A/N: So i've had this written since Tuesday, but I live out in the boondocks and so dial up connection was pretty much a lost cause for me. But I'm back from spring break and can finally finish this dang story! lol. It ends a little too neatly, but I don't care, I think it just needs to be finished! So, thanks to everyone! You made this story possible! Now...the conclusion of Common Bonds...

"Cuddy Alert."

"Don't have to worry."

Wilson glanced over at House. "You know, I think I miss the good ol' days when you hid behind plants and under my desk. This is just…creepy."

"You mean Jimmy goody too shoes, wants me to go back to my rogue ways? You think you know someone."

"Good morning Dr. Wilson…Dr. House."

"It is an excellent morning, Dr. Cuddy."

Wilson stifled his laugh while Cuddy raised her eyebrows.

"So nice to see the resident ogre in such a good mood."

"Well, one look at those perky blossoms, and I don't mean the ones on your blouse, and any sane man would be delirious."

Cuddy forced a smile and put her hands on her hips. "House, you are a dog. A dog with fleas that I wish I could throw out, but is too pathetic looking. So, I put you on a leash and let you sniff your own ass all day."

"Well, that was just cruel. I think I'll sic Wilson on you for-."

"What is it?"

House smiled softly, shaking his head, and smacking his cane hardly on the station which captured Nurse Brenda's glare.

"Damn. Damn," he said again as he looked skyward. "I solved the cases."

"Your fever down yet?"

Brennan nodded her head before focusing her attention on the t.v. again.

"Is this really a question?"

"Of course it is. Just because you don't know the answer doesn't mean-."

"That's not why I asked, Booth, so quit laughing. I meant that these questions hardly seem like the type of questions to garner a million dollars."

"Just wait. They do the easy ones first."

"If it's so easy what's the answer?"

"What? It's the uh, Bo and Hope, B. It's gotta be."


"Well, it's the only one I've heard of."

They waited for the man to pick his answer, which was C. Luke and Laura. Booth laughed because it was wrong, Brennan frowned because she had no idea.

"Soap Operas are really this important?"

"For a million dollars, yeah. And…crap how is that right? Who's Luke and Laura?"

"I have no idea but that was worth 500 dollars and you missed it."

"It was about soap operas. I don't watch soaps and you missed it too."

"I have an excuse. I work."

"And I don't?"

"But you're the one always telling me I'm lost, when you are too."

"What? No, I'm not lost. I just have a life."

"I do too."



"Okay, what is Prison Break?"

"It's," Brennan paused, "about a group of people who try to escape from prison."

"Wrong. This season they're on the run and that was a way too easy show for me to pick."

"Ssshh, it's back on."

Booth glanced over at his partner whose eyes were focused on the TV screen.

"I think I've created a monster."

"When did the soldier get back from Iraq?"

"A little over a year ago."

"And what about Fuzzy's Bones?"

Foreman scoffed before shaking his head. "She came back from Peru eight months ago."

"She make any pit-stops along the way?"

"Actually, yes. There was an emergency in...Brazil where her expertise was needed. Says she stayed there for two days."

"What did she do?"

"Government found a building full of four American bodies, but they couldn't identify them."

"How'd they know they were American?"


"How'd they know the dead people were American?"

Cameron started. "I…don't know but does it really matter?"

House shrugged. "Guess not, except for the dead guys. It's visceral leishmaniasis."

"That's not possible, House."

"It's possibly possible. The symptoms match perfectly."

Chase shook his head. "Then why didn't we see any parasites in the spleen aspirates? Or in the liver?"

"Fuzzy's girl was just by chance. We didn't catch it at the right time, too soon, or too late. Which is why, Foreman is going to do another biopsy just in case, a culture for the CDC and an IFAT to confirm without a doubt. Cameron is going to call the CDC. Chase…you can sit there and look stupid, like usual."

"What about Jonas? If he's progressed as far as you think he has, then why didn't his tests come back positive?"

House looked down into Jonas' file and plucked the two pages of test results out and threw them in the trash.

"It's not his. Someone screwed up in the lab."

"It wasn't me!"

"Settle down, Cameron. I know it wasn't you. I walked back there just an hour ago and there's a new tech trainee. I went in there, talked to him, managed to thoroughly botch up about, oh, four tests."

"You did not do that."

"Unclench, Cameron. I told the attending that the tech was doping and so he better redo the tests. Anyways, test the soldier again before he dies and test the Doctor before Fuzzy kills me."

Four days later

"Doctor Brennan, so sad to see you leaving."

"You're not sad. You're lying, Dr. House."

"Oh," he waved his hand, "I've already saved you. No need to flatter me."

Brennan glanced over her shoulder to Booth who rolled his eyes.

"Oh, Fuzzy, this means you're leaving too. I think I'm going to cry. Hold me."

House opened his arms and Wilson, who was beside him pretending to look through a clinic file, nearly laughed. He did not think the big, bad, federal agent would go near House, but he did, kind of.

"Dr. House, I can honestly say I won't miss you."

Booth held out his hand and House slowly stepped forward to shake his. They eyed each other. House thought Booth was an okay guy, but not enough like Wilson. Booth thought House was a jerk, but he wasn't horribly awful-just awful.

"So I guess you two lovebirds are going to the CDC together?"

"No. Booth has work to do and I'm more than able to take care of myself."

"You're actually going to let her go by herself?"

"Of course. We're not attached at the hip or anything."

House sighed. It looked like he'd lost Cameron's bet.

"You know you love each other. Come on, kiss right here. Come on come on. Let's let everyone see the show."

Booth and Brennan looked at each other before laughing.

"Ow, don't make me laugh. I still hurt, Dr. House."

"We're not going to kiss, House. We're…buddies, nothing else."

"Dude, she almost died!" He turned to Brennan. "You almost died! You had to realize you loved each other."

"I think you're wrong, Dr. House," Brennan smiled in his face.

"Who would've thought you were such a romantic?"

House glared at Wilson who promptly shut his mouth but couldn't hold his smile. He turned around to where Cameron had stopped Booth and Brennan in the wheelchair.

"What are they talking about?"

"My superpowers tell me they're talking about how much they love you."

"Can your superpowers tell you what I'm thinking right now?"

"Aw, I missed you too, House. Don't worry, I'll never leave you."

At this, House couldn't help but let a smile cross his face.

"Awww, was Jim Jim jealous of Wouse's new friend?"

Wilson sighed, shaking his head. "I think I was jealous, House. But I should've known you don't know how to make new friends."

"Ouch. But don't worry, Jimmy, you will always be my first love."

"Well, thanks. Let me go knit that on a sweater and wear it."

Cameron smiled as she walked back inside. It seemed Booth was indeed not going to the CDC with Brennan, but only because she wouldn't let him. And apparently, from the way Booth kept holding Brennan's hand, Cameron was fairly certain that something was stirring.


"The Punisher is coming near!"

"Shut up, House." Cameron replied rolling her eyes as Wilson left.

"The trash talk is starting already then? Okay-."

Cameron didn't bother listening to what he said. Instead, she clipped off her name tag and clipped it to his shirt. At his startled gaze, she began to walk off.

"Dr. Cameron, you have ten hours of clinic duty to do since you lost the bet. I think you better get to working on it."

House looked down at the tag before extending his cane and blocking her from going any further.

"I didn't lose. They do love each other."

"They're just friends, House. They didn't say they were together. So, go do my clinic hours, Dr. Cameron."

She walked away, smiling, and House slumped against the station.

"Just for your information, don't get jealous because I make this nametag look good!"

"I don't see why he thought we loved each other."

"Me neither, Bones. Just because we're a man and a woman working together and best friends, everyone just assumes we're together or about to."

"Exactly," she muttered from her wheelchair as he pushed her outside and the two doctors came forward.

"You sure you don't want me to come with you?"

"What? No. I'll be fine. Besides, you need to let Zack work with you."

"Ugh, Bones, hurry back. If the Jeffersonian is down by one forensic anthropologist, it is not my fault."

"Booth, be nice to him. He knows what he's doing."

He raised an eyebrow at her, conveying how much he thought Zack knew…about a real life and she shook her head trying to fight her smile.

"You owe me Bones. You owe me big. And when I say 'big' I mean big."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Wait, I know now." He smiled before nodding to a nurse who was waiting to take the wheel chair back. Booth helped Brennan stand, and as he held her, couldn't help but notice how weak she'd become.

"You have to make me dinner…or breakfast all by yourself. No help from anyone and you have to get a TV because there is no way I will go into your apartment ever again if you don't."

The last was a lie, it wouldn't stop him. Both knew it and both thought it funny just for that reason.

"I'm not that good of a cook."

"I said big."

"Alright then, but I warned you. And I'm not going to have time to go out and buy a t.v. so I guess you'll never come into my apartment."

"Okay, I'll buy you the best TV I see, but you know, on my salary you'll have to pay me back when you get back. I love you Bones, but not that much."

"Yeah I know. Iguess you don't." She smiled as he helped her in even as the doctors kept nagging at him to stop. "But at least I'll get to watch more Millionaire."