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The sun slowly began to vanish below the horizon, painting the forest path with evening shadows.

Klonoa the Dream Traveler continued his walk down the trail from the old, once abandoned cottage he'd been staying at, toward the meeting place at the priestess temple.

Once again, there was "trouble a foot". Some maniacal magician thought that he and his homemade army could single-handedly take Lunatea in his control. Tomorrow, it had been decided that Klonoa and a group of about nine other people would set off to stop him before this turned into a big ordeal.

The Dream Traveler smiled in spite of himself, it seemed like this sort of thing was always happening, and it always seemed to be his job to stop all these pending disasters. It was like daily routine now.

Though he didn't really have control over which dream realms he visited, he had been in Lunatea for a good long time now, at least two months. Quite frankly that was the record for how long he'd ever stayed in one place – but that was fine with him. He kind of hoped it would stay this way.

A noise rustled in the bushes nearby, and he caught himself jumping before he realized that it had only been the slight breeze that was sifting through the trees. He felt uneasy somehow. Like he was being watched. …

It seemed unnaturally silent as well, except the occasional whisper of the wind. That was the wind, wasn't it? He stopped and listened, trying to reassure himself that no one else was around. He kept one hand on the sword that was attached to the belt he wore. Why hadn't he brought a flashlight? Every little sound that did materialize seemed to be boosted as though through a microphone. He found himself flinching at the snap of every twig.

He picked up speed as he continued to walk, as of the moment the idea of getting into the open sounded like a good one. It was getting fairly dark now, and the black emptiness between the trees didn't ease his nervousness.

He was finally nearing the end of the trail when suddenly he felt something crash into his left leg and he tumbled painfully to the ground.

Struggling to regain himself, he lifted himself back up and looked for the object he had tripped over. Oddly, the path seemed to be perfectly clear of debris, there was nothing there. Then what had…

He tried to stand up, but found that his leg had been badly twisted – it hurt to walk on. He cursed, which was not something he normally did, and tried to stand up – letting only his toes touch the ground on his wounded leg. Sprained, probably. Damn! Why did this have to happen now of all times, this would surely complicate things tomorrow… He hobbled a few steps forward.

Then suddenly let out a scream as he felt something knock into him again from behind. Falling face first, he instinctively flipped around – only to find a knife pointed at his chest.

The creature holding it was cloaked, but it looked reptilian. It's icy blue eyes blazed coldly at him with deadly purpose.

Completely in shock, and in quite an awkward position, he simply lay there unable to make a move – his breath coming in short gasps.

"What, is that all you've got – given up already? I would've expected more from someone of your reputation." The figure laughed, and then he drove the knife down. Somehow Klonoa's instincts kicked in and he managed to roll to the side in just the knick of time as the knife punctured the soil where he had been just milliseconds before. Drawing his own sword, he swiped it back at the startled knife-wielder. But the only thing he hit was the knife itself as the reptile drew it in front to parry expertly – Klonoa catching glimpse of a wicked reptilian smile. The fiend knocked the Dream Traveler's sword to the side and lunged toward him point first – Klonoa managed to jump back but stumbled on his bad leg and fought to keep on his feet.

Panic surged inside of him – this was bad! This guy was obviously a master with his knife – he was just playing with him! He glared at the lizard-like face in deep anger and frustration. Klonoa couldn't help the feeling that the cloaked assassin could take it up a notch at any moment, and that he wouldn't be able to fight him off. His injury, which he now knew had been smartly inflicted on him by his enemy beforehand to prevent escape, wasn't helping either. At this rate…

The assassin lunged again, and as he tried to jump back, the Dream Traveler fumbled completely and found himself leaning against a tree with the knife pushing against his own sword. He struggled to maintain the block, dropping the ring he'd been carrying and grasping the sword with both hands – but his enemy was strong! Eventually, the reptile began to draw his long knife back, and Klonoa, his heart beating fast, made a weak, short attempt at a repost – not able to move forward without falling. The assassin blocked it easily, the swipe hardly even being in range. With a burst of strength, he flung Klonoa's sword right out of his hand and it flew across the plain, it landing about four feet behind its horrified owner. And in the same, quick motion the killer turned and dug the point of his knife lightly into the Dream Traveler's chest, where the first few drops of blood appeared. Klonoa could only gasp in horror, tears forming in his eyes as he knew there was nothing he could do. "Oh dear, so it looks like this is the end of our little game now. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. I'd looked forward to this for a while now – truly thought you'd be more of a challenge, but oh well. It all turns out the same for me in the end… – Long live the Dream Traveler!" The beast cried mockingly as he mercilessly thrust his knife completely through his victim. Klonoa's last scream fizzled, his soul departed, and it was over.

The murderer pulled back his blooded sword and the Dream Traveler's lifeless body fell to the ground. He nudged it with his shoe. "Poor little thing, if only you had used your powers to the fullest. You wouldn't be dead now then would you? Well, no need to worry – I'll put them to good use for you!"

He knelt down next to the corpse and laid his hand on the fatal wound – the place where the still heart was. He closed his evil eyes in concentration, and a light appeared from under his hand. Both Klonoa's empty body and the killer's lit up in a shade of pale blue, and then, in a shimmer of magic, the form of the reptilian murderer disappeared – leaving only sparkling fragments of light as the cloak fell to the ground. These small, glowing particles sunk into the body of his victim – the fatal wound healed and its heart started beating – it drew in a quick breath. Slowly, the light faded, and it got up.

However, this time it was not Klonoa's soul in the familiar form, but rather that of his killer. Who had now, with dark magic, taken his victim's identity as his prize.

The once reptilian creature looked his new body over – a bit young and overly furry perhaps, but that was a small price to pay for the great power it contained.

He noticed the fresh bloodstains that adorned his clothes and the fur around his chest. This would not do! Using another spell, he completely cleansed himself from the red stains. That was better.

The assassin's motives were very clear. It was true, Ussannis, the magician that was currently building his army, and the fiend that Klonoa was supposed to have played a part in stopping, was a bumbling, incompetent fool who would surely meet his end before long. However, what was mostly ignored was the fact that he unearthed the long buried Dark Sapphire – a gem made of the essence of dark energy from nightmares – an extremely powerful, dangerous treasure! The idiot magician had tried to find ways to use it – but it was useless – only the Dream Traveler himself could unlock its power.

To bad that's me now – the killer thought wickedly. Now, no one had needed to worry about this before as they knew that Klonoa would never even have given a thought to using it's dark powers. However, for the assassin, it was a different story.

Now the fools that had been Klonoa's friends would unknowingly lead him right to it – and to their own demise. He would hardly even have to work at all, and he'd have all the help he needed. It was just too perfect! He couldn't help snickering to himself, though the voice it came out in made him cringe.

"Don't worry Gemini." He said aloud to himself. "It'll all be worth it!" He grabbed the ring that Klonoa had dropped, playfully spinning it around on one fingure. Hopefully it wasn't to hard to use, but he was sure he could fingure it out without much trouble. Part of it should be instict now, anyway. He looked down at the knife on the ground – he'd have to leave it. They'd all wonder what Klonoa was doing with something like that. Alternatively, he instead walked over and picked up Klonoa's old sword, sticking it back in the belt that was now his.

And with that, the fiend headed off in the direction his victim had originally been heading. Toward the meeting.

Wow, that was a heavy prologue! But wait for chapter one where the real story will start - and I promise it wont all be this violent and tragic!