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Valentine's Day.

How she hated it.

The cards with meaningless words printed by someone else, handed over without thought; the flowers plucked and packaged in plastic…

The loneliness.

The knowledge that somewhere, out there, people were sharing their love for each other, nestled close in their contentment, whilst she sat inside, alone…

It was almost more than she could bear.

It was hard enough on any other day…

But on a day where love was advertised with neon signs…suddenly the constant feeling of being alone became much more than a dull ache. It became so very much more.

A series of knives, coated in longing, twisting themselves deep into her soul, the wounds bleeding a steady flow of sorrow to fill her.

She sat down upon the edge of her bed, her eyes fixed on the darkening sky through her window as the hazy golden glow bathed her pale face.

Her amethyst eyes followed the falling rays of light, the clouds turning to pink as gradually the sun was overcome by shadows.

Perhaps she could have dealt with the pain if her heart didn't already know who it longed to beat next to.

But it did.

Blue eyes like a summer's sky lit up in her mind, dark, ruffled hair, soft to the touch…kindness and strength, determination and compassion…

How she loved him.

But it was in silence that her love lived.

And through every day, her agony endured.

Endured and then swelled on a day like today.

Her eyes glistened as she stared resolutely out at the dusky sky, her lips trembling and head held high, fighting to hold down her tears.

Her body began to tremble with suppressed anguish as she kept her shimmering eyes fixed on the faded blue beyond her, determined not to cry.

Still, a single tear escaped her eye, and slid quietly down her cheek.

- - -


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