The Password 3/3

By: Tidia

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Part 3

Mackland waited an hour, watching people come and go in the parking lot of the motel. No one came by and questioned his presence. That scared the doctor. No one would protect these boys. They were truly on their own. He didn't leave his post, remaining on the cold concrete floor as his legs got numb. Finally, his cell phone rang.

It was Bobby. "Homer Simpson." Singer snorted.

Mackland rolled his eyes. "These children watch entirely too much television." He commented. "I'll see you soon." Ames closed the phone. "Boys, I have the password-Homer Simpson."

There was a click of the lock being removed and then the door was flung open.

"Hi, Mac!" Sam greeted the hunter. "Is it you?"

"Yes, Samuel." Mackland bent down, and tousled the boy's dark hair.

Dean came forward. The rifle had been placed to the side. "Can we see our Dad?"

"I'll take you to him." Mac placed a hand against Dean's cheek in comfort. "Get some stuff together."

While the boys scrambled to get their stuff together. Mackland looked at their living conditions. He opened the kitchen cabinets and found a box of pasta. The refrigerator was down to condiments. In the trash Mackland saw the empty box of sugary cereal and gallon of milk.

"How long are we going to be gone?" Dean asked, holding his backpack and his brother's bag.

"A few days, I think."

Dean bit his lip. "Rent is due on Monday."

Mackland closed his eyes. A nine-year-old should not have to worry about paying the rent. "I'll take care of it." He ushered the boys out. "Let's get going."

On the way out he stopped at the manager's office, giving the man a hundred dollars to cover two weeks of rent just in case. In the car, the boys sat in the back seat. They stopped at Burger King, going through the drive thru for burgers and fries. He usually didn't approve of fast food, but these children deserved a treat.

A full stomach and a long car ride was all Sam needed to fall asleep. Mackland noticed the older Winchester was still awake, looking out the window at the passing scenery. Ames thought it was a good time to talk to the nine-year-old. "Dean, why didn't you call?"

Dean chewed his bottom lip, contemplating his answer. "I thought I could handle it."

"This was an emergency, Dean. Your father was missing for a week." Mackland did not mean to rebuke the boy. He just didn't think Dean knew about what could have gone terribly wrong had Bobby not contacted Jim.

Dean swallowed. "Yes, Sir." He whispered. "Won't happen again."

Mac felt guilty. Dean usually let his guard down with the doctor. He liked to think of himself as a favorite uncle. But the 'Yes, Sir' was the same reply he gave John. He didn't want to be like John. Mackland believed soldiers were soldiers and children were children. It made him ask the question, which revealed everything. "Dean, how did your father define an emergency?"

The boy paused again before answering. "Someone has to be bleeding," he said in a low voice, which Ames struggled to hear.

Mackland rubbed the back of his neck, instantly regretting the tone he had taken with Dean. He was disgusted with John, the man knew better. The doctor knew John's order was a result of the comments Mackland and Jim had about John's parenting. "I'm sorry I was short with you." Ames stretched his right hand in between the front seat to reach Dean. "I do hope you accept my apology

The nine-year-old placed his small hand in the doctor's and shook it. "Okay, Mac."

Mackland gave Dean's hand a squeeze. He was still a favorite uncle.


John was still groggy from the anesthesia. He had inclined the bed, and listened to the conversation between Bobby and Jim. He was still in disbelief about missing a week of time. Singer had gone on and on about fairy dust.

"The witches?" Winchester interjected with a gravely voice, which prompted the pastor to give him a glass of water with a straw.

"Got away," Bobby replied from the chair he sat in.

"About that." Jim returned the glass to the nightstand near the pitcher of water. "I've been in contact with Esme."

Bobby frowned. When had Jim had the time to make contact with another person? They had both been in the hospital the whole time. Singer knew Mackland's Scholar position was shrouded in mystery, but Bobby was now starting to wonder about The Guardian. "Esme? Esme Sawyer?" He thought he had recognized the name, and a vision of a dark haired beauty came to mind.

"Madrigal. She returned to her maiden name." Jim explained.

Singer raised his brows. He recalled it being mentioned there had been a divorce. "Doesn't want to he connected to that bastard?"

John perked up again, believing the two hunters were talking about him. "Bastard?"

Jim ignored the injured hunter, frowning at Bobby. "They are connected. They have a son together."

"He's still a dick." Bobby snorted, then looked at John to explain his opinion further. "Richard Sawyer. Cheated on her." The single hunters may have been womanizers, but they did respect women, and both shared a dislike for Sawyer.

"Harland," Jim corrected.

"His first name is Richard so to me it's Dick, Dicky or Ritchie." Bobby stated.

John shook his head. He did not like Harland, after the man had sided with Elkins about Caleb. However, there was still a coven out there, and he wanted a little revenge for the inconvenience of losing his spleen. "She can help?"

"She's a witch." Bobby glanced at Jim for confirmation. "Knows her way around a brew, or so I've heard."

Their conversation was interrupted by a dark haired boy running into the room. "Hi Daddy!"

Mac and Dean followed behind.

Dean and Sam got in close to the bed. John touched both of their heads and gave them a wide smile.

"Dad, I'm sorry." The nine-year-old choked out.

John placed a hand against his son's cheek. "Its okay, Kiddo. You did fine." He then tousled Sam's hair. "And I'm going to be as good as new."

The men allowed them some time together, but then Mackland bent down to talk with the brothers. "Boys, there is a soda machine at the end of the hall. Here's a dollar each. Why don't you buy yourself something to drink?"

"Gingerale or Sprite." Jim called after them as they walked hand in hand out of the room. The pastor looked back to the other hunters. "I don't want the children to be wide awake on caffeine."

Ames remained silent until he was sure the boys were out of earshot. "You told your son only to call only if they were bleeding?"

"Johnathan," Jim said in a stern voice.

John squirmed under the direct assault of his peers.

"Do you know when I think of what could have happened? They had no money, none, no food either." Mackland paced back and forth in front of the hospital bed. "Social services could have been called, but on the other hand it seems no one at that place even noticed there were two children who were abandoned. . ."

"They were not abandoned." John ground out his words, then winced in pain. "I didn't expect to be gone for a week. Dean followed orders and did well." He wanted Dean to follow his commands, especially after the shtriga incident.

Ames threw his hands up in frustration.

Jim placed his hands out to calm both of his friends. He tried to broker a peace between the two men, and allay his own concerns. "We know he can follow your orders, John. But that order should have never existed."

John crossed his arms. Then gave a nod. "It won't happen again. I'll talk to Dean."

"Change your order?" Mac wanted to reiterate the initial issue.


Uncomfortable with his anger at John, Ames reached for his friend's chart. "You'll be here for at least three days."

"Bobby will stay with him." Jim commented. "I'll take the boys back with me."

Mac's eyes narrowed. It was unusual for the pastor to retreat back to the farm. There had to be one reason and one reason only. "Did you leave Deacon Benjamin in charge?"

Jim adjusted his collar, and cleared his throat. "Yes, and if I leave him alone too long then he starts talk of a takeover."

Ames smiled, and looked at John in merriment. "I thought painting the altar red was creative."

"Wasn't it something about the sacrificial lamb?" John added with a grin.

"Mackland, Johnathan-." Jim warned.

The doctor rubbed his hands. "You know he wouldn't get so power hungry if you told him you were one of the leaders of a secret organization that fights evil."

They all burst into laughter. When the boys returned they saw the men wiping their eyes, but still guffawing. Dean shrugged his shoulders at his brother, having no idea what happened.

"You know Elkins never thought that was funny." Bobby commented after catching his breath.

John coughed, but still had a grin on his face. He called Dean over. The nine-year-old didn't look at his father, instead he toyed with the green can in his hand. "Hey Ace. New rule." He waited until son looked up at him. "When I don't check in then you need to call Pastor Jim or Mac. Okay?'

Dean grinned and nodded, happy to relinquish some responsibility. "Okay, Dad."

Jim placed Sam on the foot of John's bed, and Dean crawled up next to him. The hunters spoke for awhile longer. Mackland looked at his watch. "I should get back."

John jutted out his chin to Bobby. "Junior's had a lot of time to get into trouble."

"It has been kinda quiet for the last hour. . ." Singer interjected.

"Right. That is exactly what I want to hear." Mac put his hand out to John. "Take care of yourself. We'll see each other soon." He hugged each of the boys.

"Please try not to watch so much television, boys." The doctor gave his half-hearted warning.

Murphy placed an arm around Ames's shoulder. "Mackland, I'll walk you out."

They were in the elevator alone, and Mac decided he needed to talk to the pastor instead of internalizing his thoughts. "I have a question for you. Do I want my son to be the next Knight? John Winchester as his mentor? I love the man. He has zeal, but sometimes…"

Jim rubbed his chin. "You want to hit his head with a two by four and then hit him again. I do think about it too-I am human." The elevator opened to the ground floor, and Murphy gestured that Ames should go out first. "But there are times I want to do the same to you. So, I decided it is because somehow, late in life, I found two brothers-and there is bound to be friction in any family."

Mackland understood what his friend was telling him. They had become a dysfunctional family. "He's the black sheep."

"But still one of the flock," Jim said with a grin.

But Ames was still worried about his own son. More than ever after the last day. When it became apparent the next generation was being prepared, Mackland believed it was a long time off and easy to ignore. But it wasn't. These were decisions being made which would effect the rest of Caleb's life. The decision would have equal ramifications to Dean and Sam. John Winchester and his tactics were right in the middle, and Mackland didn't know if that was good or bad. "You didn't answer my question."

Jim paused. He had planned this course of action, wanting as was the norm, for The Guardian, Scholar and Knight to grow up together. But sometimes he too felt passing on the destiny of the Triad was too much. He prayed he had made the right decision. "John and his sons were meant to come into our lives. Caleb, I believe, was meant to be the next Knight."

"A divine hand?" Ames was equally as thoughtful. He liked to believe it was preordained since it removed the responsibility out of his hands into someone else's.

"Yes." Jim answered, hoping God heard his prayers.

"I don't know if that's enough." It was a hard road he had condemned his son too. He was thankful Jim took much of the responsibility of The Brotherhood, but he didn't know what the future would bring. And that was that. They all had no idea about the future, and things could change. "But, it has to be. Doesn't it?"

"I'm afraid so." Jim nodded, and tried to be positive, but he had a strange feeling there were many challenges ahead for all of them. He stopped at the curb outside the ER entrance, taking in the fresh air. "Safe journey," he wished his friend.

"Good luck with the boys," Mackland said in return.

Ames returned home late Monday morning. A quick shower and he went to the hospital to check with his research staff. When he arrived home later in the afternoon his key to the condo didn't work. Puzzled he knocked on the door because the radio blasting was indicative that Caleb had returned from school.

The music lowered. "What's the password?" Mac heard his son snicker.

Ames rolled his eyes. His son had done something to the door. "Not funny, Caleb."

Caleb started to chuckle. "No, it really is."

Mackland wiped down his mouth, attempting to get angry at his son, but then he started laughing too.

The end