Kagome had about all she could take and began to call forth her powers in order to destroy the barrier irregardless of what the voice said to her.

"You will stop." He ordered coldly.

Kagome snorted and continued building up her purification powers. Just when she was about to the perfect level to destroy the barrier she was startled out of her concentration by a hand around her neck from behind her.

A warm breath tickled her ear. "You dare to disobey me." He demanded. "For that you must be punished."

Kagome shivered at the sound of his voice and the proximity of his lips to her ear. She lowered her eyes to glance at the thing tickling her arm and noticed long silver strands of hair. A small realization began to form then hit her full force when saw the arm attached to the hand on her throat. Immediately she knew who was standing behind her only one person or demon she knew had magenta stripes on their body. "Sesshoumaru" She whispered in a gasp.

"Hai." He whispered against her ear then breathed in her scent. The only word that came to mind upon taking in her scent was clean. She smelled clean with a tinge of sweat and her hair smelt of a fruitiness that he couldn't name. However he didn't care for the name he only knew that he liked it. "Now little miko it is time to begin your punishment." He pulled her closer to his chest.

Kagome didn't know what to do. Here she was trapped in a barrier with the great demon lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's hated half-brother, and a man she didn't know if she should fear or not. Lets face it she was very confused she didn't know if she should be afraid, angry, or irritated? This was after all Sesshoumaru and who knew what he was thinking one second to the next.

Sesshoumaru held her reveling in the feel of her body against his own and quite liking it. Her heat, her scent, the smoothness of her skin under his fingers. He was sure she felt that soft from head to toe.

Kagome wretched herself from his hold and spun around to stare at the inuyoukai. "Sesshoumaru what do you want?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes upon him.

Sesshoumaru looked her over and a slight smirk graced his lips as he took a step towards her.

Kagome stepped back and held her hands out in front of her to ward off whatever threat he intended for her.

Sesshoumaru reached his hand out, grabbed her wrist, pulled her back to him, and smashed her into his chest. He was finding that he liked her pressed against him and intended to keep her like that. He then began to walk her backwards to the area where she had set up the blanket and other oddities and using his superior strength sat her down upon the blanket.

Kagome looked up at the demon as confused as ever being Sesshoumaru was acting WAAAAY out of character. "Sesshoumaru what are you doing?" She questioned beginning to get irritated and yet he still refused to answer her. So she moved to get up and was halted by when he finally deemed it necessary to speak.

"Do not move or your punishment will be much worse."

Kagome froze in her spot as she watched him kneel before her. Then her mind really spun in circles when he reached a finger out, ran it from her jaw line down to the top button on her shirt where he quickly sliced the button off with his claw. She took a deep shaky breath as he continued to rid her of the buttons that were holding her shirt closed until there were none left and she felt the cool night air on her exposed flesh.

Sesshoumaru eyed the white lacy thing binding her breasts and decided that he rather liked it. It made the objects behind the nearly see through material seem almost forbidden. He could do nothing but stare at her tauntingly exposed before him.

It took Kagome a second to overcome her confusion at the demon lord's actions and when she did she grabbed her shirt and slammed it closed blocking off his view. "Hentai" She hissed at him.

Sesshoumaru let off a low growl at her actions then looked into her eyes. He could see her confusion mixed with her anger. Yet under all that he could see the curiosity and the desire swirling around in her strangely colored eyes. That was it that was the thing that drew him from the get go; her eyes. He had never seen a woman with such vivid blue eyes in all his life. He leaned in and ran his tongue up the side of her neck to her ear. "I am going to have all of you." He whispered.

Kagome stared wide eyed at the demon as he began to lean into her and when his hot tongue touched her neck she felt little shivers running up and down her spine. Then she heard his words and she was sure she was dreaming for there was no way in hell this was actually happening right now. "What?"

Sesshoumaru pulled back and stared at her devouring her with his honey colored eyes. It was time to get things moving so he reached for the box containing the lotion and the nighty thingy and handed it to her. "Change." He ordered knowing full well she wouldn't obey the same way she never obeyed him before when he would demand that she dies.

Kagome stared at the demon who was holding the box out to her. Her mind working furiously to try and figure out what was going on and why was Sesshoumaru behaving in a manner that was totally out of character especially for him. She didn't know what he was up to and she was very sure she wasn't going to like it. "No."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes deeply upon her. "No?" He leaned forward so that their noses were a mere centimeters apart. "Do as I say or I shall do it for you." He ordered then sat back and waited for the threat to sink and when it did her beautifully eyes flashed deadly.

Kagome pointed a sharp finger at him and let him have it. "Listen here you! I don't care who or what you are but you threaten me like that again and we'll see what purified inu looks like!"

Sesshoumaru didn't move and just stared at her like she hadn't said a word. "You will." He orderd as he tossed the box into her lap.

Kagome looked at the box then back up at the demon. "No I will not." She threw it back at him.

Sesshoumaru didn't look at the box that landed in his lap. "Very well, I shall do it for you." He growled as his eyes narrowed upon her. He opened the box placed the lotion off to the side then pulled the nighty out stood up and towered over her.

Kagome stared up at the demon wide eyed. "You wouldn't dare!" She tried to sound intimidating but the quiver in her voice gave her away.

Sesshoumaru let an evil smirk grace his lips as he grabbed for her.

Kagome jumped up took off running and slammed into the invisible wall she had completely forgotten about. She laid on her back with one hand on her head and the other fisted into the grass. "Ow." She whined.

Sesshoumaru stood over her and looked down upon her with a silver brow raised highly.

Kagome looked up at the youkai standing over her, locked stares with his amber, and knew he was laughing at her which caused her to narrow hers. "No." She whispered fiercely.

"No." He repeated.

She gave a curt nod and repeated with conviction. "No."

Sesshoumaru chanced a glance at her body and saw that her shirt was spread wide open giving him a view of her flat stomach and her breasts hiding behind the lacy thing. He stepped over her so that he was straddling her and continued to look down at the flesh that was bared to him. With an evil glint in his eyes he kneeled down and shredded her shirt.

Kagome gasped as her shirt became nothing more than rags around her. "Bastard!" She hissed at him.

He didn't bother to respond as he placed his hand on her belly and trailed them up until the tip of his claw reached her bra. He slid his clawed finger under the small section of fabric holding the garment together and looked at her with his a brow raised.

Kagome placed her hands on her breasts and glared at him. "Don't you dare." She threatened as she began to try and slide out from under him. She didn't know what was going on or what Sesshoumaru's deal was with her but a small part of her was beginning to like it. Why was the great demon lord Sesshoumaru, hater of all humans, except for Rin was doing this to her. "Why?"

"You intrigue me." He answered dismissively.

"Does it matter what I want?" She narrowed her eyes upon him.


She took a deep breath beginning to feel defeated. "Can I think about this for a second?"

Sesshoumaru looked deep into her eyes and saw something that pleased him very much. "Very well." He stood up, walked over to the blanket, sat himself down in the very center, and waited patiently for her to make the decision he knew she would.

Kagome laid there staring up at the sky wondering what had gotten into the demon lord. Ok so he wanted her and wanted her because he found her to be intriguing. Sure he was a sexy hunk of maleness but he was also a calculated killer. She loved Inuyasha but he only saw her as Kikyo. She had always wanted to be wanted by someone but to be wanted because of curiosity would she really want to give herself over for that reason alone?

Sure his touches on her skin gave her the most amazing tingling feelings throughout her body and the thought of what else he could do with those claws made her shiver in delight. Could she live with herself if she went through with this? Of course she could what would be the drawback of having a fling with the mighty demon lord Sesshoumaru terrible personality, hot body.

She couldn't think of one thing other than the argument that would follow with Inuyasha about her being with Sesshoumaru. Then there were the bragging rights that would follow. Oh yea she would be the only human that would ever have seen the whole Sesshoumaru, touched the great taiyoukai in areas none had ever thought about touching and survived. That alone was worth going through with it.

Sure she was a little afraid being it would be her first time and she had always wanted to give her first time over to the man that loved her. Yet as time went on she found that holding on to her virginity like it was a rare stone was vastly overrated.

She had heard so many of her friends talk about how it felt when a man would touch them in certain areas and she wanted to know what it was like. Not to mention in the time she came from being a virgin was almost an insult and made most people treat you like a leper. Apparently being a virgin was a sign that you were still too childish and afraid to give yourself over to someone and become a woman. Well, she wasn't a child, she most definitely wasn't a leper, and she wasn't really all that afraid. She took a deep breath and gave herself a nod of encouragement; she would do it.

Sesshoumaru sat on the blanket and couldn't help the smile of satisfaction that played on his lips. He knew she would come around, he saw the decision long before she ever realized it. Really who wouldn't want to be with him? The honor he was bestowing upon her was an honor most female demons weren't worthy of. So he wasn't surprised in the least when he felt her hand on his shoulder.

"Ok I will do this but first tell me this. What is going to happen afterwards? You know when you go back to being the cold lord of the west and I go back to being the shikon miko who travels with your brother."

"It will be as it has always been." He answered simply.

Kagome took a deep breath and decided that either way he was going to get what he wanted out of her. Besides she had always found Sesshoumaru to be rather sexy and now was her chance to have her way with him or what she knew of having her way with someone. She took another deep breath to steel her resolve, leaned down over his shoulder, and took the nighty out of his hand. "I will put this on but you can't look until I'm ready."

He smirked to himself and before she could stand all the way up he grabbed her wrist and placed the body lotion in her hand. "Use this as well." He ordered then released her.

Kagome stood up and stared at the pink bottle. "How do you know what this is?"

"Do you think me to be so simple that I can not read." He growled with a glare up at her.

Kagome shook her head and could almost see the word 'duh' flying about her head. "Alright and remember you can't look until I tell you. Ok?"

Sesshoumaru gave a curt nod and listened as she went to the furthest point away from him within the barrier which wasn't very far at all. He could hear the rustling of clothes as she changed and was very tempted to turn around and watch.

He felt her come up behind him, saw a small hand reach around him, and grab the bottle of wine along with one of the glasses sitting next to it before it disappeared behind his back.

Kagome pulled the aluminum from the top then cursed herself for forgetting the corkscrew. With a sigh she hung the bottle over his shoulder. "Um could you open this?" She questioned timidly.

Sesshoumaru took the bottle and examined the opening and saw the cork stuck inside the opening. He placed the bottle in the crook of his knee and stuck his claw into the cork. He tried to pull the object out of the neck of the bottle but found that it was more difficult than it looked. How something so pliant could hold so strong was beyond him,so he released a touch of his poison and melted the object then handed the bottle back to her.

Kagome poured a glass and downed it as fast as she could in order to calm her frayed nerves. Deciding she liked the burning sensation that was building up in her belly she poured another and began to down that one as well. She was about halfway through her second glass when it was pulled from her hand.

"That will be enough." He could smell the alcohol coming from the red liquid and knew that if he let her continue with her reckless abandon of drinking she would be rendered unconscious and that would do him no good.

Kagome could feel the wine working its magic making her body feel like warm jelly. She sat down reveling in the calm sensation and looked at the demon sitting in front of her. She smiled a big stupid smile at him. "Alright lets do this." She slurred a little.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow at her instantly drawing her beautiful blue eyes to it. He watched as she raised her hand and tentatively traced the raised appendage with her small finger. After following the line of his eyebrow she continued moving her finger until it came to his ear where she traced that to the point and let off a giggle at the feel of the tip of his ear against her finger. She began running her finger over the point again and again giggling each time it went over the tip.

Sesshoumaru reached up and grabbed her wrist. He wanted her attention but not as something that made her laugh.

Kagome jerked her hand away from him and scowled at the finger as if it had done something bad. She then turned her eyes back up to the demon and found something else that caught her attention those four little magenta stripes. Ok so she was slightly drunk but she didn't care she was going to go through with this. She was going to do all the things she had ever wanted with a male and do them with the mighty Sesshoumaru-sama. Why not after all this was his idea so she may as well go with it.

She crawled up into his lap straddling his waist, palmed his face, and examined the crescent moon on his forehead followed by the stripes on his cheeks. She closed one eye to stare at the moon and could have sworn it had a bluish glow to it so she released his face and ran her finger over it. She was shocked to feel that it was slightly softer than the rest of his skin and wondered if the stripes on his cheeks were the same way. So she traced the stripes and found that they were but as she got to the points they pushed her attention to something else… his lips.

She ran her thumb over his lips and decided she like the way the felt so she did it again.

Sesshoumaru just sat there letting her explore his face not because that was what he wanted but because he was just waiting for the hold the wine had on her to relent somewhat. He wasn't all that surprised at her forwardness due to the alcohol however it did cause heat to build up within him at the feel of her body wrapped around him.

He looked her over and liked the little red nighty thingy giving him small teasing glimpses of certain areas of her body. He placed his hand on her lower back and ran his claws lightly across her exposed flesh just above the top of the lacy red skirt. He loved the silky feel of her skin under his fingertips and wanted to feel every inch of her but first he had to have a taste of her cherry scented skin. Pulling his face from her hands he leaned down and placed his lips on her exposed shoulder and let his tongue run across her hot flesh. She truly did taste like cherries from the lotion stuff.

Kagome let off a deep contented sigh when his warm lips graced her shoulder she had never felt anything like that in her life and wanted to feel more. She let her hazy wine filled mind take over and throw her inhibitions to the wind. She slid her fingers under his haori and began running her fingers across his hard sculpted chest.

She suddenly pulled herself from the demon lord and ignored his growl as she pushed him down onto his back. She straddled his hips as she yanked his haori open and ran her hands over every inch of his exposed chest. The creamy white rippling flesh was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

A taste she need a taste of him so leaned down, nipped at his neck then trailed her tongue down to his nipple where she bit and licked at it. From the corner of her eye something caught her attention and she decided she was going to use it besides she was hungry anyway and as good as he tasted there was no substance to him to fill her belly. She pulled away from the demon's chest, reached for the box of candy, ripped it open and broke one of the chocolates open. It spilled the crimson cherry juice across his pale flesh tantalizingly forcing her to lean down and lick it up.

Sesshoumaru had never figured her for one who would behave in such a way although he had to blame most of it on the wine that she had drank. However he really didn't care he was in heaven with what she was doing to him and so long as she continued to behave this way he wasn't going to stop her. Hell what male would?

Kagome was enjoying having this kind of control over the most feared demon in all Japan and could feel what she was doing to him pressed against her back side. She placed the remaining chocolate shell in her mouth, sucked on it, then picked up the cherry from his chest. She held it in front of his lips waiting for him to open so she could pop it in his mouth.

Sesshoumaru opened his mouth for her and once she slid it past his lips she placed her own atop his.

She used her chocolate covered tongue to play with the cherry inside his mouth swirling it against his tongue.

He swirled his tongue against hers getting the taste of the chocolate and cherry along with a lingering hint of the wine still on her tongue.

Kagome gave a hard suck, sucked the cherry into her mouth, and pulled away from the demon while chewing the cherry. She didn't know how she knew to do that and really didn't care. She was as turned on as she had ever been and couldn't wait to see what else she was capable of doing. Then again she wasn't as nearly as naïve as everyone thought her to be good girls always had a bad side and she always kept hers hidden away.

Sesshoumaru ran his hand up her back, sliced open the material, and watched as the top fell down around her finally giving him a view of her perfect little breasts. He sat up and while doing so took one into his mouth and began to suckle on the taught nipple.

Kagome arched her back in bliss while burying her hands into his hair and pulling him closer. A small moan escaped her lips as he moved from on breast to the other assaulting her hardened nipple in the same fashion as the other.

Sesshoumaru let off a contented growl at the feeling of her fingernails digging into his scalp and decided to take complete control of the woman on his lap. He moved her until she was laying underneath him and he sat between her legs. He smirked evilly at her as he did away with the red lacey skirt a looked upon her completely naked body. She had a slight sheen of sweat covering her body which to his eyes made her seem to glow.

He leaned down and placed his lips upon hers, dipping his tongue into her parted lips, and easily dominating her. He then moved and began to kiss his way down her neck, through the valley between her breasts, to her navel, where he dipped his tongue earning a giggle, then on down until he reached the top of her most treasured of places.

Kagome let off a moan as she felt his hot breath dance across her nether region and raised her hips wanting him closer to her to which she was denied. She looked up and watched as he pulled away from her sitting back to watch her. "Please." She begged as she locked her eyes with his.

Sesshoumaru smirked at her before he reached out a finger, slowly trailed it up her thigh, and danced around her entrance.

Kagome flopped back down and moaned deeply. "Sesshoumaru," she panted deeply. "Kami give me more."

"More; tell me what do you want my little miko?" His finger continued to dance around the edges of her opening, teasing her, making her squirm and moan.

Kagome rose her hips hoping that he would give her what she wanted by doing so. "I want more." That was the only word that came to mind.

Sesshoumaru watched as her body writhed while the tension of need played across her face. When he thought she couldn't take it any more he plunged his finger deep within her and about lost his own at the feel of her inner walls clamping tight around his finger. He moved his finger in and out and closed his eyes as the melodic sound of her moans entered his ears.

Kagome bucked her hips against his finger wanting him to be deeper within her. "Sesshoumaru please give me…" She trailed off as he withdrew his finger and plunged it back in deeper than before hitting her virgin barrier. Kagome raised her hips off the ground against the pressure trying to pull him in further. Again he withdrew and plunged deep within her waiting. He was driving her mad with need the coil in her belly was wound so tight she thought she might die if it didn't come unraveled soon.

Sesshoumaru could feel her release getting closer with every thrust of his finger but he wasn't ready for her to have it yet. Just when he had her on the brink of oblivion he halted all movements and watched as she moved her body trying to release what was holding tight in her belly. He then raised a brow at what she did next and was tempted to let her continue but fought off the urge and stopped her.

Kagome was getting frustrated with this little game of not giving her what ever it was she needed so when he stopped his ministrations to her she continued to buck her hips wanting more and still not getting it. So she decided to take things into her own hands… literally.

She reached down and began to play with her little nub feeling the pressure within her belly tighten even more causing her to dip her own finger into her core pumping it in and out. Just as she felt the coil about to break she was halted by a hand yanking her own away from her. She cried out in frustration wanting this suffering to end. "Stop it!" She growled as she locked hazy stares with him.

Sesshoumaru smirked at her and reached for one of her chocolates then broke it open over her swollen lips. He watched as the red juice slowly trailed down her lips as the cherry landed on the blanket. He picked the cherry up, placed it in his mouth, leaned down, and used his tongue to roll the cherry around center. He continued to do this until she screamed out her release which he let fall onto his tongue coating the cherry still held within his mouth.

Once he had sufficiently had his fill of her he crawled up her with the cherry between his teeth and pressed his lips against hers until she opened her mouth where he released the cherry. He then kissed her in the same manner with the cherry as she did him but instead of pulling the cherry back into his mouth he pulled away from her and moved back down to continue licking at her center.

Kagome had never known that cherries could be used in such a fashion. It was the most hottest, naughtiest, erotic thing to ever happen to her. Not that she had a lot of experience in such things but she wasn't a sheltered child either. She was from the future after all and she and her friends had watched a porno movie during a slumber party once. Plus she lived in a day and age where sex was practically shoved down your throat. Sex sold everything and everybody wanted to partake in sexual acts. However in all her life she had never seen anyone do that with a cherry.

Once he was done cleaning her, not that he could being the more he worked her over the wetter she became. He wanted to feel her legs wrapped around him while he buried himself deep within her heat. So he made quick work of his hakama and covered her body with his. He gently pressed into her heat barely entering her while making hot love to her mouth. She was so tight and he could feel that she was building up to another orgasm. Yet he still didn't enter her all the way he was waiting for the perfect moment to plunge forth so he just kept playing with her causing her to writhe and moan. As soon as she screamed out her second release he surged forth burying himself to the hilt taking away all of her innocence.

Kagome cried out her release a second time and for was slightly confused at the tinge of pain within her during her ecstasy. However she paid no mind to it as she felt Sesshoumaru's lenght buried deep within her slowly pull out only to plunge back in just as fast. "Kami." She panted at the sensation of being filled so full.

Sesshoumaru was tempted to smirk at her reaction to him but had more important things on his mind like finding his own end.

Kagome wrapped her legs around his waist with her arms going around his neck pulling him in for a brutal kiss. She pulled back just enough to breathe and whispered against his lips. "Faster."

Who was he to deny her request? He pumped furiously deep within her and felt his own coil of tightness reaching maximum tension. Just as he was about to explode she screamed out his name clamping her inner muscles tightly around him reaching her third and final end. He couldn't hold it his own roar of conquest erupted from his throat as he spilled his seed deep within her. When the last spasm shook his body he collapsed down on top of her breathing as if he had just fought a long hard battle.

"Wow," Kagome whispered as she stared up into the sky. "that was… intense."

Sesshoumaru smirked against her neck and moved his hips slightly feeling her muscles once again contract around him. He had to agree with her of all the times he had rutted with a bitch never once did it feel like that. Not to mention the use of the girls strange food to enhance such things. Yes he could definitely do this again with her and with him being who he was would do as he pleased. After all no one denied the lord of the west any request he had of them and the shikon miko would be no different.


Then next evening Kagome returned to the village to a screaming hanyou demanding to know where she had been. Just as she was about to answer him Sesshoumaru appeared by her side.

"Where is the hōshi." He demanded in his cold hard barritone.

Miroku stepped out of Kaede's hut. "Hai lord Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru held out a package to Miroku. "As agreed."

Miroku smiled at the demon. "Oh arigato Sesshoumaru-sama." He bowed deeply as he hugged the package tightly to his chest.

"Now my mate and I must return to the palace of the west to prepare for the arrival of our baby."

"MATE?! BABY?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Inuyasha screeched at his brother.

Sesshoumaru just glared at the hanyou, wrapped his arm around Kagome, and used his jaki to form his cloud. Then before Kagome could respond to her hanyou companion they were long gone.

Inuyasha turned to Miroku and glared at the monk. Inuyasha had no doubts that Miroku knew what was going on and he would do well to tell him or he was going to maim him up real good. He grabbed the monk by the robes and pulled him in so they were nose to nose. "Explain you dirty little lech!" He demanded.

Miroku yanked himself free from his tight grasp. "Well you see Inuyasha." He started and cleared his throat nervously. "Sesshoumaru agreed to acquire an item that I greatly desired in return for spending some quality time with lady Kagome." He placed his hand on his chin in thought. "However I had no idea it would lead to them becoming mates."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at the hōshi. "What did you gain from that bastard in trade for Kagome?" He growled through gritted teeth while he clenched and unclenched fists.

Miroku chuckle nervously knowing full well he wasn't going to like what he was about to hear. "Well you see Inuyasha the only place you can get this is from Sesshoumaru's palace and well I haven't had any in such a long time so…"

"Out with it monk!" Inuyasha growled growing more irritated by the second.

"Well see for yourself." Miroku opened the package and showed it to the hanyou.


"Calm down Inuyasha." Miroku tried to placate. "Yes I can get this anywhere but only from Sesshoumaru can you get the best in the land." Miroku closed the package and held it close to him protecting it like it was his first born child.

Inuyasha was on the verge of a murderous rampage when Sango came back from helping a family on the other side of the village. "What is going on?" She questioned looking back and forth between the raging inu and the hoshi who was slowly backing away from said inu.

Inuyasha turned rage filled eyes onto the taijiya. "HE," he pointed a clawed finger at the monk. "GAVE KAGOME TO THAT BASTARD SESSHOUMARU IN TRADE FOR THAT!" He lowered his finger and pointed it at the package Miroku was coddling. "AND NOW KAOGME IS MATED TO THAT ASSHOLE!"

Sango looked at Miroku arms crossed over her chest waiting for the hōshi to explain.

Miroku looked guiltily at the taijiya. "Well you see Sango…" He explained his meeting with Sesshoumaru and everything that had happened up to that point.

"I see." Sango said very calmly. "And what was the trade payment?"

Miroku opened the package and showed it to the taijiya and watched in horror as her eye began to twitch in irritation telling him he was about to feel a whole lot of pain. Which she wasted no time in dealing out to him. Miroku laid on the ground protecting his precious package and watched though swollen eyes as the hanyou and taijiya retreated back into Kaede's hut to figure out how to get Kagome back.

Shippou stood over the monk. "Jeez Miroku I sure hope it was worth it."

Miroku smiled at the kit. "It was and I'd do it again if I was ever given the chance."

Shippou shook his head. "Your lucky Inuyasha and Sango didn't kill you." He sighed and shook his head again as he headed for the hut. "All of that for a bottle of sake. What a baka."

Miroku could do nothing but lay there cuddling his hard won prize while grinning stupidly. "If only they knew how good Sesshoumaru's sake really was; they'd trade their best friends for it too." He mumbled to himself before he got up to indulge in the best thing Japan had to offer.