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A Valentine's Day To Remember

Chapter Five: The End

February 16th

"Draco, darling, are you even listening to me?" Pansy demanded of him from her spot near the front of the room. "It's important you understand exactly what you have to do."

Draco sighed in irritation. Never mind that she had explained the plan five times or so at breakfast, nor that she had now gone through the plan, (using added diagrams), back here in the dorm a good ten or so times.

"Yes, Pansy, I'm listening." He drawled back, re-adjusting himself on the bed so he was a little more upright against the pillows.

She eyed him suspiciously, and then turned back to her diagram. Magically hovering beside her was an outline of several different floors of Hogwarts, marked with lightly fluttering things that resembled silver ribbon. Numerous people were also represented on the diagram. Draco, for instance, was a small silver snake figurine, hovering by itself on the third floor.

"Blaise, wake up!" Pansy snapped, turning back around, hands on her hips and venom in her eyes.

"Hm…what?" Blaise snapped awake, blinking in disorientation. "Sorry, Pansy." He yawned. "I didn't get that much sleep last night."

"I don't care if you got three minutes of sleep, Blaise!" Pansy sniffed. "This is our friends' future we are discussing here. Don't you want Draco to be happy, and thoroughly shagged, for the rest of his life?"

"Yes." Blaise muttered sullenly.

"That's what I thought. So shut the hell up already." She snapped, and then turned sharp eyes to the other two. "Any questions at this point?"

"No, because you've been at this point a million times already." Theo pointed out. "We asked the questions we needed to the first time you explained it in the Great Hall."

"Do you want to help Draco or not, Theo?" Pansy demanded. "Because it seems to me you're displaying a rather negative attitude."

"Merlin, Pansy, just get on with it already." Draco said tiredly. He waved a hand. "Go ahead."

"Thank you, darling." Pansy beamed at him. "At least you realise the importance of the situation we're in."

"You mean the situation that Draco's in." Blaise corrected her.

Pansy gave him a Look. "Like it or not, this whole Potter issue is going to affect all of us, Blaise." She said. "Would you rather Draco shut up his bitching about Potter, or continue to whinge to us every day?"

"I'd rather Draco shut up." Blaise said fervently.

"Well that's nice." Draco noted. "Thank you Blaise, for that show of friendship."

"Welcome." Blaise replied cheerfully.

"As I was saying!" Pansy interrupted loudly. "We start the plan with all of us except Draco assembled here." She pointed her wand to where the Great Hall was, and where a delegation of strange animal figures was assembled. "We're at the Slytherin table."

"Shock horror." Theo grinned.

Pansy determinedly continued. "Draco will be waiting on the third floor, near the statue of Lorien. Potter, of course, will be over here." She gestured to the other side of the floating room, where a small golden lion figurine was hovering.

"Now, it will not be very Slytherin of us to carry out the plan referring to him as 'Potter', otherwise people will know who we're talking about. We need a codename."

"A codename?" Theo repeated. "Merlin, Pansy, we're not in some stupid Muggle spy movie."

"A what?" Blaise said, looking confused.

"A spy movie. You know, where guys wear mysterious clothes and decipher clues and sneak around." Theo clarified.

"Sounds interesting." Blaise said thoughtfully.

"A codename," Pansy cut in, speaking loudly, "is essential to the operation. Any ideas?"

They all thought for a moment.

"Rettop?" Theo suggested. "We could be sneaky and use backwards spelling."

"Yes, but then we just sound like idiots if we keep saying the word rettop." Blaise pointed out. "We need something more discreet than that."

"Well luckily for us, I had a back up just in case you imbeciles couldn't think of anything." Pansy said in a self-satisfied way.

"Oh, yeah? Let's hear it then, if you're so intelligent." Theo challenged.

"Lovely lion." Pansy smiled proudly. "L.L for short."

A soft snort came from Blaise, while Theo emitted a snicker. All of a sudden, they were bent double, laughing their heads off.

Draco's cheeks burned. "It's not funny, you bastards."

"Oh, but it is." Blaise choked through his laughter. "Pansy, you're a genius."

"Please, darling, I know." Pansy inspected her nails, smiling. "Nobody can equal my genius."

Theo gave an undignified snort, holding his stomach. "Lovely lion." He choked. "It's perfect!"

"Alright, so all in favour of L.L or lovely lion as a codename?" Pansy asked.

Blaise and Theo raised their hands, still chortling.

"And me makes three." Pansy grinned, raising her own hand. "All opposed?"

Draco's hand shot into the air, completely alone.

"Too bad, darling, we have majority." She smiled at him. "L.L it is!"

Blaise and Theo cheered.

Draco scowled.

"Alright." Pansy jabbed her wand towards the diagram again. "So, at this point, the message arrives."

She flicked her wand and a small owl figurine appeared, floating over towards the lion.

"He receives the message, is intrigued, gets up and leaves." Another flick of the wand had the lion floating past the ribbon representing the Great Hall's wall, and then out into the Entrance Hall. "We wait 30 seconds. And then, Theo, you leave."

Another flick of Pansy's wand caused the figurine of a boar (evidently representing Theo) to leave its position and follow the lion

"And then Blaise," a figurine of a tiger began its journey, "and finally, me." Pansy-the-floating-fox headed for the Entrance Hall. She waved her wand and muttered something, causing the figurines to all freeze in place. She eyed the boys.


"None." Blaise answered serenely.

"Why am I a boar?" Theo asked.

"Why aren't you a boar is the question you should be asking, Theo." Blaise said immediately.

Pansy rolled her eyes and turned away from the now playfully bickering couple, looking to Draco.

"Questions, darling?"

Draco shook his head. "No."

"Good. Moving on, then. Now, as you can…FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN, YOU TWO, CAN YOU AT LEAST TRY AND CONCENTRATE?" she shrieked.

Needless to say, it was a very long time before she finished going through the entire plan again.


Draco closed the door behind him, locked it and then leaned against it, massaging his temples. Pansy had gone through the plan an addition five more times, 'just to make sure it's clear to everyone.' Finally, after the diagram had been run through and explained for the fifth time, there had been break enough in her endless dialogue to allow Draco a toilet break.

He didn't, of course, actually need to go to the toilet – in reality he needed to get away from Pansy and her damn diagram for a few minutes. He appreciated her somewhat meticulous attention to detail. He knew she was doing all of it because she cared about him and wanted him to be happy.

But honestly, five more fucking times? The plan was now so firmly imprinted into his head Draco wouldn't have been surprised if he was still able to remember it in eighty years time.

The plan itself was simple. It relied on a single factor – Potter's endless curiosity, which had gotten him into trouble many times before. And, hopefully, would be getting him into trouble again.

Draco moved to the stone basin and switched on the tap. He collected cold water in his cupped hands and lightly splashed his face. Of course, it all depended on perspective, really, whether what Potter was in for tonight was 'trouble' or not. His little Gryffindor buddies would probably think so, but Draco, knowing exactly what he had to do, would've begged to differ. He did feel a little apprehensive about the proceedings. It was a lot to ask of him, but he knew if he was going to do this, it had to be now. Besides, it was Potter.

He decided as his skin warmed and his heart sped up that he really hated this recent thing of his body's to react when the idea of Potter was presented.

Maybe that would go away after tonight. He could only hope, anyway.


Hermione Granger had always been extremely observant for her age. Even before she had received a letter from Hogwarts she had observed things about the world and people around her no one else had. Teachers had remarked on her bright and curious nature, relatives had praised her skills.

And now, those same skills were telling her something was Going To Happen.

She frowned across the Hall, over the tables and crowds of students and plates of food, to where the Slytherins were. Malfoy and his friends seemed to be more huddled together than usual, deep in conversation. Ordinarily Hermione wouldn't have given a shit about what they were up to, but considering recent events with Harry, it was a definite cause for concern.

She watched, noticing the way Pansy seemed to be speaking while the others listened to her. Zabini rolled his dark eyes and muttered something, which caused Pansy to turn on him, speaking furiously.

Hermione tapped her fork absently against her plate. Hmmm.

"Merlin, 'Mione, could you stop that?" Ron pleaded beside her, wincing with every shrill tap of her fork. "That noise isn't half deafening, you know."

"Sorry." She said quickly, setting the fork down, and turned her gaze onto Harry now. He seemed fine enough, steadily eating through his lunch and chatting casually with Neville. She wondered how much of it was a façade, though, because regardless of what he told them, Malfoy having the control of the situation must be unnerving for him.

Maybe that was what Malfoy and his friends were discussing? Hermione looked back over to the Slytherin table. They seemed less huddled, although Pansy was still doing most of the talking. Surely if they were planning anything, Malfoy would be the one heading the discussion, seeing as how it was his situation to deal with?

Hermione dismissed the notion entirely. Whatever Malfoy did now, if he even did anything, there was no way he'd embarrass himself by getting his friends involved. Satisfied with her conclusion, Hermione tuned back into the conversation at the Gryffindor table.


Of course, unknown to Hermione, she was in fact woefully incorrect.

"Theo," Pansy was saying, "are you sure you know exactly what you have to say?"

"Yes, Pansy." Theo sang back, rolling his eyes.

"Say it, then." She said. "We have to make sure."

Theo rolled his eyes and recited his lines to Pansy, while Blaise leaned over to talk to Draco.

"I don't know if you ever should've gotten her involved, you know." Blaise murmured, keeping a weary eye on Pansy to ensure he escaped her wrath. "She's taking things a bit too far."

"That's just the way Pansy is." Draco muttered back. "You know it's impossible to keep a secret from her, especially when it's about something important."

"True." Blaise admitted.

"And anyway, it's kind of relieving, having her in charge of this whole thing. I don't know how I'd be handling this situation if I had to do it by myself."

"Of course, darling." Pansy purred with a smile, having finished her interrogation of Theo and jumped into the other two boys' conversation. "You'd be lost without me. But, never fear, Pansy to the rescue to help resolve Dray's little love issues."

"Don't call me Dray." Draco hissed dangerously, but Pansy didn't seem to hear him, instead craning her neck to look across the hall.

"Oh, look, darling!" she said happily, turning back to Draco. "L.L's here. But he's facing away from us, that's no fun, is it?"

Draco scowled at the codename but craned his neck as well, quickly locating the messy head of dark hair halfway up the Gryffindor table. Indeed, Pansy was not lying, Potter really was sitting with his back to the hall. Coincidence, or a deliberate gesture to send a message to Draco?

"A deliberate gesture, darling." Pansy smiled, causing Draco to panic – could the girl seriously read thoughts now?

"No, in case you're wondering, I can't read minds." Pansy tutted, "it's just that what you're thinking is so obvious to figure out, especially when the thinking involves L.L."

Draco scowled once more, feeling deflated that what he always thought was an impossible skill of his was actually transparent enough that Pansy could see through it. Instead of commenting on that, however, he said, "Merlin, Pansy, must you use the codename? The plan isn't even in operation yet."

"Maybe not, darling, but I still find myself growing fond of the name." Pansy said, smirking. "It seems to really suit him, don't you think?"

"Totally." Theo joined in, grinning widely.

"I may even keep calling him that once the plan succeeds." Blaise added, mirth dancing in his dark eyes.

"You are all horrible, awful people." Draco muttered from where he'd placed his head in his hands in despair.

"Of course we are, darling." Pansy smiled. "We're just horrible, awful people who are helping to solve your love problems because you're too stubborn to do it yourself."

"That's not…" Draco protested, but Pansy held up a hand to stop him.

"Hush, darling. No need to thank us, which you will be after tonight."

"If we even see him again after this." Blaise smirked. "Considering all the sex he'll be having."

Draco flushed a dark red, and the others laughed.

"Horrible, awful people, right Draco?" Theo grinned as Draco furiously opened his mouth. "Pansy's right, you'll be thanking us for doing this for you after tonight."

"We'll see." Draco muttered. He craned his neck and caught sight of the headful of messy dark hair, and felt his stomach dip.

"We'll see." He muttered again.


The sun had set on the grounds of Hogwarts, plunging the world outside the castle into darkness. Within the castle, torch flames flared and skittered as they lit the hallways for the students on their way to dinner.

It was showtime.

Pansy stood in the boys' dorm room, facing the three boys, who all looked at her with irritated, weary eyes.

"Alright you guys, it's 7:30." She said, her voice smooth and authoritive. "Theo, has the owl been arranged?"

"Yes, Pansy." He replied, sounding bored.

"Will it arrive on time?"

"Yes, Pansy."

"Excellent. We then have about fifteen minutes before the plan takes effect. Let's get going, shall we?"

The boys silently filed after her, out to the staircase leading to the common room.

Draco followed directly after Pansy, thinking hard as they walked. It was, as Pansy had said, a mere fifteen minutes before the plan would start. From there, there was no stopping until the cumulation that was to occur between him and Potter.

In all honesty, he felt like he was going to throw up. He caught up with Pansy and expressed this to her.

She waved a dismissive, perfectly manicured hand at him. "Of course you are, darling. It's called nerves. You know, feeling nervous."

Draco half-heartedly sneered at her. "Malfoys don't get nervous."

"Tut tut, darling." She scolded him as they approached the staircase leading up to the Entrance Hall. "That attitude isn't going to win fair lady's heart, you know."

"I'm not trying to win a fair lady's heart." Draco shot back, irritated. "In case you haven't noticed in the last few days, Pansy, it's Potter I'm trying to win over."

"L.L, darling, we can't use his name in public." Pansy reminded him as they emerged into the Entrance Hall. "Codenames are in force now."

"Fine, fine, L.L." Draco snarled. "And as I was saying, he most certainly is not a fair lady."

"Of course not, but he still doesn't like it when you adopt that haughty, 'holier-than-thou' attitude, does he?" Pansy remarked, and smirked when Draco scowled. She glanced behind her to where Blaise and Theo were.

"All set back there, darlings?" she questioned.

"Just dandy." Blaise smiled sarcastically back.

"Alright!" Pansy said cheerfully as they arrived outside the Great Hall's doors. "Plan is now officially in motion. Draco, you know where to go. L.L should probably be within the vicinity at 8:00pm, give or take a few minutes."

"I know, Pansy." Draco snapped.

She smiled innocently at him. "Good luck, darling!" she waved him off.

Still scowling, Draco set off. Pansy turned to Blaise and Theo.

"Well, let's get Draco's love life started, shall we boys?" she said, and laughed when they rolled their eyes at her.


The room echoed with the clink and scrapes of forks and knives against plates, and the deafening chatter of students. Pansy took a casual sip from her goblet of pumpkin juice, checking the time on the priceless, pure silver watch she wore on her left wrist. They'd gotten to dinner without any trouble, and were now awaiting the moment when the plan would truly begin.

"One minute." Pansy murmured quietly. Blaise and Theo nodded carefully, still eating as though nothing was going on.

"10 seconds." Pansy murmured soon after, and then began to count down the seconds.

Blaise and Theo gave up their pretence of conversation now, waiting tensely.

"1…showtime!" Pansy finished.

On cue, an owl swooped into the Hall, gliding silently but steadily towards the Gryffindor table.


Harry took a sip from his pumpkin juice, listening to the conversation around him. Dean, Neville, Seamus and Ron were all having a heated discussion about Quidditch. Hermione was talking to Ginny and Anthony about something or other.

Harry set down the goblet, frowning slightly. Since the confrontation the night before he'd felt slightly on edge. He was, however, pleased at how things had been left. That didn't mean though that he could relax, as now that the situation was in Malfoy's hands, Harry had no idea if anything would even come of it, knowing Malfoy.

He glanced around the Hall and spotted a handsome eagle owl gliding smoothly through the air. He barely had time to wonder what on earth an owl was doing in the Hall at dinnertime when it arrived neatly right in front of him. His friends' conversations came to a halt as they too looked at the owl, clearly wondering the same thing.

The owl held out its leg in a dignified manner. An envelope was attached to the scaly leg, which Harry promptly untied. As soon as that was free the owl flapped its wings and took off with a soft whoosh, gliding silently away.

Harry stared at the envelope. His friends stared at the envelope as well.

"Um, Harry…why did that owl just give you an envelope?" Ron questioned.

"Don't know." Harry said, mystified.

"Well open it up, Harry." Hermione encouraged. "Don't just sit there staring at it."

This made sense, so Harry opened the envelope and pulled out the parchment inside. He unfolded it, and read it.


Meet me near the statue of Lorien on the third floor. Tell no one. Come alone.

There was nothing else written on the parchment.

"What's it say, Harry?"

"Uh…it's from Dumbledore." Harry lied quickly on the spot, refolding the parchment and storing it safely into a pocket of his robes. "He needs to see me."

"Dumbledore?" Hermione repeated, clearly bewildered. Her eyes suddenly sharpened and narrowed at him.

"Yep." He said, pushing away his plate and standing.

"What about?" Ron asked.

"No idea. It must be important though, if he's owling me in the middle of dinner." Harry babbled, now clear of the table. "I'll see you guys later."

"Alright, mate." Ron said doubtfully, but waved goodbye nonetheless. The others followed suit. Harry waved in return, carefully avoiding the suspicious gaze of Hermione.

He hurried out of the Hall, but not before he noticed for the first time the conspicuous absence of a certain blonde.


The moment Potter had left the Hall, Pansy had begun timing.

"2…1…go, Theo!" she hissed.

Theo got to his feet at once, and without pre-amble headed for the doors leading to the Entrance Hall.

Pansy counted down the 30 seconds, and then sent Blaise off after Theo.

She followed 30 seconds after that.

The plan was in motion.


Harry emerged onto the first floor corridor, and set off down it, past the fading paintings and antiquities. He was analysing the note he had received in his head – handwriting, ink colour, etc – so much so, in fact, that he didn't notice the person waiting for him further along the corridor.

"Hey, Potter!"

Harry jumped, startled. He looked ahead to see a rather stringy-looking boy he recognized as Theodore Nott, a Slytherin and a frequent regular near Draco's seat at mealtimes.

"What?" Harry questioned, somewhat impatiently.

"So do you love Draco or what?" Theo asked casually, leaning against the wall and smirking at Harry.

Harry gaped at him. "Do I…what? What are you talking about?"

"Do you love him, Potter?" Theo repeated.

"I don't…who…" Poor Harry spluttered.

"I'll take that as a yes. On your way then, Potter." Theo grinned. "He's waiting."

Harry stared wildly at the Slytherin and then hurried away, thoroughly confused.

Theo grinned to himself. His part had been successful.


Harry pulled aside a particularly old and dusty tapestry and began climbing the staircase hidden behind it, thinking frantically. What the hell was going on here? Why had one of Malfoy's little cronies been poised on the first floor, practically…well, waiting for him?

He emerged onto the second floor only to be met by the handsome, dark-skinned form of Blaise Zabini.

"What the hell!" Harry shouted, venting his frustration.

"What is it about Draco's reputation, Potter, that makes you so angry at him?" Blaise asked.

"I'm not going to freaking answer! I barely even know you!" Harry shot back.

"Is it that he hides who he truly is?" Blaise called after Harry's rapidly retreating back. This caused Harry to freeze, and turn back around slowly.

"Is it because he won't let himself see what could happen between you two?" Blaise continued, smirking at the dumbfounded expression on Harry's face.

Harry stared at him, and then whipped back around, hurrying further down the corridor.

Blaise smirked in pleasure. He'd done what he was meant to do.


'They've lost it. All the Slytherins have gone insane.' Harry thought resignedly, heading for the staircase that would take him to the third floor. 'It's a conspiracy.'

This thought was further proven by the presence of one Pansy Parkinson, who was standing in front of the staircase and serenely inspecting her fingernails. She looked up with a smile.

"Hello, Potter." She purred.

"Not another one." Was all Harry could say.

"Yes, Potter, another one." She smiled. "I'm guessing you're confused?"

"YES!" Harry shouted back.

"Of course. All your answers lie up these stairs, darling." She smiled at him, and stepped aside. "And by the way, congratulations in advance."

He eyed her with wild eyes and took the staircase two steps at a time, up and out of sight.

Pansy smiled. They'd set him up – now it was up to Draco to finish it off.


Harry bolted up the last few steps and emerged into the third floor corridor. Confused, shaken and thoroughly irritated, he stalked over the faded rugs of the floor, heading for the statue of Lorien.

To his frustration, upon arrival at said statue, there was no-one to be found.

"Dammit, Malfoy!" he snarled, giving the heavy stone base of the statue a kick. As often happens though, this didn't solve anything, and resulted in a sharp pain in his foot. He hopped up and down on one leg, cursing angrily.

At that moment, he felt someone grab his shoulders from behind. He was spun around and then pushed up against a blank stretch of wall next to the statue. Next second, a body was pressed against his and a mouth met his own. Harry didn't even need to check – there was no doubt as to who it was.

He allowed Malfoy to kiss him for a few moments and then, ignoring all inner protestations to just keep going, put his hands to Malfoy's chest and pushed.

Draco stumbled slightly, but regained his balance almost straight away. "Hello, Potter." He smiled, straightening his robes.

Harry absently wiped his mouth, stepping away from the wall. "Malfoy. You sent the note?"

"Yes." Draco said, eyes glittering as he looked at Harry.

"I remember it asked me to come alone, so what the bloody hell were your friends doing, waiting for me to pass and then ambushing me with personal questions?" Harry said, looking extremely pissed off.

Draco inhaled. Merlin, Potter was attractive when he was angry. "All part of the plan." He said smoothly.

"The plan?" Harry was persistent. "What plan?"

"The plan to get you up here with me, of course." Draco smiled.

"Wait, you devised a plan?" Harry sounded curious now.

"Well, Pansy did." Draco admitted. "She came up with a simple plan to get you up here, and to make sure you were thinking along the right channels. She even," and here Draco snorted derisively, "came up with a codename to use in place of your name."

"Really? What was it?"

Draco sighed, rolling his eyes upwards to the ceiling. Damn Pansy. "Lovely lion." He answered. "L.L for short."

"Lovely lion?!" Harry repeated, sounding disturbed and incredulous. "Merlin, what kind of a name is that?"

"I don't know. Ask Pansy." Draco shrugged.

Mission objective, remember, Draco. Stick to the plan. He reminded himself

"You know, before Valentine's Day, I'd been on an abstinence period of about a year." Draco said suddenly, conversationally, as though they were discussing the weather.

Harry's eyes widened, incredulity increasing as he stared at Draco. "A year?" he repeated, sounding shocked.

"Yeah." Draco chuckled, almost to himself. "There were quite a few people – boys and girls – who tried to snap me out of it."

Harry snorted. Draco raised an eyebrow at him.

"I always turned them down though, because my life was just too busy for that." Draco paused, wrestling with himself. Say it. Just say it. "But there was a main reason why I managed to maintain it for so long."

"And what was that?" Harry asked.

"You." Draco stated simply. Harry gaped at him.

"Me? But…why?" Harry asked desperately.

"I was so damn focused on hating you, seeking revenge against you for my father, all the rest of it, that it became quite easy to forget about my other needs."

A spark of amusement appeared in Harry's brilliant green eyes. "So you were obsessed with me."

"I didn't realise at the time, but yes, I guess you could say I was." Draco said.

"Interesting." Harry grinned despite himself.

"Anyway, Valentine's Day changed all that." Draco continued on. "I don't know what it was that compelled me to kiss you…but it was the most affecting kiss I've ever had in my life."

Harry nodded vehemently at this in agreement.

"I tried so hard to maintain to my friends and to myself that I didn't need anybody. And then after the second confrontation…" Draco took another step closer to Harry, eyes glinting strangely, "…I realised something."

"And what was that?" Harry breathed. They were standing awfully close now.

"I realised that I care entirely too much about you, and what you're doing, and what you're thinking, and how much I want to push you against the nearest wall and have my way with you." Draco murmured, his voice nearly a purr. A shudder went through Harry. "I realised that's not really a healthy way to be about my arch-rival."

"So what do you suggest we be instead?" Harry asked softly.

"I think you know the answer to that, Potter." Draco smiled, moving closer yet again.

"Malfoy…" Harry was up against the wall once more. "Why did you do all this? Get all your friends into the act, organise everything, just to bring me up here?"

"Because." Draco shrugged carelessly. He reached out and traced around Harry's lips, causing him to shiver. "I know last night you told me you hated it when I let my reputation get in the way. This is my own way of showing you I can get a balance between having that reputation…" he leaned down and lightly kissed Harry's neck before straightening again, "…and being with you."

Harry stared at him for a good 10 seconds, and then blinked.

"Whoa, hold up, back up for a minute." He said, holding his hands up imploringly. "Are you saying what I think you are?"

"What do you think I'm saying?" Draco shot back, smiling in a very predatory way.

"That you…you…you know. Love me."

Draco exhaled slowly. And there it was. If he didn't respond correctly in this situation, he knew, Pansy would have his head. He couldn't say the exact words…but he had to say something.

"Ehm…yes. I am."

"So romantic." Harry smiled.

"Shut up." Draco snapped, fighting a smile of his own.

"So…the great Draco Malfoy loves me." Harry said speculatively. "I never thought this would happen."

"You know, of course, that it never would have happened if we hadn't bumped into each other on Valentine's Day?" Draco questioned.

"Probably." Harry smirked deviously. "It might have, though." He reached out and ran a hand over the sharp, pale angles of Draco's collarbone, causing the latter to shiver. "I think you would've realised eventually you couldn't live without a lovely lion in your life."

"Don't call yourself…" Draco began to protest, but he was interrupted when Harry swooped, attacking the pale throat with his mouth. Draco moaned desperately as Harry straightened back up, a teasing eyebrow raised in question.

"You going to kiss me now, or what?"

Draco didn't need telling twice. He moved closer and kissed the brunette. Hands found their way to waists and into hair, and both boys sighed with inner relief. Yes, this felt right. This was what they were meant to be doing.

Harry reflected distantly, even as Draco's hands slid inside his shirt and ghosted over his stomach, that maybe next year when Valentine's Day rolled around, he might be able to look upon it more favourably.

Draco's hands moved to his pants, and Harry's breath hitched.


Until then, though…


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