Oh man Kira thought as he walked around. where is the men's bathroom? I can only find the women's. He sighed I guess I have no choice. Kira slowly entered the small room. He looked around. I really hope no one comes in. as he was putting on the eye shadow someone walked out of a stall.

"Kira what are you dong?"

he jumped and turned around . "Murrue-san I swear it was Athrun's idea and… I couldn't find the men's room so…"

she looked at Kira's makeup that he was wearing. "oh Kira sweetie your way off let me help you." Before he could say anything to protest a very tall women with blonde hair walked in she was wearing a pink earth forces uniform with a mini pink skirt and there was a vial over her face so he couldn't tell who she was.

"Oh my what do we have here what are you doing in the ladies rest room?" She asked in a very feminine voice.

"Please don't tell anyone" Kira said.

The lady seen the pink cloths by Kira. She smiled "if you want to be the next pink princess you'd have to beat me, My name is miss meow."

Murrue sighed "who do you think you are coming in here are you spying on your competition or something?"

Miss meow sighed "fine if you really want me to leave I'll go." she said walking out of the room.

"Why are you here anyway Murrue-san where's Mu and Andrew?"

She smiled "well I don't know where Mu is I lost him and Andrew I think he's lying on some random road."

"What?" "oh never mind." she said laughing.

Athrun was still digging in Lacus's stuff man how many pink hair dyes does she have? There's at least five in each suit case.

"excuse me young man what are you doing?"

Athrun jumped at the sudden voice. He turned around to see a blonde women and he couldn't see her face it was behind a vial. "I uh these are my things." Athrun stuttered.

"Why do you have so many pink dresses and pink hair dye?"

"Its none of you business what I do in my free time." Athrun said.

"Do you mind if I borrow some hair dye?"

"Yes I do mind you creep."

"Oh fine I don't need any of your help to win." With that miss meow walked away. "Oh and by the way there's a cute boy in the bathroom I think he's going to be a tough one to beat this year." She yelled out to him.

what Kira did he go in the women's bathroom? Better see what's going on.

"Kira what are you dong?" Athrun asked as he went in the bathroom without thinking.

"This is the women's bathroom get OUT!" A female voice cried as someone smacked Athrun in the face.

"What the wow" Athrun said staring at Kira. Kira was dressed in a long flowing pink petal skirt. He was wearing a bright pink tang top along with it. His long brown wig really brought out the color of his violet eyes. "Hey wait why are you here Murrue?"

"She helped me with this." Kira said.

"Okay that's new."

she smiled "hey Athrun are you going to sign up too?"

"Uh I don't know why?"

"because, that kimono your carrying would look great on you."

"What are you getting at?"

Murrue looked at Kira. "you might want to wait outside."

He nodded, when he exited the small room he heard Athrun.

"hey wait what are you doing? don't take another step NO!"

Kira sighed well looks like were gong to be entering this thing together.

When Athrun emerged from the bathroom Kira's eyes widened at the sight of Athrun he was in a bright pink kimono his black hair was tide back in a tight bun. The kimono had a big red bow in the back of it. "I don't want to talk about it." he said weakly.

"Alright you two now you'll need new names." Murrue said to the boys. "wait Kira you can probably keep your name as for you." she said looking at Athrun "from now until the end of this contest you shall be known as Yuffie."

"Wait!" Athrun cried.

"Silence Yuffie, now we have a lot of things to go over lets start out at talking like a women." she said. "Okay Kira say something."

"like what captain?"

"Anything just make sure you sound like a female."

"Hi everyone I'm Kira and I'll be a good pink princess." he said in a high squeaky voice.

she nodded. "good good…. If you want to be in seventh place." she yelled.

Kira jumped "I'm sorry."

"Now try again!" she demanded.

"Okay I think we covered just about everything." she said happily.

Kira hid in back of Athrun "I didn't know Murrue could be so demanding." he whispered.

He nodded "just imagine poor Mu but, I guess he's with her because he knows how to get on her good side."

"Did you two say something?" she asked.

"Yeah we were saying how grateful we are that you took the time to coach us." Kira quickly said.

"Oh that's sweet now I hope you two know that I'm expecting you guys to do everything perfectly because if you don't I'll post this video of you guys trying to walk like a women on the internet that I recoded on my cell phone." she said happily.

Their mouth dropped. "you have to be kidding are you black mailing us?" Kira asked.

"Blackmail that's such and ugly word so lets just call it a reason for you two to get in the top ten okay?"

"Did Mu teach you how to do this?" Athrun asked.

"Yup now are you determined or do you need more of my persuasion?"

"don't worry we don't need any more of your help." they quickly said at the same time.

"Okay good now Athrun lets get you signed up."

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