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Chapter 1: A New Dark Lord

"Muggles." said a cold voice. "I hate Muggles. They're a disgrace to humanity. Them, Squibs, Mudbloods, all of them! They've polluted our world. I will not stand for this."

The cloaked figure turned to face his companions.

"It is sad that the Dark Lord fell. He was doing so well, purifying this world. But alas, he was killed by Harry Potter."

The other cloaked figures hissed at these words.

"But I shall not sit back while our kind are contaminated further." continued the figure. "I shall continue the Dark Lord's will. All Muggles, Mudbloods, and Squibs shall perish. The half-bloods, they are inferior to us. They shall be our slaves. The purebloods shall rule. And I shall rule over all. Fulfilling the Dark Lord's wishes. His will shall be done through me. I shall live the life he deserved for him."

One of the other cloaked figures stepped forward.

"How shall we do this?" they asked. "We are the last of the Death Eaters. All the other followers of the Dark Lord have lost faith."

"I'm perfectly aware of this, Wormtail." snapped the dark figure. "But we shall start over. The other side has had 17 years of peace since the Dark Lord perished. But his forces shall rise again. We will do it quietly. All those who oppose us will die."

"But what can you do that the Dark Lord could not?" asked another Death Eater.

"Do you doubt me, Avery?" asked the figure. "The Dark Lord chose me to follow in his footsteps. Do you not trust his judgment?"

"Of course I do?" Avery said quickly. "It's just-"

"Are you still his faithful servant?" interrupted the figure.

"Yes, I just meant-"

"Even though he has passed on?"

"Yes, I am! I do not doubt his wishes. All I meant was, if the Dark Lord could not defeat Harry Potter, how can you? The Dark Lord was the greatest."

The figure laughed. It was a cold cruel laugh. "Of course. Harry Potter. Yes, I see your point. He is responsible for the Dark Lord's demise. However, I shall see to it that he dies. Harry Potter thinks that the war ended 17 years ago. And so it did. But another war shall begin. We will not reveal ourselves until Harry Potter has been killed. And I shall be the one to kill him. I will do it for the Dark lord. And I shall be known as the New Dark Lord. All of his former servants will come crawling back to us. Harry Potter may be the most powerful wizard alive, but that does not mean he cannot be killed. I shall personally kill his family and friends. Without them he is powerless. But we must not strike until the moment is right."

Another Death Eater came forward.

"Master, we trust the Dark Lord's judgment. Therefore we trust you. What is it you want use to do?"

The New Dark Lord smiled. "Patience my faithful servant. Patience. This must be planned out carefully. There mustn't be even a whisper about us. After all, 17 years is a long time. Everyone thinks they're problems have long been over. But they will soon learn that the war has not ended. It has merely been on standby. We still have our forces. We merely need to get them back on our side. We must also kill Harry Potter. He gives hope to this world. Once he is gone, their hope will be gone. Those that have betrayed us will rejoin us once they see that Harry Potter is nothing special. He may have defeated the Dark Lord, but he did that by sheer luck. But not even luck can save him this time. Now then, you shall all go back to your lives. Recruit whoever you can. The third war shall soon begin!"

The Death Eaters bowed and vanished. The New Dark Lord looked up to the sky.

"I'm doing this for you, my lord. Harry Potter will pay for what he has done to you. Your will shall be carried out."

And with that, the New Dark Lord vanished into the night.

(A/N: Well, this is just chapter one. Hope you liked it. There's a new Dark Lord in town, and he doesn't look friendly. More to come, and the chapters will be longer.)