A Valentine's Day To Remember

Chapter One: The Valentine's Day Ball

February 14th

It was early in the morning, but that didn't deter the masses of students who were already gathered in the Great Hall, eagerly awaiting the morning post. Usually, this consisted of nothing more than a package from the students' home, with a letter and perhaps a parcel of food. But the students had a perfectly logical reason to be in the Hall so early.

It was Valentine's Day.

There was a low hum of excitement sweeping through the Hall as students from all four houses (particularly the girls) whispered and giggled and gossiped, or sat in a state of complete fear, depending on their status.

The enchanted ceiling overhead was tainted a pure blue, casting the entire Hall in a kind of bright, pretty light. The walls were decorated with large, pastel pink hearts, and the 'cupids' tossed heart shaped confetti to the tables below. Yes, it was the same as every Valentine's Day in the history of Hogwarts.

An owl's loud screech pierced the hum, which was followed with a random Hufflepuff shrieking, "The post is here!"

Owls streamed in to the Hall, and the air became a cloud of feathers as they sought out their various recipients. The students called out excitedly, and laughed and cheered, or sat miserably in front of an empty place, having received no Valentines.

At the Gryffindor table, Hermione's face was glowing as one of the more handsome school owls arrived in front of her, and held out a leg in a rather self-important manner. Hermione detached the bright red envelope from its leg, and opened it. Inside was a matching card, which she opened as well.

At once, a shower of rose petals sprang from within the card, landing on her toast. She read the writing within out loud, in a voice that was slightly high-pitched with excitement.

"Dear Hermione, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm no good with poems, so I thought I should just write how I feel about you in plain and simple terms."

And here she paused, her brown eyes widening as she stared open-mouthed at the card.

"What?" Ginny urged her on excitedly, her voice also strangely high-pitched. "What does it say?"

"…I love you, Hermione." She finished with a whisper, lowering the card and turning to her right, where Ron was sitting, his cheeks nearly as red as the card in Hermione's hands.

"Do you really mean it, Ron?" she asked.

Ron rubbed the back of his neck, looking awkward. "Well…yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have written it. You know I'm no good at expressing my emotions, and I would've told you to your face, but I couldn't, but I really do…you know." He finished, staring hopelessly at her.

Her eyes were swimming with tears of joy as she looked at him. "Oh Ron." She gushed. "I love you too!"

With that, she leaned over and captured his mouth in a passionate kiss.

Neville, Dean and Seamus all gave a sarcastic 'Awwwwww'. Ginny did the same, only genuinely.

Harry smiled slightly, looking away from his best friends' very public display of affection. Ron had finally gotten up the courage at Christmas to ask Hermione out, and they'd been together since. He'd been trying for weeks to express to Hermione the depth and strength of what he felt, but had then decided to express it in Valentine's Day card format instead.

Harry was happy for them. Really, he was. They were perfect for each other.

It was just the simple fact that he hated Valentine's Day. With a passion. This point was proven at that moment when about 10 or 15 owls arrived in a cloud of feathers in front of him, all jostling, trying to be the first to deliver their respective packages.

With an irritated sigh, he began to detach the nearest owl's letter. Every year, every damn year, it was the same. His friends were always in relationships. Hell, Dean and Seamus would be celebrating their two-year anniversary in a few months time. Neville had been crushing on Luna for months and months, Ron and Hermione had always been tiptoeing around each other, and Ginny had a different boyfriend every few months. Her latest was Anthony Goldstein, a Ravenclaw. They'd been together since the previous October, and she seemed pretty happy with him.

Since the whole debacle with Cho the previous year, Harry had not had any romantic relations in any shape or form. Not because that wasn't available, no, that wasn't the problem at all.

Harry read through the first card, sighed, and then placed it aside. This was the problem. Every year, he got the same cards with the same proclamations of 'love.' But Harry knew perfectly well what all his admires felt for him – childish infatuation and idolisation, nothing more. Not 'love', like all the cards claimed.

Merlin, he hated the attention this day brought him, he hated the girls approaching him all day, he hated the stupid pressure to have someone to take to the fancy Valentine's ball that night, and he hated most of all the fact that he didn't actually have anyone.

'And most likely never will.' Harry reminded himself, watching as Anthony snuck up behind Ginny and hand delivered a bouquet of blood-red roses, much to her delight.

He didn't mean to sound like such a stupid, 'why me' sort of person, but if any day brought out his cynical, bitter side, it was Valentine's Day.

He opened another card, and re-read yet another long letter from some random girl he'd never spoken to before in his life about how she knew they were meant to be.

Stupid, stupid Valentine's Day.


Across the hall, Draco Malfoy was not faring much better than his rival.

He scowled at the confetti that had just been thrown onto his toast, and then glancing up, scowled at the 'cupid' responsible, who immediately fluttered to the other side of the Hall to avoid his wrath.

Slightly more mollified, Draco turned his attention to the goings on at the Slytherin table. There was not much to see. Beside him, Pansy was squealing over all the invitations and proposals she'd received from admirers. On the other side, Blaise was cooing over Theo, feeding him chocolate. Draco rolled his eyes in despair, and leaned over.

"For Merlin's sake," he hissed angrily, "could you two at least try and pretend you're Slytherins and not a pair of ridiculous little second-year Hufflepuffs?"

Rather than receiving the prompt, "Sorry, Draco" he was expecting, Blaise merely looked around and scoffed at him.

"Honestly, Dray," he drawled amusedly, using a nickname he knew Draco hated, "we all know you're just jealous because you don't have anyone to do this with. Look around you," and here he gestured around the Hall, "look at all the happy couples!"

More to humour him than anything, Draco looked around. Indeed, what Blaise said was true. Happy couples. Everywhere. So many, in fact, Draco could've sworn they had multiplied since the last time he'd looked around the Hall.

Draco turned back to Blaise, who was grinning at him. He raised a sardonic eyebrow. "So?" he questioned.

"So," Blaise said, "don't you wish you were one of them?"

"Frankly, no." Draco said bluntly. "That would be one of my worst nightmares."

Pansy, overhearing them, joined the conversation. "Oh come now, Draco." She said dismissively. "We all know that if the next person who asked you out was attractive enough you'd bed them."

"I would not." Draco said primly. "I don't need that distraction in my life. I've had enough with pointless flings."

Pansy cackled. "Oh right, of course, I forgot, how silly of me. Your little vow of abstinence is basically a year old, now, isn't it? Naturally, you're not wishing you had someone to touch, and to touch you…"

"That's correct." Draco said.

Pansy snorted. "Sure, right. Let me see…" she scanned the crowds, and then gave a triumphant shout and pointed. "There! See that Ravenclaw over there?"

Draco followed her hand, spying a fifth-year Ravenclaw girl with long, messy black hair and grass-green eyes.

"If she asked, would you hook up with her?" Pansy asked.

Draco considered. She was very pretty, and her hair was extremely alluring, somehow…

He shook himself. "No." he declared firmly. "I'm perfectly content to fly solo, unlike the rest of you morons."

"Does that mean you still don't have a date to the ball tonight?" Theo asked him.

"I would think that should be obvious." He drawled back.

"Poor Draco." Smiled Pansy. "Everyone paired up, and him all on his lonesome."

"Quiet, Pansy." Draco said irritably. "I'll be fine, so stop patronizing me."

"Whatever you say, Draco dear." She sang, turning back to her stack of cards with a smirk.

Blaise likewise returned to feeding Nott chocolate, leaving Draco to go back to his previous activity, of scowling at everyone in the general vicinity.

Stupid Valentine's Day.


That night, 7:00pm

The Entrance Hall was completely and totally packed. Splashes of all different colours were spread out throughout the crowds, interrupted every now and then with someone wearing black robes.

Harry set off down the Grand Staircase, trailing after his friends. Directly in front of him were Ron and Hermione, Ron looking rather handsome in a (slightly shabby) set of navy blue dress robes, Hermione looking radiant in an elegant set of sky blue dress robes. Ahead of them was Seamus and Dean, wearing black and silvery grey dress robes respectively. Neville and Luna were next, Neville looking nervous in his forest green robes, Luna looking rather bizarre in a style of dress robes that reminded Harry of the Muggle 'hippie' movement. She looked happy, nonetheless. Ginny and Anthony led the way, Ginny wearing a shade of cream that accentuated her skin tone and flaming red hair nicely.

Harry himself was wearing simple black dress robes, with black pants and an emerald green vest over a long sleeved black shirt. Hermione had picked all this out for him the previous excursion to Hogsmeade, in preparation for tonight's event. He had run a hand through his hair for his hairstyle, and then went to meet everyone in the common room.

Harry wasn't really looking forward to the Ball. It was nice of Dumbledore and the staff to allow the students a Valentine's Day dance, but Harry couldn't help but wonder if he would enjoy himself more catching up on sleep or something in the dorms. He had no partner, no-one to dance with and thus faced the prospect of an evening alone.

As Harry and his friends were making their way down the stairs, Draco and his friends were in amongst the thick of the crowds below. Pansy was wearing a fairly revealing set of purple silk robes, Blaise and Nott were both wearing black, while Crabbe and Goyle were both wearing brown.

Draco wore elegant, expensive grey robes, with black pants and vest and grey long-sleeved top. His icy blonde hair was loose around his face, but stylishly so. He'd already been approached by at least 3 girls, and a few guys. He'd turned them down, determined to remain solo tonight and prove a point to his friends.

The doors swung open, and Dumbledore was revealed, wearing fuschia-pink robes.

"Welcome, students!" he called, beaming cheerfully at them. All the students immediately silenced, turning to listen to their headmaster. "Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Before you all come in, a few reminders. Anyone found in the grounds or in such establishments as the Astronomy Tower will face the consequent punishment. Dinner will be served straight away, and the Ball will end at midnight. So, you may come in, and remember, enjoy yourselves!"

The students all cheered as the doors opened wider, and they began pouring through into the Entrance Hall. The first Valentine's Day Ball had begun.


Four hours later (11:00pm)

Harry absent-mindedly tapped his foot along to the beat. The Weird Sisters, who had been invited back to perform for the Ball, were belting out a tune with a particularly catchy beat. The dance floor was packed with students, dancing with either their friends or boyfriend, or girlfriend.

The butter beer that had been served with dinner had loosened everyone up even more, if that was even possible. Most inhibitions had virtually gone out the Great Hall's windows. Harry watched the students dance in vague amusement, before he spotted Ron and Hermione.

Hermione had pulled her hair loose, and was dancing rather extravagantly with Ron, but looking like she was having the time of her life doing so. As for Ron, well, he looked ecstatic. Harry smiled slightly, moving on until he had located all his friends. Neville was dancing with Luna, and Harry had to admit he'd never seen Neville look so happy. Ginny was taking a break on the side with Anthony, laughing and fanning herself. Dean and Seamus were dancing in a rather…well, provocative matter, right in the centre of the dance floor. No one was making a big deal out of it; in fact several same-sex couples were dancing together. Homosexuality just wasn't a big deal in the wizarding world.

Harry reflected now, again, that he hated Valentine's Day. It was all very well and good for the people with sweethearts or crushes or whatever, but what about the other people? The people who had no romantic interests, requited or not? What were they meant to do?

He'd been approached several times during the night, by both genders, and had turned every single one of them down, simply because he could see the clear star struck shine in their eyes when they looked at him. He didn't want any part of that.

The song ended, and the students stopped to cheer the band's performance. Another song started up, this one slow, melodic, romantic. At once, the students were segregated into pairs, rotating slowly on the dance floor. Harry watched for a few minutes before deciding he couldn't take this anymore. He didn't want to sit here and watch this.

He got up and exited the Great Hall, fending off several approaches from a few girls and a boy as he went.


Draco sighed, leaning his head back on the wall. He'd left the Valentine's Ball after only three and a half hours. But who could blame him, really. The entire event had been completely mediocre, giving him nothing to do but watch the moronic fools all dancing with each other.

He'd retreated here, to this nice, comfy patch of ground in the third-floor corridor. He hadn't felt like going back to the empty common room, and the library would be closed down for the night by now. He'd taken off his restrictive robe and had it folded neatly beside him, and now sat, pondering.

'I don't need someone in my life.' He argued with himself. 'I'm perfectly fine by myself. I don't need someone to complete me, that's just bullshit.'

His last relations, with anybody, had been in fifth-year, with Terry Boot. Yes, he swung both ways. He found both genders equally attractive, and had experimented with several guys, but Terry Boot had lasted the longest out of them. It had been a fling, just a casual thing, lasting only a few months before Terry had fallen hard for a girl in his year and gone straight.

It had just been a bit of fun, and since then Draco had lost the want to be with someone else. In between trying, and failing, to plan an adequate revenge on Potter for his father's imprisonment, schoolwork, more thinking about Potter, more schoolwork, and yet more thinking about Potter, that part of his life had just disappeared.

He heard footsteps, approaching his position from the left. He turned his head and eyed the figure approaching him sceptically.

They drew closer, and closer, until Draco was able to discern it was Harry Potter.

He sucked in a breath, realising for the first time that Potter wasn't actually wearing the robe part of his ensemble anymore. They'd made eye contact earlier, and Draco had done his usual greeting (obscene hand gesture), but Potter had had his robe on then.

Now, though, you could practically see the kind of body Potter had beneath those clothes, with long legs and broad shoulders…

Draco had to shake himself when he felt the stirrings of a familiar sensation, and realised he was staring at Potter, who was looking at him with a mixture of confusion and irritation. He plastered a sneer onto his face.


Harry narrowed his eyes at Malfoy, crossing his arms. "Malfoy."

"What are you doing here, Potty?" Draco sneered. "I would've thought you'd be down there, enjoying all the attention from all your little fans."

"On the contrary, Malfoy," Harry spat back, "I hate that attention, and left the Ball to get away from it. Why are you here, then, anyway? From the rumours, I've heard you have your own little whorehouse running down in the Slytherin dorms. Why aren't you there, with all your moronic little brain-washed sluts?"

"You go too far, Potter." Malfoy said icily, getting to his feet and facing Potter now. "I don't know exactly where you've heard such things, but that is most certainly not the truth."

"No?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, you can't deny that you've gone through quite a string of lovers in your life."

"That is most certainly none of your business, Potter." Malfoy growled, clenching his fists.

"I wonder, does your father know anything of what his dear little son gets up to? I'd imagine not, if he's still locked up in Azkaban."

The words had barely even left his mouth when Harry found himself pinned against the nearest wall by a very, very angry Draco Malfoy.

"Say that again." Draco hissed, his face inches away from Harry's. "I dare you, Potter. Say it."

Potter quirked his eyebrow again, which only served to enrage Draco further. Sarcastic eyebrow raising was his way of being sexy, dammit!

Wait. Potter? Sexy?

Draco shook his head to clear it and tried to focus back on what was happening.

"Why would I?" Harry breathed, eyes locked with Draco's. "If I said anything like that again, you'd hex me. Why would I want that?"

Draco noticed for the first time exactly how close they were standing, indeed, the position they were standing in – Draco's hands on Potter's shoulders, their bodies mere inches away from each other. He was startled as he realised exactly how brilliantly green Potter's eyes were, and he identified Potter's scent, which was so clear at this distance, kind of musky, yet kind of sweet, at the same time…

Harry blinked in confusion at Malfoy, who was staring at him as though he'd never seen him before.

"Malfoy?" he questioned, albeit slightly cautiously. "I said, why would I want that?"

Draco tried to shake himself out of it, but it was getting harder to do so, with the proximity, and those eyes, and that mouth, so close to his own.

It was insane. It was completely against all his values and morals and rational thinking, and he felt slightly detached from himself as he was standing there, staring at Potter, and Potter was staring back, and his brain felt like it had completely frozen…

"Malfoy, what the hell are you doing? Let go of me!" Harry protested now, trying to squirm away.

It was this that sealed it for Draco. 'You don't need anyone, especially Potter!' protested his brain, but he was way past caring, and he leaned forward and took Potter's mouth in a kiss.

Harry's eyes widened in his surprise when Malfoy kissed him. It was completely unexpected, one moment they had been arguing and now they were kissing? What was the world coming to?

Harry tried to squirm away from Malfoy, but his shoulders were pinned firmly against the wall. Plus there was the fact that Malfoy had turned out to be an extremely good kisser; so good that Harry was beginning to forget why he was protesting the occurrence in the first place…

'No!' the last rational thinking part of his brain exclaimed. 'Push him away!'

And he was about to, honestly, except that then Malfoy moved so that his entire body was pressed against Harry's up against the wall, and this new friction was absolutely exquisite, and Harry's last lingering thread of self-control snapped in two, and then he was kissing back.

Draco grinned briefly against Potter's mouth, feeling the other beginning to respond. He'd forgotten, until now, how nice it was to have a willing and able partner with whom to do this. He felt, vaguely, his own arousal increasing the longer he kissed Harry, and distantly questioned why something as simple as kissing was having this effect on him.

Harry's hands went up of their own accord and slid into Malfoy's silky hair, playing with it absently as they kissed. Malfoy surprised him by doing likewise to his own unruly hair, his slender hands tangling in the dark locks, gripping tighter as the kissing got more passionate.

Harry moaned a little, causing Draco to moan, and they were in deep now, there was no return for either boy from this point. Draco broke the kiss to turn his attentions to the stretch of tanned skin at Potter's throat. He licked, kissed and nibbled here, feeling Harry's whimpers of pleasure going straight to his groin.

"Ah…Malfoy…" Harry moaned, gasping when Draco nibbled a little harder at the spot just at the base of his throat.

He felt Draco's hand untucking his shirt from his pants, and then all of a sudden that cool hand was resting on his skin, and this was the jolt that sent Harry crashing back to reality.

He moved his hands from Draco's hair to his chest, and pushed hard, causing Draco to cease his administrations on Harry's neck and stumble backwards. Draco's silvery eyes were still hazy with lust as he stared at Harry, causing Harry to shiver slightly under the piercing gaze.

"What…what the hell was that, Malfoy?" Harry gasped, wiping his mouth.

Draco tried hard to regain control of his breathing, but struggled with it. That had undoubtedly been the best kiss he'd ever experienced, and he'd had it with…


This fact slowly sunk in, until it was ringing loud and clear in his ears and his eyes were clearing, widening in horror at what had just happened.

"I think you and I just made out, Potter." He replied as smoothly as he could, but the slight shake in his voice was a giveaway.

Harry's bright green eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared open-mouthed with horror right back at Malfoy.

"Oh my god…" he breathed, closing his eyes briefly. "Tell me I imagined it. That I dreamt it."

"I don't think so, Potter." Draco corrected. "We both know it actually happened." He glanced downwards, and smirked. "And it looks like you enjoyed it, too."

"The hell I did!" Harry exclaimed. "You're the one who kissed me, Malfoy! What the fuck were you thinking? And don't even try to make out like I enjoyed it, when you're the one with a bloody tent in your pants!"

Draco flushed, as his brain started to truly freak out now. 'You just kissed Potter. Potter. On Valentine's Day. Potter. And you enjoyed it.'

"Shut up, Potter." He snarled instead. "It was in the heat of the moment, and it will never happen again, and if you ever tell anyone what happened here, I'll hex you until you can't even move."

"Ha!" Harry yelled. "As if I would tell anyone about that disgusting moment! Eurgh, I still can't believe you actually…"

"Drop it." Draco snapped. "It never happened." 'And I certainly did not enjoy it.' He added silently.

"Fine." Harry said. "I'm leaving. Happy fucking Valentine's Day, Malfoy."

"Same to you, Potter." Draco returned, and they glared at each other for a moment before Harry marched past him, heading for the stairs leading up, while Draco headed for the stairs leading downwards.

Both looked back before they took their respective paths. One last scowl was exchanged, and then they disappeared into each stairwell.

The boys thoughts were essentially the same at this point.

'How the fuck did I just enjoy a kiss with Malfoy, of all people?'

'Why the fuck did kissing Potter have that strong of an effect on me?' Draco wondered, reaching the bottom of his staircase. 'I have to figure this out.'

He knew distantly that his life had just changed. Whether it was for the better or not, though, remained to be seen.


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