belive you want to know why I have aked you to join me ? " Von Doom said, as he walked around. The room was dim,the walls and floors were made of stone that made his foot steps echo.

" I Belive we would ." A man proclaimed shortly.

Victor smirked as he sat at the head of the table.

" The Fantastic Four, The X-men, Hulk, Captin America,Spider-man, Elektra, Daredevil, and so many more Heroes. I Belive they have stopped our plans one to many times ! I suggest We work toghter to terminate our little pest problem." Doom said

A smile spread across the faces od the men and women at the table.

" We take out the Heroes one by one , starting with Hulk." Doom said.

The Villins sheered and clapped, clearly impressed with his plans.

" Magneto,Venom, Bullseye,and Pyro, Go build your teams and three of you take out Hulk! As for the remainder of you , Have some fun with our dear old Captin America. Annihilate them !" Doom declaired triumphantly.