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Sirius carefully climbed the stone staircase, sniffing all the corners, waiting to be caught. At each door, he sniffed until he found the one he was looking for, the one where Corie slept.

The door was slightly ajar, and Sirius could peek in. On one of the beds, he saw a form slumped, shoulders shaking with sobs even he couldn't hear. Knowing it was Corie, he nosed the door open and slowly entered the room.

He creeped up to the bed and felt an invisible aura blocking him from getting an farther. Knowing the she could hear him, but he couldn't hear her, he let out a low whine, hoping she would react and speak to him.


Hermione's head flew up. She thought that she had heard a dog whine. Whipping her head towards the door, she saw Sirius sitting just outside her protective shield. Her mouth opened in shock. She hadn't known that Sirius could get up here…but then, she figured, the magic saw him as a dog and allowed him in here, thinking he was a pet.

Locking eyes with him, Hermione saw the pain the Sirius was feeling for what he had done. But she couldn't believe that he would betray her trust in him. Feeling more waves of tears forming, she turned away from him. But her love flowed out to him, allowing the shield around her to disappear.


Sensing that the aura shield had dropped, Sirius took a tentative step forward, head drooping in shame. He nudged her arm with his muzzle, his silent apology to her, feeling that actions spoke better than words would.

He was shocked when Corie flung herself on him, accepting his apology. Feeling her body shake with sobs, all he could do was stand there and let her cry.

Eventually, her sobbing abated, and she lifted her head from his now wet fur. Sirius brought his head up, and licked away the remaining tears, tasting the salty liquid.


Hermione nodded her head at him, content. Standing, she grabbed her shower things, feeling that a bath would do her good. With one last look at Sirius, she entered the bathroom and shut the door.


Sirius stood looking at the door she had disappeared behind, certain that everything was fixed now.

Turning, he headed toward the stairs and halted. He smelled Peter. Turning his head toward the nearest bed, he saw the rat sitting, watching him. Sirius growled, not certain of what his purpose was. He looked around to see if anyone else was in the room. When he turned back to the bed, he was gone.

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