Hiii! I'm back with Gaara's ABC's. Keep in mind, Gaara fans that I do not mean to offend. This is all in good fun and made when I was... slightly high off chocolate. Enjoy!

Gaara's ABC's

A - AAH! Gaara's gonna kill you!

B – "Bye-bye!" That's what Gaara's gonna say right before he kills you.

C – Stands for "See ya later, cuz you're gonna be dead."

D – Dead. You are dead.

E – Eeek! Gaara's coming to get you!

F – Fly. That's what you're going to do as he kills you.

G – Gone. you are dead.

H – High. You're so high, your dead.

I – I…will laugh at you as you're dieing.

J – Jet. That's what you saw as you flew through the sky.

K – Kite. You also saw one of those as you flew through the sky.

L – Laugh. That's what I'm gonna do as I watch you die.

M – Mm… popcorn… very yummy for when I watch you die.

N – No way! You died a lot faster than I thought you would!

O – Oh, wow… you're dead.

P – What you did when you saw Gaara.

Q – Quilt. One of the things Gaara used to kill you.

R – Row boat. One of the things Gaara threw at you as he killed you.

S – Soap. He threw it at you.

T – He poured it down your pants.

U – Die.

W – Walk. Which you cannot do cuz your dead.

X – …

Y – Why did you have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Gaara decided he wanted to kill you?!

Z – The sound you make when you sleep.

You'll be sleeping for a long time…