hey its me again, tomatoqueen! hmm yeah most of my stories are random funny stuff but this one is going to be a romance, possibly drama, and im pretty sure some agnst the beginning. some stuff you need to know:

1. i changed sakura completely because i dont like her the way she is. srry, saku fans.

2.this first chapter is mainly sakura's POV. next chapter will be y'know, present action type things.

3. italics are for actual thoughts.

4.this is rated teen for swearing and possible violence depending on where i go w/ this

5.i own naruto. it is mine.


i was kidding about above comment. don't sue. please



Everyone looked at her expectantly. She wasn't sure what to do. She plastered a huge grin on her face she hoped looked genuine. "Great to have you back, Sasuke."

-end flashback-

But it wasn't great. It wasn't great at all. Having him gone was so painful she had become numb, and part of her hadn't wanted him back, because it would mean fresh pain and more complicated emotions she didn't feel like dealing with because...well, because.

Her friends noticed her behavior and asked her about it but she always beat around the bush with her vague answers. She didn't like to explain herself and she would much rather avoid the problem anyways.

Speaking of which, despite her friendly act the other day she had kept her distance from Sasuke. When she had to be around him she was always guarded and untrusting. She never was a trusting person and being betrayed by him when she had trusted only made it worse.

On top of that, she wasn't sure he had come back for good. He could always betray the village again for some fucking quest for power. And it irked her how he could betray the whole damn village then waltz right back in and everybody practically rolled out the welcome mat with open arms.

Seriously. He had practically eloped with Orochimaru the snake bastard, Konoha enemy number 1, and his only punishment was he always had to be under the watchful eye of one of his former two teammates.

Normally this went to Naruto because he was Sasuke's best friend and can handle him better than anyone else. Sometimes Naruto had asked her to do it but she always made excuses about being busy with the ANBU. None of which were true.

Currently she was running through Konoha, her favorite way of exhausting her emotions so that she wouldn't have to deal with them. It was good exercise and she loved running anyway. She was the fastest ninja in Konoha, even faster than Sasuke, and she felt pretty smug about it.

She was running past Ichiraku when she heard someone call out to her.



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