Roses are red
Stems are green
You're the prettiest half-demon
I've ever seen

Though your hair is not blonde
And your eyes are not blue
I don't care for that
I love you for you

Flowers are nice
But they wilt over time
So I bought you a glass one
I hope you don't mind

Don't know your favorite flower
So I feel kinda dumb
But this beautiful Lily
Will catch in the sun.

And it had...

A beautiful Lily lay cushioned on Ravens' bed. The curtains were open, and a shaft of soft sunlight fell through. The glass bathed in the vivid pinks and purples of the setting sun, throwing colorful prisms every which way.

Unfortunately no one was in the room to enjoy the dazzling display. Shortly after receiving the gift she had promptly raided Starfires' room for the hottest shade of pink lipstick known to man. After applying it and throwing it half-hazardly back where it belonged she stormed Beast Boy's room without bothering to knock.

Twenty minutes later Raven came into the kitchen to make some tea. Shortly after, Beast Boy stumbled into the room wearing shocking pink lipstick all over his mouth, face and neck. No one knew what happened really.

He was dazed for the next week.

Yay i finished somthing! I was in Math class two days before Valentines and i decided to write a Valentine fic. Whoops, whats that mom? my math grades are slipping? well we know who to blame it on. You.
Just kidding, my math grades are fine. My dad is an engineer, so math is kinda up there in the things-i'm-bound-to-be-good-at-because-of-parental-inheritance. Or something like that.
Just to let you know, me and my good friend garaa-o-sand have decided to work together on a fic. Or rather- multiple fics. He had thought of a scheme to pick fifty random words, and then write fifty random fics circling or including those words. Sounds like fun innit? Especially since we sit together in English class and all we'll do is talk about fics and the guy sitting between us is just sitting there with a perplexed look on his face, convinced we're on crack.

I think my authors note is possibly longer than my story.

Happy corporate-invented, hallmark-based, so-cheesy-that-it-makes-me-want-to-vomit, spend-all-your-money-on-a-girl-that-will-dump-you-in-two-weeks, boon-for-romance-fics-of-our-favorite-characters Valentines day!