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Sakura POV

I scowled at his dumbstruck face. "What are you looking at?" I snarled. He merely raised an eyebrow at me in that infuriating calm, superior-than-thou way. In spite of my rage I felt foolish for not being capable of controlling my feelings like he could.

I hated him all the more for making me feel that way.

Composing my face, I brushed past him, grumbling "Lets go find something to eat."

I swear I heard him chuckle softly, but, still feeling foolish, I managed not to whirl around and slap him. But it took some serious effort.


Their dinner was pretty uneventful, which is shocking all in itself. Sakura calmed down enough to be quiet because of sheer exhaustion.

Good thing, too. Else that simpering wench that kept unabashedly flirting with Sasuke would be out cold on the floor. Humph. She was an embarrassment to her gender.

As is, she was ignored by the duo.

Sakura idly wondered if this was going to become a routine, these quiet evenings with Sasuke. Reflecting on it for a moment more, she was revolted with herself for even entertaining the thought.

Sasuke watched, somewhat amused, as his companions head nearly crashed into her soup several times and random expressions flitted across her face. As an angry one fell into place, he wondered what it was that she thought about.

More Sakura POV

I don't know how I dragged myself from the restaurant and back to our hotel, but I did. As we entered the room, I noticed there was only one bed. Damn.

Then I noticed the all-too-familiar little orange book on the bed.

I will swear ever after that it was a freak muscle spasm that made me cross the barren floor and throw Itcha Itcha at his face.

I managed to say, "Sleep on the floor." before I passed out.


Sakura POV

At four the next day, I found myself being poked, prodded, pinched, squeezed, painted, and bullied into the picture-perfect vision of a modern geisha (cough prostitute cough).

'Heaven help me.' I pleaded in my head, even tough I have little faith in the gods —they seldom offer help.

"There. You're done." Th plump attendant – ' No. "The pleasantly plump attendant." No offense, Couji.'—informed me as I stifled a small grin.

I checked my appearance. I looked like the skank-queen of all skanks.

"Thank you." I told my companion. "Could I have a moment alone?"

As soon as the pleasantly plump attendant was out of sight, I shed the slutty kimono-like garment for another slutty kimono-like garment. But the new one fit better, or rather covered a little more than just from my nipples to my thighs. It wasn't as modest as I would like, but it was close enough.

Next to go was the makeup. It simply had to be redone; it was thick and gaudy. I had to work quickly.

'What's the point of the attendant if I'm just going to re-do what she did anyway?'

When I finished I looked like an only slightly skanky geisha. Much better. Much, much better.

I called for the assistant. She gave me a disapproving once-over but thankfully said nothing and escorted me to a pseudo-elegant, tough bare, room. It was filled with my temporary co-workers.

The next half-hour found me bored out of my mind, kneeling on that floor. The women with me whispered in private conversations I was excluded from. Which suited me. I wasn't one for small talk.

'I wonder what Sasuke is doing.'

Every once in a while I would be called out as part of a small group to go entertain at this or that gathering. This continued for a while.

But I never received any information useful to my mission. All in all? I was devastatingly bored. To occupy my time I fantasized about the different ways I could inflict pain on any man that made an advance on me.

'First, I would ram that table into his knees, then I would shove that small disk down his throat and watch his neck swell where it went down…'

So my first day passed, then the second, then the third.

Finally on the fourth day he showed up, all indifference and dangerous demeanor. I hate him.

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