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"Are we there yet?" Lacus asked. It is Feb 14th valentines day and lacus was in a hurry to get to the yearly pink princess contest. "I'm sure well be there soon." said Kira. "Your right" said lacus "but, I'm so excited hey lets sing a song." While lacus was singing Kira looked at Athrun. "is it just me or was Mu and Andrew acting differently today? I mean they haven't tried to kill each other yet, That usually happens first thing in the morning when there fighting for coffee but, today nothing." Athrun looked at the road as he gripped the steering wheel of the car. "I know but, why are you complaining?" "I'm not its just scary." Said Kira. "Maybe they finally defined the words world peace." said Lacus leaning forward between the two boys. "Yeah right that would only happen when Mu would stop being obsessed with coffee, and the color pink." "But there's always hope right?" Kira smiled "with that kind of attitude I can see how you won the pink princess contest ten years in a row." "Just don't be over confident this might be a year you loose." Athrun said. "I know weird thing is Mu said the exact thing to me except he said this is the year you'll loose." "Mu is just being himself." Kira said. "Yeah he probably thinks Murrue would make a better pink princess" Athrun replied. "Yeah that must be it." said lacus. "I wonder what Murrue Mu and Andrew are doing right now."

Mean while

"I'm tired." said Andrew "I need coffee to drive!" "Shut up Andrew before I add a new ventilation shaft in your head." said Murrue holding a gun to his head. "Have you ever heard of respecting the will of the driver?" Asked Andrew miserably. "Heck no." chimed Mu. "And now that you understand me" said Murrue "shut up and drive!" Mu sighed happily "I love it when she's like this." Andrew gasped "you what did you do to her?" "Murrue you were so nice and sweet when you lived with me Now Mu brainwashed you." Murrue smiled and leaned on Mu. He responded by pressing his lips on to hers in an intense exchange. "Hey hey now none of that while I'm driving." Andrew yelled. "I feel like I'm supervising teenagers." Andrew said. They broke apart. "What do you expect its valentines day." Mu said. "So what would happen if we continue?" "I'm driving I'll kill us" he replied. Mu pouted "fine." he looked at Murrue and smirked. "Mmmmm! that's so good!" Andrew heard Mu say "what the?" He turned his head to see Mu drinking out of his big pink coffee mug. "Would you like some of this nice, warm, refreshing, good coffee Murrue?" She smiled "sure I would love some." "don't you dare." Andrew yelled at them. "I want it give it! Give it to me!" Andrew turned his body around and started to reach for the mug. "Andrew you idiot keep your eyes on the road!" Murrue yelled.


Mu held Murrue close "are you okay?" She slowly nodded. "yes but I spilled coffee all over myself and it burns." "Andrew you're an idiot, How could you because of you Murrue is brunt." "Hey are you listening to me?" Mu forced himself up to the passenger seat to see Andrew knocked out. "Serves you right you big jerk." Mu said happily. Murrue got out of the car and opened the door to the drivers seat. She looked at Andrew. "Hmmm this could be a problem." Murrue grabbed Andrew and threw him our of the car. "But its not our problem." She said quickly driving away. Mu smiled "Murrue honey I think I've fallen in love with you all over again."

Back to Kira & Athrun

Kira and Athrun were waiting for lacus they made it to the pink princess contest at the moment she was sighing up. Athrun opened the trunk to find something. He smiled "hey Kira this would look good on you." Said Athrun holding up a frilly pink dress. "Hey I got an idea. Lacus is signing up right?" Said Athrun. "Yes". said Kira wondering what Athrun had in mind. "She's not here, her things aren't guarded…" Athrun continued thoughtfully. "Huh… KYAA! You want me to be in the contest and steal Lacus-sama's things?" Shouted Kira. "Yep thanks for agreeing". said Athrun. "Here take this." he added pushing one of the suitcases into his hands. "But, were stealing." protested Kira. "Think of it as borrowing, We'll give them back after the contest." Said Athrun. "Go wait in the bathroom for me." Said Athrun giving him a push. "But hey! Where are you going?" cried Kira. "to sign you up." Athrun called.

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