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Bella…, Bella…, wake up now.

With a groan, Bella stirred and flopped over onto her other side. To her surprise, her movement was stopped as she ran into a wall.

She cracked open one eye, and found herself staring at something black. Specifically, a shirt. She looked up and met twinkling golden eyes.

"Good morning, Edward." Bella said, her voice a bit dry from sleep.

A quiet chuckle reached her ears after she closed her eye again.

"Good morning to you Bella." He replied. "Do you know what day it is?"

"Er, Wednesday?"

Edward snorted. "Yes, it is Wednesday, but that's not what I meant. It's February 14 today."

"Cool, thanks for telling me." She replied as she tried to block out the sunlight with her hand.

The vampire reached over and jerked the curtains closed.

"It's also known as Valentine's Day."

"That's nice Edward." She murmured sleepily. After a second though… "Wait! It's Valentine's Day?!"

"Yes." He replied patiently.

"I hate Valentine's Day." She growled.

He blinked. "Why would you hate it?"

"Because. I just do. Everyone makes such a fuss out of a stupid holiday. It's not even big enough for us to get out of school."

"No, but the snow storm last night made sure that we were stuck at home all day." He said with a smile.

This got a bigger response. "Is Charlie home? Is he okay?" she called as she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Yes, Charlie is fine. He called last night, just after you went to bed, to say that he stayed out with Billy after their fishing trip, and that he'd be out all day ice fishing."

"Ice fishing, huh? So we've got the whole day to ourselves?" Bella asked, smiling now also.

"Of course. But you have to come over later. Alice is busy setting up the house."

"What? Why? It's not my birthday or anything… Oh. Valentine's Day. Right. Is there any chance that I could just stay here? I mean, hearts and mushy junk aren't really my thing right now." She asked.

A mischievous glint came into his eyes.

"Is that so? You are immune to 'hearts and mushy junk?" Edwards sat up and gently lifted Bella up too. He placed her carefully on his lap.

"Now," he said. He placed one hand against her cheek, and the other one traced circles on the back of her hand. "What were you saying?"

"Um… I … I don't like… Valentine's Day." She replied, trying not to look in his eyes, because if she did, she would lose and do whatever he wanted.

He leaned a bit closer and started outlining her face; the pretty eyes, high cheekbones….

"Hm…" was all he said.

"Valentine's Day, is, um…. I don't lik-… um…" she stuttered.

The vampire leaned over more and kissed her cheek. Her heartbeat got even faster, and her face grew redder by the second. She could smell him from this distance. Finally, she looked into his warm, golden eyes, and knew she had lost.

"Fine Edward. I'll go to your house for Valentine's Day later." She sighed, before she tore herself away from his gaze.

"Human minute first, though."

Edward reluctantly released her, and she got stiffly up, grabbing her bag and walking to the bathroom. He heard the clunk as she stubbed her toe not watching where she was going. Her muttered growl assured him that it wasn't bad enough for him to go over.

He smiled to himself, wondering how he got to be so lucky, to have such a beautiful girl like Bella for Valentine's Day.

((A//N: Yes, I'm aware that this was kinda whimpy, but I forgot I wrote it, and I just realized it was Valentine's Day today, so I'm posting it. And no one can stop me! Well, obviously, cause you're reading this…)