Title: Candy Hearts

Author: boneorchird

Rating: PG-ish

Pairing: Danny/Vald

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Slash (Duh?), Kinda pedophile-ish I guess

Summary: Vald gets a surprise on Valentines Day.

Disclaimer: Don't own, Don't Sue.

Candy Hearts

Vald hates Valentines Day.

He hates everything about it. The cheesy hallmark cards, the annoying singing stuff animals, the flowers and candy, and the lovey-dovey couples make him want to vomit.

But most of all, Vald hates being alone on the day of romance.

Every year. Every god damn year he was alone, again.

That may have been the reason why he was so surprised when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Candy hearts, ones that he most certainly didn't have in his pocket the last time he checked. Vald carefully study the candy box, holding it away from him, expecting it to blow up or shoot ectoplasm at him.

"This must be some kind of cruel sick joke," He said, throwing it into the nearest trash can.

A few hours later, much to his annoyance, another evil little candy box appeared on his desk. And then another, and another, and so on, until finally he couldn't take it anymore. Vald vowed on, whatever evil half ghost vow on, that he would find the culprit that had been hiding, these horrid little boxes everywhere.

Vald transformed into his ghost form and turned invisible, and settled down to wait, and watch. Not even thirty minutes had passed, before he felt another ghost nearby, entering his home. "HA!" He yelled loudly, "I've caught you've red handed, you-you..."

There standing in front of him, guiltily holding a box of candy hearts, was non-other than his arch nemesis Danny Fenton. "What's going on," Vald said growling, grabbing Danny by the shoulders, shaking him slightly, "What are you doing here?"

Danny pulled away from the older man, looking annoyed and slightly nervous "What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Causing trouble," Vald stared at the young Halfling, "So you're the one who has been leaving these...things." Vald pointed to the little box in Danny's hand.

"Maybe," Danny snapped, slightly shuffling his feet, "Who else would be crazy enough to do it."

"Ah," Vald said in understanding, "Did someone dare you to do this, is it some kind of joke?"

"No!" Danny said, losing his air of confidence, "I wasn't even going to leave the whole box this time, just one or two of the hearts..."

Vald rolled his eyes in disbelief, "Oh, and which ones would those be, hmm?" At that Danny did blush, the pink spreading quickly from his face to his neck. The Halfling put down the box, pulling from his pocket two hearts, holding one in each hand.

Vald pursed his lips, and leaned forward to read the first heart. Be Mine, it read. Vald shot a glance to his arch-nemesis's face, and saw that it was as almost as pink as the tiny heart he was holding. "Well..." The elder man started to say.

"Pleasreadtheotherone," Danny mumbled, face burning. "Pardon?" Vald said leaning closer to the boy, trying to understand, "Say that again, more slowly this time."

"Please-read-the-other-one," Danny took a deep breath and pronounced each word slowly, making sure the other male understood.

Vald rolled his eyes again, but leaned in closely to read the last heart. Never did he expect that what was on the little green heart, could stop the one beating in his chest.

Kiss Me.

Vald hadn't realized he had said it out loud, until he felt Danny's lips brush against his own.

After that, Vald decided Valentines wasn't such a bad holiday after all.

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