Have you ever gone back and reread old OLD fics that you haven't looked at since you initially posted it? Well that's what happened here. I finally worked up the courage to look back at my first fic and nearly hurled after reading it. Gah it was horrible; like a nightmare I just couldn't wake from. I fear what some of my other old fics have in store for me when I look back at those. I'll probably die a horrible brain melting death.

Anywho after the shock, fear, and embarrassment (of posting something so horrendous) I managed to choke my way through it and rewrite it removing the stupid 'tasting emotions thing'. What the hell was I thinking with that nonsense? Now it's just pretty much a PWP two shot cleaned up and easier to read. Like I said not a lot changed just the removal of all the stupid stuff I thought was cool when I wrote it the first time. Whelp that's about it. Hope you enjoy if it's your first fling with this fic and if it's your second go round well I hope it reads better. Much love for you all. Keva


"Red wine? Check. Wine glasses? Check. Satin comforter? Check. Chocolate covered cherries? Check. Red candles? Check. Lighter? Check. Skimpy nighty? Check. Hmm… lets see here what else?" Kagome placed her fist to her chin in thought trying to think of what else to pack for a hot romantic Valentines night of passion. "Oh yeah!" She squealed and yanked open the drawer to her desk and pulled out the cherry flavored body lotion.

"Ok Miroku I will help you." Kagome said with a sigh.

The monk had been bothering her all day about getting her to help him 'romance' Sango if you will. She just HAD to explain to the hōshi what Valentines Day was and he just HAD to use that day as an excuse to capture the object of his desires.

"Really Kagome? You'll help me?" Miroku questioned violet eyes glinting excitedly.

"Yes." She sighed. "I'll take care of everything you'll need to romance Sango," he opened his mouth to say respond and she halted his words with a hand held up. "BUT… but if she doesn't want your attention then you have to leave her alone. Understand?"

Miroku nodded innocently though looked as far from innocent as a perverted monk could.

"I am not going to subject my friend to something that she wants no part of." Kagome threatened.

Miroku put his hand on his chest. "My lady Kagome, my intentions with my dear Sango are nothing but pure and true."

Kagome narrowed her eyes at her friend. "I'm sure they are." She countered sarcastically.

Miroku's eyes widened in shock at the doubt of his intentions. "Kagome you doubt my word?"

Kagome gave a big sigh. "Miroku you are a good friend but your past shall we say behavior isn't exactly what we would call good intentions. Sango is like my sister and I'm only concerned with how she will feel about all this. If she doesn't want it and you force it upon her." She back peddled a little at how hurt he suddenly looked. "I mean I know you wouldn't but I just don't want her to get hurt. If you really want her love then I strongly suggest that you QUIT asking every female you come across to bare you a child and for the love of kami do something about that cursed hand!"

Miroku gave his friend a hurt look. "I didn't know you thought so lowly of me. I shall not need your assistance." He turned and began to walk away.

Kagome grabbed him by the shoulder. "Miroku I don't think lowly of you. I love you like a brother that is why I feel that I can tell you these things. I am only trying to help you understand why it has been so hard for you to get Sango to love you in return. You have to make some changes if you really want her to love you the way you do her." She told him in all honesty.

Miroku turned to his miko friend. "I understand Kagome but I do truly love the lady Sango and would give anything to have her love me the way I love her. If what you say is true and it's keeping Sango from returning my affections," he stared at her sincerely. "then between now and your love day I will try to change them and show her she is the only woman that holds my heart."

Kagome gave him a hopeful smile. "Good, now you have a little over one month to prove to Sango that you are a changed hentai. Then if she believes you to be a changed man on valentines day I will take care of what you need to give her a perfect romantic evening."

Miroku wrapped his arms around his friend in thanks. "Ahhh….. BUT YOU CAN'T DO THAT ANYMORE YOU HENTAI!" Kagome screamed as she pulled herself away from the pervert..

Miroku turned a slight red in embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head. "Umm sorry force of habit."

"I bet." Kagome muttered. "You really need to work on that and now would be a good time to start." She turned and headed back to the village.

Kagome sat at her desk staring at all the things she had bought for her friends to have their romantic evening and let off a soft sigh. Miroku worked really hard to fix his 'cursed hand' problems and she was surprised at what the monk could do if he was determined enough. Sure he still groped Sango but she was the only one.

Sango had confronted her and questioned her about the monk's changed behavior. Kagome had told her that he was really trying to prove to her that she was the only woman for him. So if she needed proof then she just had to watch Miroku when he was with other women.

Kagome was thrilled for her friends and their growing relationship and slightly jealous as well. If only she could find someone who wanted her as much as Miroku wanted Sango she would be the happiest girl in the world. Inuyasha was a lost cause being she wanted him to see her as Kagome not the reincarnation of his walking dead girlfriend. So long as he thought of her that way she just couldn't bring herself to want him to want her anymore. A girl could only take so much of being compared to and considered Kikyo before any love for the one who looked at her like that cooled to just a warm thought of a good friend.

Hojo had long since given up on her and moved on. Even the hotheaded wolf Koga finally gave up on her. She let off a saddened sigh. "22 and still single." She looked out her bedroom window at the old God tree. "Will I ever find someone to love me for me and not who I look like or what I can do?"

She stared at the tree for a minute then shook her head. "I have to get going." She grabbed all the stuff for Miroku and Sango's Valentine's Day date and stuffed it into her backpack.

"See ya in a week or so mom! Tell gramps and Sota I said bye and love them! Love you too!" Kagome yelled as she ran down the stairs.

"Bye dear. Be careful." Her mother answered from the living room.

"I will." Kagome put her shoes on and ran out the door to the well house.

She pulled herself out of the well only to come face to face with a very nervous and extremely excited monk. "Miroku?" She asked as she sat her bag down and looked at the monk. She was thoroughly unprepared for the usually pulled together monk's outburst.

"Kagome did you get the stuff? I mean it wasn't too much trouble for you to get it was it? Will Sango like it? Will I like it? Is there anything in your bag that I need to learn how to use? What is in your bag? You didn't tell Sango what we had planned did you? You did didn't you and now she knows and she won't go with me. How could you! Wait what am I thinking; you wouldn't betray my confidence would you. Would you? Girls like to talk so it's entirely possible but… So what do you really have in your bag?"

Kagome stared wide-eyed at the monk and wondered how he could say so much without taking a single breath. As a matter of fact he was actually starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen. "Miroku calm down and breathe before you pass out. Of course I didn't tell Sango anything and don't worry about what's in the bag I will tell you everything you need to know so you won't be unprepared." She watched as he breathed in and out very slowly while gripping his staff tightly. Obviously the lack of oxygen made his world spin making him want to pass out.

"I trust you Kagome. Its just that… well… you know."

Kagome saw the blush creep up on the hōshi's face and knew instantly what the problem was. "Oh my god! You're a… a…." Before she could finish her statement the monk nodded his head. Kagome began to blush along with her friend unsure of what to say next and was really caught unprepared for what he asked her next.

"So Kagome-sama um… I know this is a strange question but…. I was a…. wondering… well if you could… um… well… howdoesagirlliketobetouched?"

Kagome blinked really slowly with mouth agape and waiting for his question to make its way through her shell shocked brain. When the moment of clarity never came she made the mistake of questioning back. "Huh?"

"Well it's not that I don't know how to touch a girl but I'm not sure of the best way to touch a girl. I may be a hentai but that is just so that I can hide the fact that I don't know what I am doing when it comes to a female. Do you think Sango would like me to touch her the way I think that a girl should be touched or is there something that she likes that I don't know about? Do you two talk about stuff like that when you bathe together?"

Again Kagome watched as the monk slowly turned blue from lack of oxygen. "Breathe Miroku." She had finally regained control of her senses and figured that she was going to have to take control of the situation before the monk died from the lack of oxygen trying to explain his problem to her. Taking a deep breath to make sure that she could still breathe she looked at the monk with a calming smile. "Ok, come on I will show you what I have in the bag and explain the best I can how to use it and what you should do." She could already feel the blush creeping up on her own face at the thought of explaining to Miroku the best way to touch a woman.

She picked her bag up and told him to follow her. They walked to the grassy area by the pond and sat down. "Ok." She took a deep breath to steel her nerves and opened her bag. She pulled out all the stuff and laid it out in front of them.

"Ok this," she pointed to the wine and wine glasses. "is to drink and help to relax you both. If you drink to much you will get drunk and then anything after that most likely will not end good. So drink it in moderation. Though I suspect that you understand what getting drunk can and can't lead to."

Miroku nodded at her and picked up the nighty and wiggled his eyebrows at her. "No need to tell me what this is for."

Kagome couldn't help but giggle. She shook her head and then pointed out the silk comforter. "I'm sure you know what to do with the blanket." He nodded at her and she moved on. "You know what these are." She held up the chocolate covered cherries and he gave another nod. "Candles you know what those are as well as how to use the lighter." She then picked up the final item and opened it. "Here hold out your finger."

She put a drop onto the outstretched finger of her friend. "This is a body lotion that you can eat."

Miroku looked at the girl eyes wide in shock. He knew what lotion was he had seen the girls use it several times but he never thought of it as being something to eat. Sure it smelled good when they put it on but the scent never triggered his appetite. "Are you sure Kagome? I thought you only used this stuff to make your skin soft not to eat."

"I'm sure Miroku." She nodded. "Most lotion isn't for eating but there are some like this one that you can. Taste it and see." She watched as he slowly brought his finger up to his mouth and tentatively stuck his tongue out to taste it.

Miroku's eyes widened at the taste of the creamy substance.

"It taste like cherries." Kagome nodded at him with a smile.

"I like it." He leered excitedly at her.

"Now that we have gone through all the things you can use we can now discuss," she coughed in nervousness. "how to handle a female."

Miroku leaned in in anticipation ears open to hear every word she had to say.

Kagome coughed again and began. "First off I know you think that girls like it when you grope them but they don't. It's just too perverted. Secondly asking them to bare you a child it down right creepy." She shook her head. "Ok now for how to," she giggled and coughed to cover it up. "touch a female."

Kagome thought about the ways she would want a man to touch her and explained them to her hentai friend. She placed a finger to her chin and looked up into the blue sky it would be easier if she didn't look at him while explaining this to him.

Closing her eyes she began. "Well to start a gentle kiss on her lips while folding her into your arms is the best place to start. Then slowly kiss your way to her ear, nibble on her lobe, and whisper things like; you're so beautiful. Or your skin is as soft as silk. You know something along those lines. Be gentle with her unless she otherwise tells you."

She lowered her head to look at the monk. "Also let her do with you what she will and tell her softly if you don't like it." She tilted her head to the side. "You can also start off with massaging her back and neck then slowly work your way down her legs. If you want to have a little fun with her you can give her a little tickle to her sides if you want but not too much it will kill the mood."

Miroku nodded his head in understanding and waited for her to continue.

"Then when you are both ready either slowly if she is unsure unless she tells you work her out of her clothes. Lick and nibble at various areas of her flesh to make her excited and to want you even more. Then once she wants you things will move a lot more smoothly and passionately."

Kagome was surprised at how easy it was to tell her friend how to do these things. Sure she was sporting a nasty blush but the more she talked about it the easier it was becoming. Although there were a few things she knew she wasn't going to be able to discuss with him. Such as oral sex or the motions of sex period.

She took another deep breath this she was going to have to discuss no matter how embarrassing it was. "Now you know it will be Sango's first time as well" At his nod she continued. "You also know what it means when a girl is a virgin?" He nodded at her again and she bit her lip trying to think of how to explain the next part to him. "Well when a girl is a virgin and when you a… um… enter her." She thought for sure she was going to pass out from the rush of blood to her head causing her skin to turn a deep crimson.

Miroku wasn't faring much better. He was blushing but not from embarrassment but from the perverted thoughts running through his head.

With another deep breath she just came right out with it. "When you enter her you are going to break through her virgin barrier and it might hurt her and it might not. Every girl is different from what I understand. As for Sango and as strong as she is it might not hurt her. I suggest you take it slowly and once you get through it wait for her to tell you if she is ok before you continue. She sighed trying to calm her nerves and bite down the blush from explaining this to her friend. She thought for sure of all people he would know all about this kind of thing.

Miroku sat back and placed his hand to his chin in thought. He then looked at the girl sitting across from him fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. "I completely understand Kagome. I just have to be gentle and let her lead me through what she wants to feel. Am I correct?"

Kagome nodded at him and began to pack the things back into her bag. Without looking at her monk friend. "So tonight I will come back to this spot and get everything ready then you can bring Sango here and do what you have planned."

"Thank you Kagome." Miroku smiled at her.

She returned his smile and stood up with her bag slung over her shoulder. "Are you ready to head to the village?"

Miroku shook his head. "No I'm going to stay here and meditate on tonight. I'll be back shortly."

Kagome nodded and smiled at him then followed the path heading back towards the village.

Once Kagome disappeared out of sight Miroku sighed. "I have done as you have requested." He whispered out to the being standing in the shadows of the trees with a barely noticeable smile on his lips.


"Come on Inuyasha! We don't have all day!" Sango yelled at the hanyou standing with his back to her arms crossed on his chest and his ears flattened to his head.

"Inuyasha." Sango seethed. "If you don't move your fire rat covered ass I will move it for you."

Inuyasha spun around to face the taijiya with fangs bared and clawed finger pointing at her.

She narrowed her eyes to deadly little slits just daring the hanyou. "Do not attempt to frighten me Inuyasha. I have seen things much more scarier than you."

Inuyasha growled deadly at her. "I will not do this!"

She walked up to the hanyou and jabbed her finger into his chest. "Yes you will and if you don't I will personally remove what makes you a man in the most painful way you can think of."

He took a step back from the threatening woman and narrowed his eyes at her. "You wouldn't dare."

Sango crossed her arms over her chest and smirked evilly at him. "You want to find out?" She questioned as she arched a brow at him.

The hanyou shook his head. "Keh! Fine I'll go but I won't be nice about it!" He yelled as he stormed passed the taijiya.

She laughed and shook her head. "I don't expect you to be nice about it." She responded before following after the hanyou.

"Hey Inuyasha what do you suppose Miroku is up to?" She questioned from his back.

"Humph… I don't know that lecher could be up to anything knowing him!" He yelled back.

"Well we better hurry up! We told Miroku we'd be back by tomorrow night."

"We'll find him." He growled. "We should come across him by nightfall." He couldn't believe he was running an errand for that perverted monk and delivering a message to HIM! As far as he was concerned his companion was nothing more than a back two faced backstabber. Plus the fact that Sango agreed to all this blew his little hanyou mind right out of the water telling him that she too was low down dirty snake in the grass.

Oh and to put the rotten cherry on the pile of shit he was duped into going along with this by the monks wise words of wisdom. Or more specifically Miroku's way of using big words that he didn't understand. So because he didn't want to look stupid in front of him he just agreed to everything the monk said. All he could remember Miroku saying was something about a 'perpetual essence of adulation with an omnipotent being'.

He had no idea what he was talking about and upon questioning the lecher about the big fancy words he was received with a disappointed look from said monk. Followed by a statement that made him shut up about it. "I thought you were smarter than that Inuyasha. I see now that I was wrong." Those words made him feel even stupider than he already did. So being the mature smart male he was he played it of as a lack of common sense and told Miroku that he must be tired or something.

He also had to wonder when it was that Miroku found the time to meet up with his hated brother in order to make any agreements. He thought back and couldn't remember a single time when he was missing long enough to hunt down Sesshoumaru in order to make any deals with. Maybe there was more to that hentai monk than he thought.

Just as the sun was setting Inuyasha came to a stop and practically dropped Sango off his back. "He's in the next clearing." He growled coldly.

"Good." Sango nodded curtly and began walking towards the clearing where Sesshoumaru was located. "Come on Inuyasha and lets get this over with."

Inuyasha huffed and with head hung he followed the demon slayer to the clearing containing his stupid high and mighty elder brother.

"Sesshoumaru-sama" Sango greeted with a bow. "We have come with a message for you from our companion Miroku."

Sesshoumaru keeping his cold gaze locked onto the pouting figure in red behind the taijiya gave a curt nod to her.

Sango slowly approached the demon lord and handed him the scroll with the message on it.

Sesshoumaru took the scroll from the woman. "You may leave." He dismissed like she wasn't worth the time to look at let alone talk to.

Sango nodded and turned to leave the clearing grabbing her grumbling companion by the collar of his haori on her way out.

Sesshoumaru opened the scroll and read it contents.

Lord Sesshoumaru,

I humbly agree to the terms of our agreement and in two nights time of receiving this message I will have that which I agreed to ready for you as you have requested. Also I have made sure that the term to our contract is unaware of our arrangement and shall be innocently unaware of your desires. My companions know nothing of my agreement with you or your intentions with the term, and they do not know of what I will acquire once this agreement has been fulfilled.

If you should require anything more of me please feel free to contact me as you see fit and I will do what is within my power to fulfill it.

Humbly yours,


Sesshoumaru used his poison to eliminate the scroll from ever being seen by another and to avoid it falling into the wrong hands to be used to blackmail him. He turned to his retainer and issued out his orders. "Jaken take Rin and return to the palace."

"Yes Sesshoumaru-sama. May I ask where it is that you are going?" The toad questioned wearily.

"Jaken," Sesshoumaru answered in his cool voice and immediately the toad scrambled to do as he was bided. "I will return in three days time." He threw over his shoulder then disappeared into the forest.

Kagome stood back admiring her work of setting up the area for Miroku and Sango's romantic night. The satin comforter was spread out with the wine and wineglasses sitting off to the side and the chocolate covered cherries next to them. The candles were set in various areas around the comforter waiting to be lit. Then in a red and white box were the nighty and the body lotion. Yep Miroku and Sango were going to have a really good night.

Kagome sighed a deep self pity sigh and began to leave the area to inform her friend that everything was ready for him. That was when she slammed into the edge of a barrier holding her in.

"What the?" She questioned as she placed her hand on the barrier. It didn't do anything to her other than prevent her from leaving.

She began to use her powers to remove the barrier thinking the worst when an oddly familiar voice seemed to surround her. "Do not attempt to escape."

Kagome looked around for the source of the voice but found no one. She then tried to feel him with her aura and found that that she couldn't pinpoint the whereabouts of the unknown source of the voice. She was beginning to get very afraid. "Who are you and what do you want?" She yelled trying to keep her fear down and sound threatening.

"What I want will be known shortly. As for who I am it does not matter."

Kagome wandered around the area looking for the owner of the way to familiar voice while at the same time checking to see if she could find a way out. "I does so matter! Now tell me who are you!" She snapped trying to keep up the façade that she wasn't afraid.

Sesshoumaru stood atop his barrier watching the girl testing his barrier for weakness and trying to suppress her fear. The taste of her fear on his tongue sent little shivers down his spine. From the first time he had ever laid eyes upon the female there was something about her that drew his attention towards her. Maybe it was the immense power she unknowingly held or maybe just the fact that she did not fit in this place. Which he knew she didn't she wasn't from here she was from a place that had yet come to exist.

The first time he had come across the girl with his half-breed brother was when he first noticed her and how different she was. He dismissed her like the insect she was a worthless human that held no value. Besides he was there for nothing more than to acquire the pearl where his fathers fang was hidden.

Yet as the time spent within his fathers tomb continued on he kept noticing her. Her indecent clothing, legs that traveled up forever, and how she would try to act brave even though she was scared to death. He was intrigued but not enough so to pay any real mind to her. So he continued to ignore the girl that is until she pulled the sword from its resting-place.

Inuyasha's need to protect her was disgusted him to no end. Did he not remember that it was a worthless ningen female that bound him to a tree for fifty years? Therefore he had no choice but to eliminate the girl because she was in his way. Spraying her with his poison gave him the same thrill it always did when he would rid the world of another worthless human.

However cold ruthless demon he was he ignored the thrill of killing her and instead focused on trying to kill his whelp of a brother. Then much to his surprise the little bitch had the nerve to rise from the dead like she had the right to still be alive. What was worse than that was she still had a hold of the sword he himself desired and had worked so hard to find.

It was then that he realized there was something different about the girl. However in the grand scheme of things it really meant nothing to him that was until he kept running into her over and over again. She'd act all high and mighty like she was his better and even had the nerve to not only try to kill him but threaten him as well.

She stoked his curiosity a little more each and every time since their second meeting. He locked away every little movement, action, word, every little thing she did he was aware of it. Until eventually he wanted to know everything about her, what made her tick. What thoughts ran through her head. What made her think she had the right to live when he had sentenced her to death and even executed her. He had to know more so when the monk had approached him with his request he decided that it was the perfect opportunity to gain control of the miko and really pick her apart.

He sat at the base of a tree watching his little ward dress up his retainer in various flowers from around the clearing. This is why he kept the girl with him, she was a source of great amusement, especially when it came to the annoying green toad that followed him around.

He watched blanked face but was inwardly smirking at the antics of the child and the squawking of the toad. Jaken running around in circles while flailing his little arms trying to get her to stop her game of 'make Jaken pretty'.

It was then when he suddenly felt the presence of a holy power followed by the scent of a male missed with the disgusting half-breeds scent. He then realized that the scent was coming from the monk that traveled with his idiot brother.

Slowly without a word to his companions he rose and left the area. He walked to the next clearing where he saw the hōshi sitting meditation style in the center of the clearing.

"Sesshoumaru-sama" The monk greeted with out breaking his concentration.

Sesshoumaru stared at the monk. "You seek this Sesshoumaru." He demanded letting the monk know that he had better start explaining why he was there.

Miroku still with his eyes closed in meditation nodded at him. "Lord Sesshoumaru I have a request of you."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes slightly at the back of the hōshi. Who was this lowly ningen to request anything of him. The hōshi wasn't worth his time so he turned to leave and return to his companions when the monk's next words halted he progress.

"I know that I have something that you find to be interesting and would be willing to give you access to it in exchange for what I desire from you." Miroku still didn't open his eyes and continued to sit in the same position.

Sesshoumaru eyed the back of the monk. "You have nothing of interest to me."

Miroku slowly opened his eyes and turned towards the demon. "No? I believe I do. I also believe that you have found this thing to be rather curious since you first laid eyes upon it."

Sesshoumaru was taken back even though he kept his uninterested façade in place. How the hōshi knew of his interest was rather perplexing. "What do you know of my interest?"

Miroku smiled facetiously at the demon lord. "My eyes can see things that others can not."

Sesshoumaru stared at the monk wondering if he had some innate ability to see into a persons soul. However he dismissed the idea almost as soon as it made it appearance he was nothing but a simple ningen after all.

When Sesshoumaru didn't speak or turn to leave Miroku continued. "You see Sesshoumaru-sama I can perceive things by watching the actions of those around me. It was upon our meetings with you I saw what has caught your interest. I know not why it interests you but alas I have seen the curiosity there."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes upon the monk. How could the hōshi could see anything when he kept his emotions locked tightly behind his mask of indifference? "Explain this knowledge." He threatened.

Miroku heard the command in the words telling him that he either explains what he knows or he suffers the consequences. "It's really simple." He shrugged. "I see you look sometimes only briefly and sometimes your stare lingers. It is that that has caused you to be distracted in battle against my companion giving him the slightest edge over you."

To say Sesshoumaru was shocked would be an understatement. The hōshi was right in his observations of him and the fights between him and his half-breed brother but he wasn't about to let the monk know that his assertions were correct. "You speak nonsense."

Miroku put his hand to his chin. "Do I? I have known of this information for sometime but have kept it locked behind my teeth. You see I do not wish to use what I know against you I just seek something you have and in exchange I will continue to keep quiet about what I know. In return I will give you access to that which you have an interest in."

Sesshoumaru stared coldly at him and could sense no deceit coming from him. "Very well. What is it that you desire of this Sesshoumaru?"

Miroku smiled widely and laid his request on the line. "You see lord Sesshoumaru what I request from you is…"