New Purchases

Stella scratched the base of her neck for the sixteenth time that morning. What was so abrasive about new clothes, particularly this blouse? So much for sexy.

She shifted from left foot to right and peered into her microscope, trying to get back on task. The tag rubbed against her tender skin and she brought her hand to the source for the seventeenth time.

"Need help?"

Distracted by the itch, she hadn't heard Mac's footsteps. Stella smiled at him warmly before dropping her eyes and managing an embarrassed laugh.

"Turn around," he instructed, gaze sly and a small grin playing on his lips. She obliged and watched him reach into a nearby drawer to retrieve a pair of sharp scissors. Strong hands swept her golden curls over one shoulder.

When his fingertips brushed the base of her neck, she jumped a little. "Hold still," he ordered, laughing somewhat. Stella, tough-as-nails Stella, found herself blushing from his proximity. The skin on her neck was sensitive and smooth, and the warm breath and the handsome man behind her sent small tingles down her spine.

The scissors clicked and the offending tag fluttered into the trashcan, but Mac's fingers never left her neck. Slowly, he stroked her olive skin, his touch soft as whispers.

"Mac…" His name left Stella's lips plaintively and she turned to him, resting her unsure hands on the hard surface behind her. His hands dropped to her waist, almost possessively. A smile twitched on Mac's lips as his eyes approvingly skimmed her torso; surveying the bold fabric, the glimpse of cleavage.

"New blouse?" Stella nodded coyly. "I like it," Mac drew in his breath sharply, "It's, uh, sexy."

So he had noticed.

Mac's pager rang. They both jumped, his hand plucked the beeper from his belt.

"It's Flack," his voice could have been an apology, "get me those results ASAP."

"Mac!" Stella called to his retreating figure. He turned and stopped in the doorway. "Happy Valentine's Day," She cooed softly.

Her Marine-trained boss pinked slightly. "You too, Stella."


The idea for this story struck me when I got an itch while watching a dvr-ed episode of CSI:NY. It's my birthday today, and the greatest gift you could give me would be some feedback. Yes, on Valentine's Day, and in case you were wondering, I'm now 17. The last thing I posted was over 3 years ago, so this story is kind of special to me. Hope you all had a wonderful day!