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Editor's Note and Summary of Actual Story: So keep in mind, these first two 'chapters' are simply prologues. The story itself takes place about seventeen years later, so it's not what you're probably thinking it is right now—it's full of original characters galore and plenty of those old favorites that you know and love. So if you're going to give this story a chance—at least read up till chapter three; that's when the real story begins.

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Bella was staring at the shiny silver Volvo that sat with its engine running in the driveway. Charlie had left early this morning, with no more than a dirty dish in the sink left behind. It had been a very emotional night for Bella, and it probably hadn't been very easy for Charlie, either. All night he had spent comforting his sobbing daughter, but he'd never even known why she was crying. "He probably didn't want to deal with me again," Bella thought bitterly with a slight smile. Her eyes were still red and puffy from her episode, which had lasted until the early morning when she had fallen into a fitful sleep; although that sleep had offered no rest.

A sudden chill ran through her and put the real world into focus. Edward was waiting for her, and had been waiting for the last few minutes, but all she could do was continue to stare. "He's going to hate me," she thought with a lump rising in her throat. "He's going to hate me." She could just barely see the outline of his beautiful face through the mist that had gathered on the car's windshield. Bella took a deep breath to calm herself, but only succeeded in bringing a new wave of tears.

Angrily, she wiped the tears away from her eyes. "He loves me," she told herself, trying to contradict her earlier thoughts. "He'll believe me." With another deep breath she pushed her way through the front door. The cold hit her instantly, stinging her eyes and causing her to flush. It hadn't rained for about a week now, but it had snowed every day relentlessly. Bella pulled her jacket closer to her and hurried down the walkway towards Edward's car. Struggling to compose herself, she slipped into the seat next to Edward.

She was suddenly warm again as she moved herself in front of the vent that was heating her side of the car. Her whole body was still shaking, but she knew it wasn't because of the weather outside. Slowly, she turned her head to look at Edward, but purposely tried not to look at his face. He was wearing a black turtleneck that gave his skin an ivory look in contrast. Reluctantly she made herself look at his face. It was perfect, as always, but he was frowning. His beautiful butterscotch eyes were searching her face for any sign of what was wrong with her; even though he couldn't read her mind, he knew something was troubling her.

Bella stared at him for a brief moment before she finally broke down. She was sobbing again, and she hated herself for it. Why couldn't I be strong for once? she thought. Why couldn't I just tell him?

A cold touch met her cheek as Edward placed his hand on her face. His eyes were now filled with worry as he looked at her. "Bella," he asked in a soft, calm voice. "Bella, what's wrong? Look at me."

Involuntarily she met his gaze. Every part of her just wanted to get out of the car right now, but she knew she couldn't. "Edward," she whispered, looking back down," do you love me?"

Surprised, Edward pulled his hand away from her cheek. "What?" he asked, unable to mask his worry. "Bella, of course I love you. I've always…"

"Why?" Bella cut in. Tears were falling again, but she didn't try to hide them this time. "Why?" she asked again, looking at his face for an answer.

Edward just stared at her with unblinking eyes, unsure of what to say. Slowly he slipped his arms around her and held her close to him. There was no stopping her tears now, so she just clung to him and started sobbing. And for the first time in a week, it started to pour.

Neither of them moved as Bella continued to cry, and neither of them had any intention of doing so yet. "Edward," Bella whispered by his year.

"Yes, Bella?"

She swallowed hard as she prepared to tell him. It'll be okay, she tried to convince herself. "Edward," she repeated, "I'm pregnant."

Edward's grip tightened, but then suddenly released. He pulled away from Bella and stared at her with a betrayed and confused look. In a panic, Bella blurted out, "Edward, I'm so sorry. Please, don't hate me. You're the only person I've ever been with. I don't know how it happened… but it did. Please believe me, please…" Her voice trailed off and she looked back at Edward, but he wouldn't meet her eyes. "Please," she whispered again.

Edward looked at her then, still shocked at what he'd heard. "Are…" he faltered. "Are you sure?"

Bella just nodded her head, unsure of how he'd react now. In another attempt to explain herself she started, "I know it's imposs—"

Edward cut her off. "Bella," he said sternly, "I'm over 100 years old. Don't tell me what's impossible or not."

Bella looked back down at her lap, trying not to cry again. They sat in silence for what seemed like forever. In one fluid movement, Edward backed out of the driveway and started down the road, opposite the way of the school. "Where…" she began, but then stopped, not wanting to upset him.

"Bella," Edward said softly, "you asked me before if I loved you, and my answer hasn't changed. I love you, Bella. That's why we have to leave. If the Volturi found out…" Edward looked down and began speaking in a lower tone. "I have to protect you, Bella. Please, Bella, let me protect you. If you don't want to leave, I understand. You have Charlie and Renee—"

This time it was Bella who cut him off. "Edward," she said with a slight smile and a new trail of tears, "I love you too."