An Important Reminder

A Kyou Kara Maou fan fiction by Iapetus

Disclaimer: I do not own KKM or any of its characters.

Author's Note: This was written for the 'wishkisses' LJ community - a community that challenges its writers to write about a requested pairing in 250 or 300 words and somehow involving a kiss. Written for Veleda K on LJ. Many thanks to Orenda and Icelightning for the beta.


"Shouldn't you be enjoying yourself, your majesty?" he asked. Upon victory against Soushu, Shinou said they should celebrate, and yet late that night the Daikenja found his maou making notes in a journal. Military reports. To-do lists. Daikenja wasn't at all surprised.

"Tomorrow we start building a nation, Daikenja," Shinou said. "There are several things that need my immediate attention."

Daikenja nodded, for it was true. Shinou had arisen as the Mazokus' leader for more than his power, and not a soul could deny that. "But what of yourself? Your people want you to have a good time too. You are the one who sealed Soushu, so that we might have a country."

Shinou gave his great sage a small smile. "A maou is a servant of the people. I have no regrets."

"Then the servant should follow the rules too, should he not?" Daikenja smiled back. "You told your soldiers to celebrate this evening. Will you break one of your first decrees?"

To that, Shinou laughed. "I am not surprised hearing that from you. What do you propose?"

Daikenja drew the tent flaps closed and tied them shut. "That both you and I obey the law, in our own way. You weren't specific when you said we should 'enjoy ourselves.'" He moved to sit across Shinou, and there was no protest when the journal and pen were taken away. With his writing hand freed, Shinou wove his fingers into black hair. The rest needed no prompting, they met halfway for the first of many kisses.

Daikenja knew that Shinou was right in his concern for the welfare of their country. But for now, the farthest reaching thought in Daikenja's mind was how he would have trouble brushing his hair in the morning. It was time for them to celebrate.


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- Iapetus